Invasion of the Atari Democrats: Moral Narcissism and Neoliberalism in the Democratic Party…

Date: November 20, 2020

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“Thomas Frank is the author of “Listen, Liberal” and “The People, No.” Once upon a time from Kansas.

In the last quarter of the 20th century as organized labor lost strength, DLC neoliberals in the Democratic Party turned to professional-class voters to shore up its base.”


Why Parents Of 15-Year-Old Say They Fear He’s A Pedophile…

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Date: November 19, 2020

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“Kristin and Rick say they are concerned their 15-year-old son, Robbie, may be a pedophile. Kristin says her stepson admitted to her that he had strong sexual urges toward children over a year ago.

“He said the only reason he hadn’t offended them was because they were going to tell,” says Kristin.

Rick says, “It was just such a shock that I didn’t know how to deal with it.”

The couple says they began supervising Robbie 24/7 and tried to find him a treatment facility placement. Then, says Kristin, Robbie threatened that if he didn’t get help that day – he would rape one of his siblings, “So we took him straight to the hospital.”

Kristin and Rick say Robbie has been in treatment for the past year and is due to come home soon, and they don’t know what to do.”

I intensely dislike Dr. Phil…but you know what?…

…What is featured here, is no small part of why I do what I do.

We are talking about a young kid who has no practical guidance, when he could be getting such from an older MAP.

It’s time to break the silence.

Young kinds experience this sexual orientation, also…They are usually isolated…and a lot of them do not know what to do with it…and you end up with these extremely screwed up situations.

Threatening to rape one’s own, child sibling, is not at all good.

You know what the unpopular truth is here?…

…The kid is fifteen…He’s going through, or just the other side of, puberty…he’s at his sexual peak…Like most males his age, he’s dying to have sex [which is perfectly natural at that age]…yet he’s having sexual celibacy forced onto him…

…and people cannot figure out why he’s going crazy?

He’s being forced into an unnatural circumstance.


MWF Midnight Zone – Friday the 13th, 2020…


Date: November 18, 2020

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Match 1: Mic ElGross VS Dave Haven – 90%

Match 2: Dylan & Cole Sprout VS Viamund & Ganymede – 92%

Main Event:

Match 3: King Fabio VS JSM – 83%

Final Segment: Bliss Ransom Rant…Interupted…

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Dave Haven Loss: Mic ElGross
Win: Dylan & Cole Sprout Loss: Viamund & Ganymede
Main Event Match: King Fabio Defeats JSM

Show Referee: Midnight Bandit

Location: Heretic Shire

Is that?…Mrs GoreCheese?!…and?…


BEST RANKED MATCH: Dylan & Cole Sprout VS Viamund & Ganymede – 92%