[Filip30] ‘Non-Discriminators’/dissertation age preferences…


Date: December 21, 2018

01) ‘Non-Discriminators’/dissertation age preferences

“Smith, Terry Parsons (1993): Effects of the child’s relative age appearance and attractiveness on vulnerability to pedosexual interactions. Dissertation. The University of Texas at Austin.

In one of the studies of this dissertation the author asked 34 male college-students about their sexual age preference and reports:

“(…) 7 reported finding children, teenagers and young adults equally attractive as sexual partners” (page 127)

This means in this small study 21 % (!) of the students had no sexual age preference.

In one big German study 4,1 % of men said in their life they had a sexual contact with a “child” but only 0,1% of men were more attracted by prepubertals than by adults.


Yet another research study, which strongly indicates what a lot of us have been talking about for years.


[Filip30] study: MAPs rate child-adult-sex as moral…


Date: December 21, 2018

01) study: MAPs rate child-adult-sex as moral

“In a new study the big majority (67 %) of minor-attracted-persons (MAPs) who were recruited through the websites boylandonline.com, boychat.org und viped.org rated sex between prepubescents or pubescents and adults as morally ok.

At the same time “there was general agreement (88%) that the child would have to fear stigmatization from society due to his or her sexual activities.”

The study is not representative for MAPs, but nevertheless the results show that probably a big part of the MAPs are not brainwashed as probably the biggest part of the rest of the society.

Sara Jahnke & Agustín Malón (2019) How pedophilic men think about adultchild sex: effects of child gender and physical maturity, Psychology, Crime & Law, 25:1, 90-107


“To date, very little research has tackled whether pedophilic men’s attitude towards adult–child sex depends on characteristics of the adult or the child involved in such acts. This study examines the effect of the child’s gender (male vs. female) and physical maturity (pre-pubescent vs. early pubescent) on the moral evaluation of apparently noncoercive adult–child sex in a 2 × 2 factorial online vignette experiment. One hundred eighty-three English-speaking pedophilic men rated their agreement with moral arguments on the Immoral Sex Scale, as well as whether they believed this behavior to be typical for a child. The results revealed considerable inter-individual differences, with about one third showing restrictive moral attitudes. Contrary to our expectations, gender and physical maturity neither affected the perceived morality of the sexual act, nor beliefs about the representativeness of the child’s behavior. However, when controlling for confounds, pedophilic men believed that boys were more likely to willingly engage in adult–child sex. Furthermore, participants with stronger liberal attitudes were found to be more likely to defend the sexual act, as were participants with a preferential interest in pre-pubescents. (…)”

Small sampling…but I have to say…It’s encouraging to see that early indicators are pointing towards most MAPs not psychologically internalizing the rhetoric…

…The caveat being, that these are all MAPs taken from online communities…which are generally quite self aware, and far more educated on these issues than your average person.

If they were able to tap into the broader pool of MAPs around the world…I suspect there would be far more MAPs, displaying that they are overwhelmed and dominated by the cultural norms and rhetoric of wherever they live.

This is one of the reasons why self awareness and education, are so important and vital amongst MAPs.

We wont get anywhere, until more of us recognize the truth and understand what is going on.


Mark Twain’s classic tale The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn…

Date: December 21, 2018

01) Mark Twain’s classic tale The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

“Starring: Patrick Day, Jim Dale, Frederic Forrest

The adaptation of the Mark Twain novel tells the story of a young boy and a runaway slave and the adventures they encounter as they travel down the Mississippi River on a raft.

Originally clocking in at 240 minutes, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was first telecast in February and March of 1986 on PBS’ American Playhouse.”

Happy IBLD 2018! [20 Years]…

IBLD Website

Date: December 21, 2018

01) The Allen Ginsberg Project

Something you might find interesting, is The Allen Ginsberg Project…

…Allen Ginsberg was a member of NAMBLA…and is considered to have been one of the USA’s most famous, most successful and most loved BoyLovers.

As discussed here…please feel free to send [or share with] me, any picture[s] you have taken of your burning blue candle…I will publish them all here on this blog…maybe even put them into a video…no promises…just “maybe”…

Note: This is a tad embarrassing, but it seems e4ward.com has ceased forwarding attached files.

Would it be imposing to much, to ask that anyone interested use a website like https://imgur.com/ and send me the url?

You don’t have to register for an account, or anything. You’ll get a url upon uploading a file…You can e-mail that url to me, at the address below.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


I’ve successfully received said picture[s] in the past, through this address…Alternatively, you can upload your picture somewhere, and send me the URL via the contact page.

Also, please send some sort of identifying handle [nickname], so I know who to say sent it…or specify if you want to be anonymous.

20 Year Anniversary of IBLD:

Today marks the twenty year anniversary of International BoyLove Day!

I don’t know how many of us thought we’d be looking back, twenty years later…and still holding this tradition faithfully…But, here we are!…

To people new to this day of commemoration…welcome!

