DC Looking At A Full Reboot After Wonder Woman 3 Cancellation…


Date: December 08, 2022

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I give my blessing to a full DCEU reboot…I don’t care about keeping any of the “current” cast.

The overwhelming majority of DCEU movies have been lukewarm, at best…It’s time to move on…There needs to be something different…not a Marvel clone…but different from it’s own past.

It’s good that the Snyders are gone.


‘He Threw Her Off the Bridge’: California Dad Charged with Murder After 1-Year-Old Daughter Found Dead in Los Angeles River…


Date: December 07, 2022

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“A 22-year-old father in California is behind bars this week after his 1-year-old daughter was found dead in the Los Angeles River. Jayveyon Louis Burley was taken into custody on Tuesday and charged with one count of murder and one count of child endangerment in the death of Leilani Dream Burley, records reviewed by Law&Crime show.


“My daughter was murdered by her father. He threw her off the bridge,” Hull told the station. “I don’t understand. Why would he do this to my daughter? I don’t understand. How can a father do this to their own child?” – Lynisha Hull”


Rudy Giuliani Gets Torched During Disciplinary Hearing…

Date: December 07, 2022

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“Rudy Giuliani’s disciplinary hearing with the DC Bar is taking place this week, and things have gotten off to a rocky start for the former mayor of New York City. Lawyers for the bar argued that Giuliani “weaponized” his law license to attack the Constitution, while Giuliani fought back saying that he was being politically persecuted. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains what happened.

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Starting on Monday of this week, and probably according to the judicial calendar, going through the end of next week, Rudy Giuliani is facing the disciplinary hearing with the Washington DC Bar. Now, Giuliani has had his license, his law license, suspended by the DC Bar since 2021 due to the frivolous lawsuits that he filed attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election. And this week, as I said, started the disciplinary hearing where they determine whether or not to reinstate his law license, or go ahead and permanently revoke it, which would prevent Giuliani from ever practicing law in Washington DC ever again. But more importantly, giving the green light to other bar associations across the country to do the same thing. And immediately when these hearings started on Monday and then continuing through yesterday, Tuesday, um, things went off the rails for Giuliani very quickly. The first thing that happened on Monday was when they went to a break and Giuliani didn’t realize his video was still running cuz they’re doing the whole thing via Zoom.
He looks to his lawyer next to him, he’s like, Hey, I just realized I’m wearing two watches today. Rudy Giuliani got up that morning, he put on a watch, and then he grabbed another watch and put it on next to it and didn’t know that was happening. So that’s a giant red flag, by the way, for mental health. Uh, this is not to make fun of him. That’s kind that, that’s a symptom if you ask me. So maybe that’s something a professional needs to, uh, take a look at. Or Giuliani is really just that stupid, I don’t know, but that seems like a problem. But then of course, things really got out of hand for Giuliani. The lawyers accusing him of, uh, weaponizing his law license is how they put it, torched him by saying a constitutional democracy like ours does not work unless the loser honors the decision of the voters.
And they brought this up as part of their claim that Giuliani was attempting to effectively toss out the votes of 7 million Americans from the 2020 election via the lawsuits that he filed. Cuz based on the lawsuits he filed, the particular things he was challenging, that’s how many people’s votes would’ve been thrown out. 7 million. And of course, they were arguing that Giuliani attempting to do this is not only weaponizing his law license, it’s subverting the Constitution. It’s violating multiple constitutional amendments, and they’re making a very clear case as to why Giuliani’s law license should be suspended. Then Giuliani had his turn to talk after he noticed he was wearing the two watches, of course. And, uh, he said, I believe that I’ve been persecuted for three or four years, including false charges brought against me by the federal government.
So rather than go out there and defend the lawsuits he filed, rather than trying to present evidence showing that these lawsuits were not frivolous, Giuliani says nuts to all of that, I’m gonna claim that I’m the big old victim here and everybody’s so mean to me, so I should get my law license back. That’s the argument that you put up when you have no real legal argument to make. And by the way, again, all of that was on Monday. On Tuesday, things went even further off the rails when Giuliani actually did attempt to justify his lawsuits. He cited a particular case in Pennsylvania as precedent for why he filed his lawsuit. The lawyer for the DC bar asked, okay, well, can you tell us what the lawsuit means? And he said, yes, it means this.


…Poor poor pooty…