LIVE: ROM, Emulator and BIOS. Is it legal to give life to your old video games?…


Date: July 16, 2018

01) LIVE: ROM, Emulator and BIOS. Is it legal to give life to your old video games?

“LIVE: ROM, Emulator and BIOS. Is it legal to give life to your old video games?

Today, let’s talk about a subject I was asked about many times. The legality of Emulators, like MAME, and ROMs. Is the development of emulators legal? Can you reverse engineer or copy BIOS for inclusion into an emulator? Can you download ROMs legally? Are ROMs fair use? Let’s talk”


Top 20 Weirdest Restaurants That Actually Exist In The World…

Date: July 16, 2018

01) Top 20 Weirdest Restaurants That Actually Exist In The World

“Be Amazed at these 20 weirdest restaurants in the world! Dinner in the sky – More like a ‘mobile restaurant’ than an eatery in one specific location, Dinner In the Sky has become a very popular dining concept in the last few years. The Greenhouse restaurant, Amsterdam – Nowadays, the story and source of the food we eat is just as important as its taste. Cabbage & Condoms, Thailand – Mechai Viravaidya is an activist for contraception in Thailand, and he’s known today as Mr Condom. Cannibalistic sushi in Japan – If you’ve ever wondered how Hannibal feels when eating a roasted human leg, Cannibalistic Sushi is the place for you. The Naked Restaurant, London – The Naked restaurant in London is exactly as it sounds: dining in your birthday suit. The Chillout Lounge – Now for a restaurant you’d think was built by accident. The Wizard of the Opera – This restaurant gives you the chance to dine in catacombs, in a gothic atmosphere. Onoir – A blind pastor from Zurich used to blindfold his guests whilst dining, so they would enjoy a similar experience to him. Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines – The Labassin Waterfall restaurant in the Philippines doesn’t need air conditioning or mist sprinklers: they get it for free by being near a waterfall.

A380 In-Flight Kitchen, Taipei – This restaurant in Taipei manages to satisfy your craving for airline cuisine without turbulence. Cat Café Nekorobi, Tokyo – Dick’s Last Resort, US – Dick’s Last Resort is not a restaurant for sensitive people. Vertigo – One of the finest culinary experiences in Asia, Vertigo is a unique sky bar. Ninja Restaurant, New York – If your favourite Sunday afternoon movie is ‘Beverly Hills Ninja’, your Sunday dinner should be at Ninja Restaurant, in New York. The Shed at Dulwich – One of the weirdest restaurant in the world….is this one – which doesn’t exist. How come? A journalist by the name of Oobah Butler decided to pull a gastronomic prank and ended up having his fake restaurant ranked nr.1 in London, on TripAdvisor. Modern Toilet, Taipei – We all read on the toilet. But In Taipei, you get to eat from a toilet. Ithaa, Maldives – One of the most beautiful restaurants in the world, Ithaa is located fully under the sea and offers spectaculars views to anyone brave enough to book a table. Girls on Counter, Japan – There are rumours of a photo going around with counter girls fully naked below the waist, waiting for customers to order.”

HuffPost Discredits Its Own Arguments for Islam…


Date: July 16, 2018

01) HuffPost Discredits Its Own Arguments for Islam

“Huffington Post tried to defend Islam, but discredited its own arguments instead. Muslims are peaceful in much of the world, but you’re better off being honest instead of saying Islam is the religion of peace or having Muslim feminists argue for you when responding to Islamophobia. The Quran isn’t totally peaceful, as evidenced by its followers. HuffPost uses arguments on the left that are just as bad as those on the right. They and Prager U are just two sides of the same coin.

Secular Jihadists podcast

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Elon Musk tweets he’ll “bet ya a signed dollar” that Thai cave rescuer is a “pedo”…

Date: July 15, 2018

01) Elon Musk tweets he’ll “bet ya a signed dollar” that Thai cave rescuer is a “pedo”

“Elon Musk seems not only intent on burning all the goodwill he earned for trying to help last week’s Thai cave rescue, but rolling around in its ashes, too. In a series of extraordinarily offensive, now deleted tweets, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO called a British diver who participated in last week’s dangerous rescue mission a “pedo guy,” adding in another tweet “bet ya a signed dollar it’s true.”

Quite the bruised ego, there.

At first, I wasn’t sure why people were suggesting this was a racist expression…

…until seeing the suggestion, that Elon might think Tai people aren’t worthy to live amongst…except for pedophiles, looking to have sex with their children…

..Then, it made sense.

…Though I’m still unclear, that he ever meant his comments in such a way…

With the guy in question telling Elon to stick his sub up his ass…it seems there’s nastiness, on both ends.

…There’s nothing wrong with being a “pedo guy”…just for the record.