Date: March 20, 2019

01) Trump Jr. TRIGGERED By TYT

“As Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives becomes ever more flagrant and overt, the old arguments about protecting the sanctity of the modern public square are now invalid. Our right to freely engage in public discourse through speech is under sustained attack, necessitating a vigorous defense against the major social media and internet platforms.

From “shadowbans” on Facebook and Twitter, to demonetization of YouTube videos, to pulled ads for Republican candidates at the critical junctures of election campaigns, the list of violations against the online practices and speech of conservatives is long.

I certainly had my suspicions confirmed when Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, “accidentally” censored a post I made regarding the Jussie Smollett hoax, which consequently led to me hearing from hundreds of my followers about how they’ve been having problems seeing, liking or being able to interact with my posts. Many of them even claimed that they’ve had to repeatedly refollow me, as Instagram keeps unfollowing me on their accounts.


It’s always astonishing to look around, and see all the people who’ve been [and are] dominating social discourse [including online media], as they complain about “how hard it is for people like them”…and “how oppressed they are”…

…As it turns out…the “oppression they suffer”, usually turns out to be a case of consequences, for harassing, threatening and abusing other people…But, somehow, that elephant in the room never gets addressed…and certainly never owned up to.

Generally speaking…no matter how they lean…most people are left alone, to freely discuss social and political issues.

It’s the people who want to pick out others to threaten, harass and use as a punching bag, that get into trouble for such behavior…And this is honestly what is happening, to a lot of “conservatives” online.

On the internet…large groups of people have cultivated this poisonous atmosphere, where it’s normal to swear at, cuss out and demean other people…often for no reason, other than the aggressor is a self entitled a-hole.

…People think this is “an entitled right”…and they’re shocked, when an internet platform puts it’s foot down…and says “that will not happen here”…

There is a ton of faux “censorship”, and faux “oppression” being cried about online, these days.

I wish like hell, I’d have had the glorious advantage of working within these parameters, on equal footing and by equal standards as anybody else…”conservative” or otherwise…

…I especially wish I had had this glorious advantage of normal and common treatment, while I was at the height of my creativity, and media creating aspirations.

Tons of people have no clue, how good they have it.

Wouldn’t It Be Good – Nik Kershaw lyrics:

James Randi – Surviving the Quacks!…


Date: March 19, 2019

01) James Randi – Surviving the Quacks!

“In this special two-part presentation from NECSS 2012, James Randi discusses his experiences investigating Peter Popoff, Oral Roberts, and other self-proclaimed “faith-healers.” He is then joined by Jamy Ian Swiss for a far-reaching Q&A session with the NECSS audience.”

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MWF Championship Tournament – Round One…


Date: March 19, 2019

Match 1: Steve Diamond VS Peter Pan – 77%

Match 2: Dick N’Balls VS Pan – 74%

Match 3: Pedo Bear VS Baphomet – 67%

Match 4: Viamund VS Fat Fabio – 70%

Match 5: Pope Francis VS Teddy Love – 58%

Match 6: Ganymede VS Cyborg Boy – 78%

Match 7: Zeus VS Haggas – 83%

Match 8: Atreyu VS Sebastian – 75%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Peter Pan Loss: Steve Diamond
Win: Dick N’Balls Loss: Pan
Win: Pedo Bear Loss: Baphomet
Win: Viamund Loss: Fat Fabio
Win: Teddy Love Loss: Pope Francis
Win: Cyborg Boy Loss: Ganymede
Win: Haggas Loss: Zeus
Win: Sebastian Loss: Atreyu
Special Match: NA NA
Main Event Match: NA NA

This is round one, in our tournament to crown the first ever Magnificent World Champion!

Congratulations, to the eight who have advanced to the second round.

BEST RANKED MATCH: Zeus VS Haggas – 83%


BERNIE SANDERS Running Mate for the 2020 Election…

Date: March 18, 2019

01) BERNIE SANDERS Running Mate for the 2020 Election

“The choice of a running mate is always important in a presidential election. For Bernie Sanders in the 2020 election, his vp pick will be more significant than ever. Should he win, he would be the oldest president ever elected to a first term, beating the record of the current commander-in-chief. While unlike Trump, there have been no serious discussions surrounding Bernie’s physical or mental aptitude to discharge the duties of the presidency, his advanced age heightens the significance of his vp pick. And the urgency of the decision. The sooner he picks a running mate, the sooner voters can know who would be in charge, should the worst happen.

Bernie has already dropped some little hints as to who it will be. In this video, I’m going to break down Bernie’s stated preferences, and provide a short list of who I think is most likely to be selected. I’ll also touch upon this, slightly different question:

Who should he pick?”