To all who’ve been with us before…welcome back!

I hope this is a wonderful day for all.


S.O.S. – Sh*t on a Shingle – HARD TIMES – foods from times of scarcity…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: December 21, 2018

01) S.O.S. – Sh*t on a Shingle – HARD TIMES – foods from times of scarcity

“Known by many names including Sh*t on a Shingle, Save Our Stomachs and chipped beef, S.O.S. is food born of practicality and making it perfect for the military. Ask any armed service veteran and they’ll know S.O.S.”

S.O.S…just think “biscuits and gravy”…but replace the biscuits with toast…and that is S.O.S.

I probably would not make it quite like she did…but it’s still great, when made well…

Heck…Stouffer’s makes a frozen chipped beef in cream…Pick up one of those…make some toast…and dump this on top.

Great meal!

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How India Cooks Lunch for 50,000 People for FREE! The MIRACLE in Punjab, India…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: December 20, 2018

01) How India Cooks Lunch for 50,000 People for FREE! The MIRACLE in Punjab, India

LOCATION: Golden Temple Rd, Atta Mandi, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar
OPEN: 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

The Golden Temple is a Gurdwara, a place of worship for Sikhs, located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. The Golden Temple is the most important pilgrimage site of Sikhism and considered to be spiritually the most significant shrine in Sikhism. Along with being a central religious place for Sikhs, it is a symbol of human brotherhood and equality, as people from all faiths, as well as those who do not profess any faith, are welcomed.

The Golden Temple is home to a Langar, a community-run free kitchen and dining hall where food is served around the clock to all visitors, regardless of faith, gender, nationality or economic background. There are thousands of Sikh volunteers cooking and serving the food as well as cleaning after visitors finish eating. Each day, thousands of people from varied backgrounds come to The Golden Temple, sit on the floor and eat together as equals. All of the food served is vegetarian.”

This is wonderful!…wish we had such in the USA…

…Wouldn’t it be a dream, if people treated each other like this all around the world?

As of yet…I have not tried any Indian dish, which I did not like…In fact, I love Indian food.

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Some Thoughts on IBLD…

IBLD Website

Date: December 20, 2018

01) International BOYLOVE DAY

Andrew13 is right…

Girl-Lovers did the smart thing for Alice Day, in picking one specific date and sticking with that…

…But, we are BoyLovers…so, we had to dump on layer after layer of complexity…to the point of ludicrousy…

Speaking as one of the few people to have and maintain an IBLD website…it’s enough of a chore, just having to track down the yearly solstice dates…without having to figure out what Saturday is supposed to go along with it…or whether or not the BoyLove community has figured out how to mash in yet another layer of variation on the rules…

I primarily went back to recognizing IBLD on the solstices, because I got fed up with the fact that they wouldn’t just leave it alone, instead of forcing it to bounce all over the place…

Some thoughts I’ve had in recent times:

1) I don’t like this idea quite so much…but I’ve thought it might be interesting to call it the International BoyLove Festival…starting on the solstice, and ending on the following Saturday…I mean, it’s a great idea [and actually, I love the concept]…but, lets be real…are we really going to fill several days a year with…what?…Just keeping up with one day can be too much work.

2) It’s the 20 year anniversary of IBLD…which means this is a big one…I’d like to say I have a video to commemorate it done…but I’ve only got the barest of notions, on what to do for it…I’ve barely broken ground…and this holiday season is thrashing the hell out of me…It’s not likely to be done by the 21st…Maybe I’ll aim for summer this time…But it feels wrong, not to have it out on the true 20 year anniversary. Been thinking about it and trying to develop something for at least a year.

My health has really been going south the last couple of years…and it’s hard for me to do these kinds of projects anymore…and it frustrates the hell out of me.

3) Again…20 years it’s been…can we finally come up with distinguishing titles, to differentiate the two [summer and winter] observations?

Maybe each can have it’s own theme?…A lot of us do observe both…It would be nice if each one had it’s own focus…We can have as many holidays as we want…We could have one a month, if we wanted…but they should have their own meaning…We shouldn’t be calling four different days a year IBLD…It’s ridiculous…

…This day of observance has gone through so many changes in two decades, it’s almost a parody…and it needs better structure…provided anybody is taking it seriously, that is.

I don’t like the idea of doing anything unilaterally with IBLD…but if the broader community doesn’t do it…then I am going to slap some sort of name onto the summer and winter solstice…even if it only applies to my own website…Because it’s a great idea, and it distinguishes them.

…Think I’ll call one Bob…and the other Sue…

…Just kidding about that…I have a vague idea or two…not sure they’re good enough…or we could call one Zeus…and the other one Ganymede…I suppose…That’s kind of goofy, too…or maybe it’s good…

…I’m not usually up this late anymore [It was past 6 AM when I wrote this]…and I’m really feeling light headed…and hoping this post isn’t coming off too ornery…It wasn’t meant to be…

I’m about ready to observe the classic and original IBLD…and it feels like everything is just bottlenecking on me.

