Why Is This Christian TikTokker Always Crying?…


Date: August 06, 2021

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“In this video, I talk about Chrsitian Tiktokker David Latting, 1.3 million subbies, and his BEST arguments for why he follows god, and why you should too. Naturally, I dismantle the arguments.”

I get the overwhelming sense, that he carries a lot of psychological baggage…warranted or not.

He strikes me as a clear victim of brainwashing.

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Activision Blizzard Gets DOUBLE Sued?! More Execs JUMP SHIP!…


Date: August 06, 2021

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“Activision Blizzard is not just getting sued by the state of California for its “frat boy” culture, but now it’s getting sued by its own shareholders for not disclosing that there were issues. Oh, and their head of HR just quit days after the president of Blizzard stepped down. OUCH. What will be left of Blizzard by the time it’s all said and done?”


Anti-LGBT law passed in Hungary divides EU…

August 06, 2021

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Thanks to feinmann!

“A new law aimed at halting the spread of LGBT content in schools has been passed in Hungary, overshadowing other topics at last week’s European Union summit, with half of all EU members condemning the move.


War of values: EU split after Hungary passes anti-LGBT law aiming to halt the spread of LGBT content in schools.

Victor Orban suggests that the new law is not targeting the homosexual community … rather it is about giving parents the exclusive right to determine kids receiving sex education based on family values.”

Governments need to stay out of the private lives of citizens, period.

No law should exist, which attempts to manipulate an individuals knowledge…regardless of the individuals age.

Homosexuality exists…Transgender people exist…No government has the right to conceal public information, or inhibit people’s ability to learn.