Ukraine: ‘VERY HIGH’ Possibility Putin Will Nuke Us…

Date: October 03, 2022

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“Krystal and Saagar discuss Putin’s nuclear threats in his address announcing annexation of Ukrainian territory and the possibility he uses nuclear weapons”

Yeah, fine…Saagar and Krystal can tone down a bit with the title…And this is about a Ukraine claim…However, let’s not act clueless…The specter of nuclear war between Russia and the U.S. has been floating under the surface, for a good while now. It’s bullshit, that we’re all expected to endlessly put up with this!

There is never any excuse for using nuclear weapons…Those only lead to wide devastation…and masses of collateral dead, dying and injured.

Just to be clear about this…if Putin is at all threatening to launch nuclear missiles…he is no friend to any human on this planet…including his own ardent supporters…

Such an action will ultimately murder just about everyone on this planet [over the course of time]…and probably leave most of the surviving wishing they were dead.

When we get to this point…I owe absolutely no respect whatsoever, to any of these insane assholes that believe they have “a right” to do any such thing.

My loyalties have always been with the people…and never with these fuckers, who imagine some “right” to do these things to the rest of us.

My stance is consistent…You threaten the people…you are not good and should be removed.

IMO…assassination is absolutely warranted…preferably from within, by Russians who understand how dire the consequences will be for everyone…It would be a disaster, if it came from outside.

…I’m not going to expand to a grocery list of other such deserving people…but, others certainly do exist.

In the face of everything…I am never giving Putin props, just because he’s currently pushing back against U.S. oligarchs…Every player in that game is bad…And hell, “we all” push back against the predatory elites…yet “we” aren’t threatening to wipe out life on this planet, as a tactical strategy.


Truth be told…Ukraine will lose this war over enough time…Russia does not need to use nuclear weapons…ever.

How will committing mass murder and damaging the planet, help anything?…It simply never will…It will only compound our problems.

Is having all that death and suffering inflicted upon humans really a worthy trade off, for avoiding shitty western politics in neighboring countries?

…Hell…I would submit that…when it comes right down to it…the people even have a right to live within such shitty western politics, over the alternative of being subjectively obliterated.

Say what you want about modern nuclear weapons…or about targeted isolation to certain regions…When any so called “world leader” starts getting cavalier with threats of nuclear assault…it all becomes extremely personal.

…Nuclear missiles are no form of leadership…They’re just inhumanity, from people who have gone completely off the rails.

Lastly…I literally grew up under the specter nuclear war threat…with the old “take cover under your school desk” drills, and years of chilling news reports…and I am personally sick of this bullshit.

…These so called “leaders” constantly have us under threat, in every way imaginable…

…And now one of the fuckers wants to start implying he may murder us, our families and communities?

Most people have objectively nothing to do with this war…and many have been fighting against the exact same parasitic elites, someone like Putin has the audacity to threaten us over.

No…Putin is not a great man…He’s a fucking insane fool.


Your Democracy Was Stolen Long Before January 6…

Date: October 03, 2022

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“Chris Hedges is among the most incisive, trenchant analysts of the social, economic and political factors influencing the world for the past 30 years. And he’s here to tell you that the January 6th riots were not the great threat to American democracy they’re cracked up to be. American democracy has been steadily eroding since the Reagan administration, Hedges says, and if you think Donald Trump’s arrival on the political scene is what killed democracy you have not been paying attention.

Jimmy and his panel of Hedges and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the myriad ways Wall Street, Big Pharma, weapons manufacturers, Big Ag and other powerful sectors snatched away the reins of power from the American people decades ago.”

Thank you, Jimmy and Chris.


Cupidon 1891 – William Adolphe Bouguereau…


Date: October 02, 2022

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This may not be the best resolution [it’s a tapestry printing company, after all]…and Cupid/Eros may look kind of like a girl…

…But this angel from William Adolphe Bouguereau, is a boy…and this piece of art has been a favorite of mine, for decades.

Holy Crap!…You can even get it printed on a face mask, for fifteen dollars!!!

…To bad I didn’t know about this before the pandemic set in!

I could have been setting fashion trends!