Magical Yurt with Spiral Staircase Loft & Exterior Wooden Shell – Full Tour…


Date: February 22, 2021

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“This 32 ft traditional canvas yurt is a beautiful one-of-a-kind 4-season yurt inspired by nature. It has been modified for the West Coast climate by adding a shingled roof, wooden siding, and extra insulation. From the outside, it looks like a round cabin but the interior still looks exactly like a yurt with canvas covers, lattice walls, and wooden roof rafters.

The yurt is inspired by Elvin architecture from The Lord of the Rings, with some intricately hand-carved elements including the impressive front door and the spiral staircase. The open concept interior is bright and filled with plants, and it’s also a fully functional living space with a full kitchen, dining room, bathroom, living room and a loft bedroom. There’s also an addition with another bedroom, and a small utility room with a washing machine and extra storage space.”


Myths About Cast Iron Skillets You Need To Stop Believing…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: February 21, 2021

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“If you are the proud owner of a cast iron skillet, then you might believe some of the most oft-told tales about what you should and shouldn’t do with cast iron cookware. There’s so many stories out there that reaching for a cast iron skillet, pot, or pan can seem a little intimidating, but don’t worry — the truth isn’t as complicated as you might think.

First, the good news! Cast iron is actually very low-maintenance once you know how to properly care for it, and it’s very durable. If properly cared for, there’s no need to worry about anything going awry.

There’s an idea floating around the cast iron community that the pans are delicate, but there are some that have stuck around through generations. Need proof? Head to an antique store, estate sale, thrift shop, or auction. Chances are pretty good that you’ll see some cast iron cookware that’s been passed down for years, and that doesn’t really make you think “delicate,” right?

The biggest myth around cast iron skillets is that they cannot be washed with dish soap, as it’ll ruin the seasoning. Though dish soap is made to strip oil, it cannot remove the skillet’s seasoning because the seasoning itself is not just a coating of oil.

You build up a skillet’s seasoning by pouring a small amount of oil into the hot pan and smoothing it over the surface with a paper towel. By heating the pan as you smear the oil, the oil cooks onto the pan and chemically attaches itself to the metal. While you definitely shouldn’t soak the skillet in soapy water, using a bit of dish soap and warm water to clean your pan will not do any long-lasting damage.

After your skillet has been cleaned, you should re-season it, too. It’s another falsehood that pre-seasoned pans don’t have to ever be seasoned again. To do so, you can place the skillet on a burner set to the highest heat to let the remaining water evaporate. After the skillet is dry, just add and spread your oil. When it smokes, smear it around again and remove it from the heat to cool.

It’s that easy! Now, there’s no more kitchen confusion… about cleaning your cast iron, at least.

Watch this video for more myths about cast iron skillets you need to stop believing!”

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Supreme Court Strikes Down Qualified Immunity Claim – Ep. 7.276…

Date: February 21, 2021

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“This case COULD mean a shift in the court’s attitude toward the qualified immunity doctrine they created.
The case:
The article:

This is how dirty our “justice” system is.


The Mardi Grapple Festival Day One – February 19, 2021…


Date: February 19, 2021

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Frontier Tag Tournament Round 1
Match 1: Atreyu & Falkor VS Reggie Dog & Merve Studd – 100%

Frontier Tag Tournament Round 1
Match 2: Norbert Justice & Crimson Clawis VS Jack Hammer & Mel Chen – 88%

Special Match: 6 Man Tag

EWL Championship
Match 3: Fink Rotten, Lord Gaylish & T Baggins VS Max Love, Bolt Jamison & Rising Sun – 100%

OFW Championship
Match 4: Underwear Taker VS Devon Bite – 93%

Main Event:

NWL Championship
Match 5: Booty Breaker VS Power Bob – 68%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Reggie Dog & Merve Studd Loss: Atreyu & Falkor
Win: Norbert Justice & Crimson Clawis Loss: Jack Hammer & Mel Chen
Special Match: 6 Man TagFink Rotten, Lord Gaylish & T Baggins Defeat Max Love, Bolt Jamison & Rising Sun
Win: Underwear Taker – New OFW Champion! Loss: Devon Bite
Main Event Match: Double Count Out Draw

Show Referee: The Duke

Location: Wankwell

The Mardi Grapple Festival kicks off with a bang!


BEST RANKED MATCH: Match 1 & Match 3 – 100%



BONFIRE – Love Don’t Lie (2021) // Official Music Video // AFM Records…

Date: February 19, 2021

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“A good song is a good song – this half-acoustic version of the 2009 BONFIRE ballad has even more impact than the original. It comes as a lovely duet, so beautifully arranged and full of sweet emotion, deep feelings and masterclass musicianship.

“Love Don’t Lie” (featuring Lydia Panè) is released!! The new Bonfire album “ROOTS” an almost unplugged album.

Hans Ziller came up with a very interesting idea to include some guitar licks from some of his musical influences into the songs. They are tastefully woven through the entire album. They are all in the original keys and really makes for some interesting listening.

Taken from the album “Roots”, out 26.02.2021!
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Close your eyes when memories are fading
Hold me tight ’til death do us part
Dream away the tears you have been crying
‘Cause love will rise again

Love is like the unknown answer
To the questions of your heart
Love is patient, love is kind
Don’t you let it slip away

Love don’t lie – love don’t lie
Love don’t lie – love don’t lie

Drift away on the oceans of your feelings
Here to stay is the emptiness inside
Time goes by while your heart is held to ransom
‘Til love will set you free again

Love is like a clear blue river
Love is more than words can say
Love don’t envy, love don’t hurt
If you only let it be

Love don’t lie – love don’t lie
Love don’t lie – love don’t lie
Primis Player Placeholder
Love is like the uncut diamond
Hiding in your heart to stay
But love ain’t love ’til you finally give it away
It’s coming back to you someday”