How An Extreme New Star Could Change All Cosmology…


Date: August 08, 2021

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“A new white dwarf has been discovered (poetically named: ZTF J1901+1458) that’s doing some stuff that no white dwarf should ever be able to do. In fact, it has multiple properties that are so extreme that it almost certainly did NOT form in the way that we thought all white dwarfs formed. This one peculiar point of faint light may change our understanding of not just white dwarfs, but of all cosmology.”


What Psychological Ability Do You Possess?…


Date: August 08, 2021

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“Find out just how superhuman you are!”

“Emotion Manipulation

You possess Emotion Manipulation! Emotion Manipulationers can sense and manipulate the emotions, including feelings, moods and their affects, of themselves, people, animals and other creatures, whether by increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling emotions, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level!”

Yeah…I think that’s just not true!

…I don’t manipulate people…Do I?…

Some of the choices were a true toss up…and this is just where the sum of all answers led me.

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I Was Wrong: Christine Weston Chandler…

Date: August 08, 2021

When I posted the other night, I was under the presumption that Christine had merely blurted out incriminating information, on a normal video…or livestream…whatever she tended to do.

It appears the actual admission came from a private conversation, taped to be published behind Christine’s back…or for blackmail, or something.

01) Chris Chan’s Leaked Phone Call (FULL LEAKED AUDIO

If you visit Christine’s YouTube account and watch their content, you should soon enough understand why I would be inclined to make such a presumption…She has the mental maturing of a child…and a tendency to blurt out all sorts of stuff.

You can also see not exactly recent videos of her mother…The woman she was allegedly raping…She does seem like she may have dementia…but I’m in no position to say.

02) CwcvilleGuardian

Her arrest was recorded…though to be clear, this is a bottom feeder who captured it.

03) Chris-Chan Arrested After Forcing Herself On Her Mother With Dementia

Some news reports:

04) ‘Sonichu’ Creator Has Been Arrested for Allegedly Engaging in Incest with Elderly, Cognitively Disabled Mother

05) Online creator Chris Chan arrested on incest charge after leaked audio alleged she had sex with her mother

…And, as if all this wasn’t a big enough mess…there are now allegations that he was encouraged to do all of this, by a malicious sociopath…

06) The 20-y/o white supremacist cult leader: Isabella Loretta Janke of Texas Tech

What I know about this case, is that there have been a lot of sadistic people treating this autistic individual like a human play thing…for at least a good solid decade. It’s honestly warped…A number of them have egged him on, in what he was doing…his “campaign to find a girlfriend”, being one of the things these ghouls latched onto.

These are bottom feeders of the worst sort…habitually approaching/stalking a mentally disabled autistic person, with the maturity of a child…to manipulate him/her…often in cruel ways…and to be there to show the fallout when it happens.

Now, after so many years…it seems their “lol cow” [a degrading term, for people they target out of pure amusement] has been emboldened by them, to “take on a girlfriend”…and allegedly start raping his nearly 80 year old mother, who’s suffering from dementia.

People like this disgust me…They know they’re messing around with a person, who possibly doesn’t even understand what they’re doing…and this is their ultimate handiwork…but they press forward, doing it all for the laughs.

I wonder if they’re proud of themselves, today.

An old woman with dementia has probably been repeatedly raped…and a mentally ill autistic person is going to prison [or an institution]…

This is a perfect foundation…for special interests and politicians, to pass new laws further decimating the internet…compliments of these idiots, who think anything they do online is “all a laugh”…

I wonder how history will judge them, should the charges be proven true.


Pelosi MEGADONOR “Advised” Her Against Student Debt Cancellation…

Date: August 07, 2021

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“The memo, obtained by The Intercept, was distributed to members of Congress by Freedom to Prosper, an organization founded by and for the Swigs. The couple has in the past directly lobbied Pelosi, according to two sources with knowledge of the meetings, in which the Swigs would suggest rhetoric or policy proposals that Pelosi would agree to adopt in some form. The source, like several others interviewed by The Intercept for this story, would only speak on condition of anonymity, citing the Swigs’ financial sway in progressive circles. (They have also contributed millions of dollars to the Democratic Party over the years.)