Reading this thread…it’s like a thing or two was taken straight out of my own thoughts, especially over the last few weeks.

It seems like everybody just does whatever they want…and there is no real “day”, anymore…which kind of kills the whole idea behind it.

Maybe it’s time for a reboot of IBLD, so we can all get back on the same page?…reintroduce simplicity into IBLD?

At this point…I would not even care if it was a radical reboot, abandoning the solstices, and picking a neutral time of year…in the spring or fall…[away from major holidays]…

…I love the fall…so long as there’s a soft landing… 😉

Good night!


Sex abuse scandal-plagued Boy Scouts may declare bankruptcy…

Date: December 19, 2018

01) Sex abuse scandal-plagued Boy Scouts may declare bankruptcy

Thanks to feinmann0!

“Sex abuse scandal-plagued Boy Scouts may declare bankruptcy

The Boy Scouts of America are planning to file for bankruptcy, cutting their losses after years of declining membership numbers and a raft of sex abuse lawsuits, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Boy Scouts management has reportedly hired law firm Sidley Austin to plan a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, which would pause pending litigation and give the cash-strapped organization some breathing room.

Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh said in a statement that they were ‘working with experts to explore all options available to ensure that local and national programming of the Boy Scouts of America continues uninterrupted.’

The Boy Scouts have been experiencing an identity crisis recently, rebranding themselves as simply ‘Scouts BSA’ and flinging open their doors to girls – perhaps not the best idea when they are also fielding dozens of sex abuse lawsuits. Critics have slammed the move for bowing to the dictates of Political Correctness, particularly because it follows the Scouts’ decision to accept transgender scouts last year and openly homosexual members not long before.

Several sex abuse lawsuits are pending against the Boy Scouts, including one by four former scouts who accuse the group of failing to run background checks on scoutmasters despite knowing it is a “pedophile magnet” and allege they were repeatedly molested by a Stamford scoutmaster during the two years they participated in the 1970s. Another suit, filed last week, alleges two Catholic priests who were also scout troop leaders sexually abused an Albuquerque man for years in the 1980s.

The Boy Scouts also face a trademark infringement suit from Girl Scouts USA, which has accused them of deliberately attempting to confuse parents and exert a monopoly over the idea of ‘Scouting’. The suit, filed last month, condemns the former Boy Scouts for trying to horn in on the Girl Scouts’ market to shore up their declining enrollment numbers.

And those numbers are definitely declining. The Boy Scouts have lost two-thirds of their numbers since the 1970s, with a full 30 percent drop since 2000. Even the Mormon Church, for whom scouting is a beloved rite of passage, have pulled some 610,000 kids out of the program since last year, starting their own version.”

What to say?…

Yes…religious organizations have their own version of “scouts”…

I officially joined Awana when I was about ten years old…and briefly discuss the experience in this post.

It did not last long…as the church abandoned that program, only a matter of weeks later…I never officially got anything…no uniform…anything…no camping trips…just, nothing…other than the experience of a small handful of glorified classroom meetings…goofing off in the gym…

…It functioned as a more fun replacement for the Wednesday night church service…for about a month…six weeks, at most…then it was over…

What is Awana?

Awana Website

I don’t want to be too brutal with it…but, Awana is a sort of Scouts, with heavy fundamentalist Christian indoctrination…which fit right in, with the church we were connected too…so, for us kids, it was just a continuation of the world this church had cocooned us in…It didn’t seem strange at all, at the time.

I recall being disappointed at the time…because this was my chance to do scouting…My older brothers got a chance to do the original scouting…but this was my first taste of it.

It would not be till several years later, that I got a chance to go to real Boy Scouts meetings…

…I was living with extended family, including my cousins…two of whom were boys…and they really talked up the Scouts, getting me interested in it…so, I agreed to start attending the meetings…No more than three meetings in, the eldest decided he was quitting the Scouts…and the younger followed right along with his lead…Which left me in a mighty awkward spot…Because they were there, kind of easing me into the group…and now my options were to stop going, or go alone…

…I hadn’t really become attached to the troop, yet…was still feeling really foreign, there…I hadn’t actually decided I wanted to join…so…the issue just kind of dropped, and never came up again…

…Maybe I should have kept going…I don’t know.

Just some “Scouting” related memories from my life…Sorry I don’t have a whole lot to say about the actual news story…I mean…it is a shame, and everything…I’m glad they accepted homosexuals…I think, broadening to girls [or trans boys] was a lot more of a shaky move…and I think the Girl Scouts law suit is ridiculous…

…The sex scandals?…Maybe there were some predatory people, sometimes in charge of a troop…But I always thought that’s where a lot of the actual boys fooled around with each other…on the camping trips.