News Stream Shut Down! Reporter SILENCED Covering Right Wing Rally…

Date: January 22, 2021

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Exactly…Twitter, YouTube, Facebook…these are the modern day “town square”…When you get purged from them, you are no longer able to really even engage with the masses and the common folk…

…and there is an avalanche of stuff out there, which must be engaged with.

To make matters worse…that point says nothing of the problem caused, when these massive platforms use their power and influence to shut down alternative platforms…You arrive at another platform, being a refugee of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc, to find hostile campaigns of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc, have caused your new home to collapse under the pressure and lack of business support…because everybody is to intimidated by “the big guys” to do business with “the small guys”.

They don’t get to be the aggressive monopoly holding the only show in town, as they prohibit the voices of the truly downtrodden and abused.

It is sickening what these platforms are doing…

…Twitter, for a time [a few years there], was a unique bright light in an otherwise dark age on the major platforms…They were at least based enough, to treat all people equally, and not censor or banish people based on sexual orientation, or political and social beliefs…or a tendency to share information on stigmatized, taboo communities and issues.

…No more…Now twitter is an echo chamber for extreme hate groups and authoritarians.