Pat Califia: The aftermath of the great kiddy-porn panic of ’77…


Date: December 06, 2018

01) The aftermath of the great kiddy-porn panic of ’77

“How would you feel if you could be sentenced to spend twenty years in prison for owning a nude photograph of your lover and another twenty years for actually having sex with her or him? If your partner is a minor, you could easily receive such a sentence under new kiddy-porn laws and old age-of-consent legislation. It is a federal offense to produce, own, or distribute sexually explicit material if the subject is sixteen or younger. Thirty-five states enacted similar legislation in 1977 and 1978. The penalties for “statutory rape” (sex between a legal adult and a minor) are grim. Convicted pedophiles may do more time for having sex with minors than they would for manslaughter. Once incarcerated, they have a difficult time securing probation or parole, and other prisoners harass, beat, and even kill inmates who are known to be “child molesters.”

The kiddy-porn laws were passed during a flurry of public outrage over violent child abuse and the sexual exploitation of children, but they have done nothing to diminish the brutal treatment of young people. Children and teenagers are still being sexually abused, beaten, and sometimes put to death by their adult custodians. Young people are still the property of their parents (or, if the parents are not appropriately conservative, the state). They are the poorest group in our society. A minor who attempts to become self-supporting faces discrimination in jobs, housing, and every other area of her or his life. Minors have no control over their educations, their places of residence, or their religious beliefs. They are routinely denied the full protection of the Bill of Rights and thus are subject to searches, curfews, and other indignities that would be illegal if applied to any other group. The laws that make it illegal for minors to work in the sex industry or have adult lovers also make it unlikely that a young woman or man will be able to escape from an abusive family. So, under the guise of protecting children, the great kiddy-porn panic has intensified their oppression.

These laws are being used against segments of our society which are far more vulnerable than the porn business. For instance, artists often do not have the resources or the experience to successfully defend themselves against vice charges, and they may have suspect politics or unconventional lifestyles, making them ideal targets for censorship and harassment. Photographer Jacqueline Livingston’s 1980 Village Voice interview was illustrated with erotic photographs she had taken of her son, Sam. These illustrations prompted the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children to insist on a meeting with staff members of the Voice to discuss “kiddy porn” in their newspaper. Livingston was accused of child abuse, investigated by the Tompkins County Department of Social Services, and only narrowly missed losing custody of her son.”

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An Honest Look At George H.W. Bush…

Date: December 06, 2018

01) An Honest Look At George H.W. Bush


They should just dump him into a deep hole…and build an outhouse on top of it…

…I think that’s the most fitting destination, for Herbert Walker Bush.

The Flushed Poo Award

Feminists Are Offending Themselves Over The Word “Womxn”…

Date: December 05, 2018

01) Feminists Are Offending Themselves Over The Word “Womxn”

“Feminists Are Offending Themselves Over The Word “Womxn.” Various groups have decided that the word is more inclusive and should be adopted yet many people within Feminism feel that ‘woman’ is sufficient to include all women anyway and its resulting in an untenable backlash.

H&M was criticized and a museum apologized over using the word but now people are claiming it isn’t offensive so what do you do?

If you try to support social justice eventually you’ll be criticized for being problematic and “womxn” shows us that no matter what you do there is no appeasing the social justice crowd because there are no rules.”

The White Working Class Are Rising Up To Revolt In Europe…

Date: December 05, 2018

01) The White Working Class Are Rising Up To Revolt In Europe

“The White Working Class Are Rising Up To Revolt In Europe. The yellow vests protests began after the French government imposed a tax on gas and diesel. The citizenry was furious, the rising tax would affect those from rural areas more so than those in cities.

This meant that once again the urban areas would continue unscathed following government action on climate change and be immune to the economic ramifications of a globalized economy.

In response white working class people from the rural areas rose up and began to revolt in major cities. They called themselves the forgotten majority, similar to Trump’s silent majority.

Now entering week three, it is expected to continue as French president Emmanuel Macron refuses to negotiate.”

Antifa And Nationalists Fighting Side by Side Against Macron…

Date: December 05, 2018

01) Antifa And Nationalists Fighting Side by Side Against Macron

“Antifa And Nationalists Fighting Side by Side Against Macron shows that the president of France has screwed this one up pretty badly. To rally the middle class, nationalists, and antifa to riot against you takes some serious failure.

But the reality is that even though you have elements of the far left and right in the “yellow jackets” protest, the majority of those in the french fuel protest are middle class citizens. I’m told by a journalist in France that these are people you don’t normally see protesting.

So why is this? Why have people started to stand up when they normally bow out? And is it true what some are claiming, that this is a rebuke of globalism?”

When Tumblr bans porn, who loses?…

Date: December 04, 2018

01) When Tumblr bans porn, who loses?

“On Monday, Tumblr CEO Jeff D’Onofrio announced in a post on the staff blog that explicit visual content will be banned from the site starting on December 17. That means no more sex acts, no more nudity, and no more “female-presenting nipples,” whatever that means. The move comes after the Tumblr app was removed from the App Store in late November, due to the presence of child pornography on a number of private blogs.

Yet despite D’Onofrio’s assurances, the NSFW ban will directly affect artists, sex workers, and others who rely on the platform as a welcoming and inclusive space to discuss and depict diverse expressions of sexuality. It also speaks to Tumblr’s larger problems as a creative platform that could not have survived without founder David Karp selling it to a larger company, and has since been contorted and stifled by what it’s had to do to keep existing.

Why would Tumblr ban porn after 11 years of porn?

Tumblr, founded in 2007, was acquired by Yahoo in May 2013 for $1.1 billion despite sustained protest from its user base, including one petition with more than 170,000 signatures. Three years later, after it failed to reach advertising goals set by former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo wrote down $230 million of Tumblr’s value. The following quarter, citing projections for the company’s future possible ad revenue, they wrote it down again — this time by $482 million.

If Tumblr didn’t exactly blossom under Yahoo, it was at least left mostly alone. Then, in June 2017, Yahoo was acquired by Verizon for its ad business and merged into a punchline media company called Oath, smashed up against AOL — acquired in 2015, also for its ad business. Karp left the company in November 2017, and was replaced by D’Onofrio, then Tumblr’s COO and formerly an executive at post-Google-acquisition Zagat.

In November came the Tumblr app’s removal from the Apple Store. Speculation both inside and outside the platform’s community assumed this was the cause of the explicit content ban — a fear of being locked out of Apple’s precious walled garden, and an unwillingness to dedicate engineering resources to the task of creating a product that could adequately distinguish child pornography from other types of explicit content.

But a former staff engineer, who recently left Tumblr and asked to remain anonymous for professional reasons, tells Vox that the NSFW ban was “in the works for about six months as an official project,” adding that it was given additional resources and named “Project X” in September, shortly before it was announced to the rest of the company at an all-hands meeting. “[The NSFW ban] was going to happen anyway,” the former engineer told me. “Verizon pushed it out the door after the child pornography thing and made the deadline sooner,” but the real problem was always that Verizon couldn’t sell ads next to porn.”


…It’s all about money…

The people decimating the internet today, have never understood what the internet is fundamentally about.

The internet was founded upon counterculture…

…Many of us who have lived and thrived here on the internet, think that Verizon should take it’s ads, and it’s pursuit of money…and shove them all up it’s ass…and go get lost…permanently.