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This page features personal responses, to comments made at the #talkwithpedophiles Twitter hashtag project.

About #talkwithpedophiles:

It is my understanding, #talkwithpedophiles was started by a couple of individuals, who are openly associated with the group “Virtuous Pedophiles”.

I do not know if it was their intention, to promote a viewpoint in line with the “Virtuous Pedophiles” platform…or just to open up a space on Twitter, for the open meeting and discussion amongst “pedophiles” and non-pedophiles. However…a diverse range of us “pedophiles” took note, decided to join in…and approach #talkwithpedophiles in accordance with the latter perspective.

On a personal note…I am not associated with “Virtuous Pedophiles”, nor do I stand against them. I do not promote their platform of ideas, though there may be much common ground held. There may also be serious conflicts in some viewpoints. I’m just glad to see a day, where “pedophiles” are finding their voices and speaking out. I support this social momentum.

If the creators of #talkwithpedophiles wish me to include any additional statement here, they are free to contact me and provide me with said statement.

My Association:

I [Steve Diamond] have taken a loose association with this project. I have not been formally invited by anyone to take part…nor have I been asked to disassociate myself from it.

My intent is to compliment what is already going on in this project, and help give it a well grounded, honest and broad scope…by offering my knowledge, views and life experiences.

There are a number of us “pedophiles” on Twitter who are willing to discuss social issues involving us, with the general public. There is a fairly diverse range of viewpoints represented, amongst us. I do not share all the same viewpoints, as the people who officially started #talkwithpedophiles.

Some of what I talk [or tweet] about may be controversial and socially complicated…even uncomfortable, for some…but I will never lie to you [ie: intentionally mislead you].

I do not embrace the philosophy of sterilizing my own issues and speech, for the purpose of avoiding uncomfortable discussion…nor do I gloss over issues.

I believe we must first be honest about the facts…all of the facts, including those which many people don’t like to acknowledge or hear…and move forward from there. If we cannot even do that, then we all remain trapped in a social quagmire.

My actions here, are primarily aimed at bringing misunderstandings, stereotypes and lesser known truths to the surface, and dissecting them for the purpose of enabling more people to understand them…understand them, as they honestly exist.


If you engage with the “pedophiles” who have made themselves available here, please behave decently and in a manner consistent with the integrity and intent of the project. We don’t all share the same viewpoints, but all of us “pedophiles” are taking time out of our lives, and putting ourselves out there in ways which may entail personal risk, for a genuine and honest social cause.

Please understand and respect the gravity of this.


02) EQ Foundation #talkwithpedophiles Responses June 15, 2015

01) EQ Foundation Twitter Bulletin May 24 2015

Strictly speaking, this was for my main Twitter Feed, to be pinned at the very top. It is a Twitter specific introduction to myself. I ended up sharing it in #talkwithpedophiles, because I thought it was a good foot to get started off of in that project.

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