Brilliant Off-Grid Geodesic Greenhouse Perfect for Homesteading & 4 Season Food Production…


Date: November 09, 2021

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“Full tour of 3 off-grid passive solar growing domes that can be used as 4-season year-round greenhouses in just about any climate and growing zone. The geodesic dome structure can withstand up to 7 feet of snow and ~180km/h wind speeds. They’re built with cedar struts to withstand humidity, marine-grade aluminum hubs for strength, and polycarbonate panels that provide a 1.6 R-value and are fully recyclable.

In Canada, these growing domes are sold by Arctic Acres:

In the US, these growing domes are sold by Growing Spaces:

The growing domes have a specific number of intake and exhaust fans based on their square footage and the CFM (cubic foot per minute) required. These fans are powered by solar panels and they don’t need an external power source to function.

There are quite a few additional passive solar features that help regulate the temperature inside the domes, including aluminum shade cloth, bicarbonate spray coating, a reflectix wall, a thermal mass pond, and geothermal ventilation.

We love how these simple technologies can help make growing food and being self-sufficient year-round a little easier and less energy-intensive in all types of climates.”


This Personality Quiz Will Reveal Which Fantasy You Belong In…


Date: November 08, 2021

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“Harry Potter”
You believe in magic, wonder, love, and dreams. Your friends are like family to you, and you’ll do anything to protect them.”

…Do I?…wow…

I would have pictured myself more in Fantasia [not sure if that was an option, though].

…and I don’t, literally, believe in magic.

This still makes sense, though…Lots of cute kids in the HP series. I could have been “Professor Diamond”, teaching Sex Ed…to the first years…

…That Totally would have worked!

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Gaming History: Ultima Underworld “The most important game you should play”…


Date: November 07, 2021

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“The role that Ultima Underworld had in shaping the video games we have today can not be understated. It’s contribution was pivotal to the development of every First Person Game, be they shooters or RPGs. And why is that? Because it didn’t try to be just a game. It tried to be a simulator.”