FWF Pride – October 16, 2020…


Date: October 16, 2020

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Match 1: Mom & Steg Hadley VS Honeythorn Gump & Sir Dance-A-Lot – 72%

Match 2: Bobby Jobby VS FakeSumo – 57%

Main Event:

Match 3: Cyborg Boy & Pedo Bear VS Starbutt & Mr. TeeTee – 80%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Mom & Steg Hadley Loss: Honeythorn Gump & Sir Dance-A-Lot
Win: FakeSumo Loss: Bobby Jobby
Main Event Match: Starbutt & Mr. TeeTee Defeated Cyborg Boy & Pedo Bear

Show Referee: Magnifico

Location: Whoopie Heights

During an interview with Tom Piddle, Dick “Hornywood” Balls removed his mask and shirt, revealing an albino, hissing tube snake…Tom began referring to him as Wang Nakki…

What has happened to the real Nester?!!

Tom was informed that he must defend the FWF Championship at FWF Scary Fodder…To which he smirked and demanded…”Bring me the boy who lived!”


BEST RANKED MATCH: Cyborg Boy & Pedo Bear VS Starbutt & Mr. TeeTee – 80%


Arousal to Pedophilic Stimuli in Normal Men (Hall et al.)…


Date: October 15, 2020

01) Arousal to Pedophilic Stimuli in Normal Men (Hall et al.)

“Hall et al studied a community sample of normal men and found that fully 25% of them reacted to pedophilic pornography at levels that equaled or exceeded their response to adult pornography.

Hall, G.C.N., Hirschman, R., & Oliver, L.L., “Sexual Arousal and Arousability to Pedophilic Stimuli in a Community Sample of Normal Men,” Behavior Therapy, Vol. 26, 1995, pp. 681-694.


Self-reported and physiological sexual arousal to adult and pedophilic stimuli were examined among 80 men drawn from a sample of volunteers. Over 1/4 of the current subjects self-reported pedophilic interest or exhibited penile arousal to pedophilic stimuli that equaled or exceeded arousal to adult stimuli. The hypothesis that arousal to pedophilic stimuli is a function of general sexual arousability factors was supported in that pedophilic and adult heterosexual arousal were positively correlated, particularly in the physiological data. Subjects who were highly arousable, insofar as they were unable to voluntarily and completely inhibit their sexual arousal, were more sexually aroused by all stimuli than were subjects who were able to inhibit their sexual arousal. Thus, arousal to pedophilic stimuli does not necessarily correspond with pedophilic behavior.”


This Michigan Sheriff Needs To Resign ASAP…

Date: October 15, 2020

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“A Michigan Sheriff is facing calls to resign after he appeared to defend busted kidnappers.

Calls for the resignation of a Michigan sheriff who recently shared a stage with members of the Michigan Liberty Militia are growing louder.



After Obamacare: What Day 1 Could Look Like If It’s Repealed…

Date: October 15, 2020

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“The Supreme Court is set to hear the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act on November 10. With judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the bench, Democrats quickly speculated what it could mean for healthcare. If Obamacare is struck down and there is no alternative plan in place, millions of Americans could be affected.”


LIFE BEYOND II: The Museum of Alien Life (4K)…


Date: October 15, 2020

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“What if there was a museum that contained every type of life form in the universe? This experience takes you on a tour through the possible forms alien life might take, from the eerily familiar to the utterly exotic, ranging from the inside of the Earth to the most hostile corners of the universe.

New research is upending our idea of life and where it could be hiding: not just on Earth-like planets, where beings could mimic what our planet has produced, but in far flung places like the hearts of dead stars and the rings of gas giant planets. Nowhere in the universe is off limits.

Only when we know what else is out there will we truly know ourselves. This thought experiment will give us a glimpse into what could be out there, how we might find it, and just how far nature’s imagination might stretch.”