Florida Schools Forced To Display ‘In God We Trust’…

Date: August 19, 2018

01) Florida Schools Forced To Display ‘In God We Trust’

“Public schools in Florida must display the national motto, “In God We Trust,” starting this week.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, public schools must display the motto in “a conspicuous place” under legislation sponsored by state Rep. Kimberly Daniels (D), who also leads a Christian ministry.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) signed the bill in March. It requires “each district school board” to display the national motto inside “all of the schools of the district and in each building used by the district school board.”


Two 13 year old boys (2004)…


Date: August 19, 2018

01) Two 13 year old boys (2004)

“Thirteen-year-old David, living without a mother with a drinking father, meets the son of new neighbors…”

The thigh touching at about 5:45 in, leading into a black screen and heavy breathing…

…It’s curious how you only tend to see this sort of commonality in life, represented in independent films…

…I guess…reality of life is too much, for the big studios…who are solely concerned about making their money.

…The red headed mop top, is freaking cute!

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Energy drinks: power or poison?…


Date: August 18, 2018

01) Energy drinks: power or poison?

“There are dozens of so-called “energy drinks” on the market today. They promise to be magic elixirs that will keep you awake, give you superpowers, etc., but what are they really, and how (or do) they work? Here we delve into the chemistry behind what goes in to these mysterious glowing liquids, and what that chemistry does to the human body.”


Nintendo Cracks Down on ROM Sites – #CUPodcast…


Date: August 18, 2018

01) Nintendo Cracks Down on ROM Sites – #CUPodcast

“Nintendo is coming after a couple of ROM sites with a lawsuit.


Nintendo Goes After Rom Sites/HUGE Lawsuit Threat:

I agree with this…

…Nintendo needs to recognize there is an existing, enthusiastic market for ROMs, and open up it’s own ROM website, to sell it’s old games…It’s not as if they couldn’t create their own console emulator.

…So, why don’t they get in on this?…It would remove the excuse, that the games aren’t available any other way.

Heck…there would be no physical product…so, they could offer their library of old games cheap.

If they sold their ROMs for $1 to $5 a piece…I’ll bet they’d make some pretty good money…Of course, they’d probably price games from the previous console or two higher…maybe, $10 to $15 a piece…if they were the huge titles, anyway…

…But, still…they should look into getting into this…There is a serious market there.


Viewing child abuse images as bad as direct abuse, says solicitor general…


Date: August 16, 2018

01) Viewing child abuse images as bad as direct abuse, says solicitor general

Thanks to feinmann0!

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“‘Paedophiles who download or share child abuse images should receive the same punishment as those who abuse children themselves, according to the solicitor general. Robert Buckland QC said downloading and sharing such images was just as “insidious” as direct sexual abuse, as he announced plans to extend the unduly lenient sentencing scheme to indecent images offences.’

Oh, so if you are not a paedo, then it is OK to download or share? A distinct feeling of deja vue … didn’t the FBI claim several years back that every time a ‘child pornography’ image is viewed, the child in the photographed is sexually abused?”

Boy…Robert’s really out for blood, isn’t he?

Robert clearly believes in voodoo molestation…The thought, is the crime…

This is probably one of the better pieces of photographic, BL/MAP art…every bit as much for the words, as for anything else.

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Penn Jillette Confirms Trump’s Wildly Racist Comments…


Date: August 16, 2018

01) Penn Jillette Confirms Trump’s Wildly Racist Comments

“–Penn Jillette, former contestant on Donald Trump’s reality show The Apprentice, corroborates claims by Omarosa Manigault-Newman that Trump regularly used vile and racist language during the tapings of the show



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The Political Deplatforming of Alternative Media…

Date: August 16, 2018

01) The Political Deplatforming of Alternative Media

“They want you gone, forever, and they won’t stop.”

A public backlash may prove to be the best thing, that Alex Jones has ever been linked with…and to that extent, Alex might prove to be useful.

I would welcome such a backlash…

…Just because I’m not “Gung Ho!”, about people ignoring the nuances at play, or the re-spinning of Alex’s history, does not mean that I think these banishments should be happening…I do hope that point is understood…

I hate the dogmatic reactions I’m witnessing…and that’s what I’ve been responding to.

As to Alex “never swearing”…

…There is at least one video out there…a compilation of Alex swearing…including “fuck” and “shit”…

…I’m not sure if these were taken from his main broadcasts…but, he was in his studio and on set, during some clips…Those seem to be taken from his shows.

Let’s be clear:

The SJWs who are doing this, are internet cancer…They can take their dogmatic ideology, and underhanded tactics to silence people, and shove them up their noses…

…Those are the sorts of people, who should be banished from the internet…at least until they learn to respect what the internet is, what it is for…and what it is about.

…This is not a “black and white” issue, however…

…And the threat that a lot of established people are feeling, is a threat that’s been alive and well on these platforms, for years.

Most people just didn’t seem to care about it, until it started making them feel insecure about their own standing with the platform…

…And maybe I’m responding to that, every bit as much as I’m responding to the other things…

…I’ve been saying for many years…to the more typical people who pretend the strong armed silencing of MAPs “is justified”…you wont be at all pleased about it, when this exact same establishment, using these exact same tactics, starts targeting and hounding you

…Things should not have been allowed to get this bad.

…though, maybe it’s for the better they did…

…More people are waking up, to realize what’s been going on.