Change.Org: Légalisation Lolicon…


Date: October 02, 2018

01) Légalisation Lolicon

“Since August 5, 2013, it is forbidden to draw, share or possess, even in the strictly private context of Lolicon content.

This law of article 227-23 of the penal code repressed only “the fact, with a view to its diffusion, to fix, to record, or to transmit the image, or the representation of a minor when this image, or this representation is pornographic “But now, the law adds that” when the image, or the representation concerns a minor of [under] fifteen years, these facts are punished even if they were not committed in view of the diffusion of this image or representation “.

Out in the anime, manga or fan art, it is already difficult to give an age to the character, unless the author has given it.

This update of the law is an indisputable & irrefutable violation of privacy, this law reminds us of dictatorship, an attack on culture and criticism, because indeed, some works like “Kodomo no jikan” are real criticisms about society and phenomena that people are afraid to address. We simply can not let these people take our most fundamental freedoms.

Do not forget the words of Benjamin Franklin: “A people willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security deserves neither, and ends up losing both.”

Moreover, the Lolicon, in the Hentai context is a good thing for the society, in fact starting from the fact that the pedophilia is certainly totally immoral, it does not remain less than a sexual impulse or of love, this which changes is the physiological attraction. Lolicon responds to the need for this satisfaction that we can never really fight with our current laws. It is not by putting a pedophile in prison that it will change, and castrate is to use barbaric methods, countries like Japan are doing very well with Lolicon. Lolicon is virtual and not real, it’s up to you if you prefer it to be our poor children who suffer the torments or imaginary characters. An alternative to sanctions exists, a method of appeasement is at their disposal. The argument “This encourages them to become pedophile” is false, we do not become pedophile, it is as for homosexuality. Let’s fight together to allow Lolicon and protect our children!”

The language is French…so, this probably has to do with France law…possibly Canadian…

Free expression, whether of a discussion or artistic nature, is a human right of the utmost importance…It is not to be tampered with!

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Imminent Xbox One Conan Exiles has to put underpants on in America…


Date: October 02, 2018

01) Imminent Xbox One Conan Exiles has to put underpants on in America

“Multiplayer barbarian survival game Conan Exiles launches on the Xbox One Game Preview programme this week, on Wednesday 16th August. But because of regional age-rating organisations, the game won’t be quite the same in America as in Europe.

In America, the ESRB has rated Conan Exiles M for Mature; in Europe, PEGI has rated Conan Exiles for ages 18 and over. But in America there will only be partial nudity allowed whereas in Europe there will be the full monty. And in Conan Exiles speak, full monty means willies.

Conan Exiles rose quickly to fame on PC for showing full male nudity in all its jiggling hilarity. The game even has a customisation slider to increase or decrease willy size, resulting in lots of, ahem, very-accurate-to-real-life representations. Conan Exiles also displays a woman’s nether regions but in no real discernible detail.”

The All Mighty Authoritarians have spoken!…

No Virtual Penises!No Virtual Vaginas!

Kneel before their Glorious Supremacy, and Obey!

Europe gets to have the customizable twanger, however…

…This is just pathetic levels of social power exhibition…and social manipulation…

It’s a penis!, for crying out loud!…

…Where do all these mentally ill clowns come from, who cannot take anyone under a certain age even seeing the virtual representation of a natural body part, which roughly half of them already own…and much of the other half has already seen?!

…And…’Gasp!’…a large many have already interacted with?…

Blood, guts and violence are fine…even bare breasts!…

…It’s the all important twanger, that they have an issue with.

Why…oh, why!…could I not have been born into a world, “ruled” by at least moderately sane people?

You know what I think?…

…I think…these authoritarian clowns know [as we all do]…that some portion of “the underaged” will see that representation of an adult penis…and think to themselves…”That looks so good!…I wanna get freaky with that!”…

…And they just cant stand it…So, they try to stop the exposure…stop the natural enticement.

If you cannot see or speak of the representation…you cannot so easily communicate the desire…Pure Manipulation.


Enterprise – D is Destroyed! – Stage 9 SHUTDOWN via CBS! – Star Trek Recreation…


Date: October 02, 2018

01) Enterprise – D is Destroyed! – Stage 9 SHUTDOWN via CBS! – Star Trek Recreation

“Sad to see Stage 9 go



Ann Widdecombe Believes the #MeToo Movement Is “Trivial Whinging”…

Date: October 01, 2018

01) Ann Widdecombe Believes the #MeToo Movement Is “Trivial Whinging”

Thanks to feinmann0!

“Ann Widdecombe, a former UK politician, joins This Morning to give her views on the #MeToo movement and suggests that women ‘want to be victimised’. Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield debate her points, saying that #MeToo has given women a voice and has brought to light serious and real issues. However, Ann Widdecombe believes the #MeToo movement Is “Trivial Whinging”.

A wonderfully refreshing take on the aggressive social cancer that the #MeToo movement has become.”


UN Head: US Has ‘Morally Wrong’ Healthcare System Because Of Corruption…

Date: October 01, 2018

01) UN Head: US Has ‘Morally Wrong’ Healthcare System Because Of Corruption

“The former United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon has denounced the United States’ healthcare system as politically and morally wrong, and urged American leaders to enact publicly financed healthcare as a “human right”…


Jim Bakker Bucket Taste Test…

Date: October 01, 2018

01) Jim Bakker Bucket Taste Test

“Does apocalypse pizza taste as gross as the bucket it comes in looks? Find out!”

We Tried A Televangelist’s Apocalypse Food:

“It has a shelf life of 10 years.”

I have a food bucket in the other room…It’s not Jim Bakker’s, but I did do a little experiment with “emergency food” a few years back…a “thirty day supply”…I forget the company, but I purchased one bucket…

…Allegedly…they crunched the numbers down to something like $1.50 [or maybe it was 33 cents, I don’t remember] a serving…if I recall correctly…I started wondering, if I could actually live off of this stuff…

I mostly knew what I was walking into…so, I don’t complain about there being too many potato entries…and there was zero meat [you could buy freeze dried meat packs, separate]…So, the stews were all vegetables, with chicken or beef flavored broth…You can add meat, if you want…and they were fine…nothing to scream about…edible…I actually fixed them in the microwave oven.

Of course…nothing is exactly “easy”, where it comes to portioning…it’s one massive bag of mix…They save money, by packaging this way…

If I could have actually survived on this for thirty days [3 meals a day]…at 150 dollars, this would have been a boon to my grocery expenses…

…But…this just didn’t seem like a good eating solution, to me.

…I should probably break out the opened [and resealed] packages…and make sure they’re still okay.

My experiences with “survival food” haven’t been all that impressive.

Linux Code of Conduct – The Other Shoe Has Dropped…

Date: October 01, 2018

01) Linux Code of Conduct – The Other Shoe Has Dropped

“With Linus Torvalds stepping down as leader of the Kernel Dev Team and a new code of conduct being rushed in to replace the old code of conflict, some kind of resistance was inevitable from some members of the Kernel team.

One possible action for developers who are removed from the team is to use the power to rescind copyright of the code they have contributed to the Linux kernel. This has been referred to as the nuclear option. The question is, will it be used?


Linux developers threaten to pull “kill switch”

UPDATE: ESR: “threat has teeth.” Most of the internet could be affected as some Linux devs threaten to rescind code in response to CoC controversy.

Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct:

A Plea to Unfuck our Codes of Conduct:

Linus Torvalds Leaving Linux Kernel Dev Team: