2020 Democratic Candidates Ranked By CNN…

Date: July 22, 2018

01) 2020 Democratic Candidates Ranked By CNN

“We are in the below-the-surface part of the presidential primary fight right now — and will be for at least the next five months, while the Democratic Party focuses on trying to win back control of the House and Senate. But just because you don’t see or hear about everything that’s going on doesn’t mean it’s not happening.
Which brings us to our rankings of the 10 men and women most likely — as of today — to wind up as the Democratic nominee in 2020. In ranking these candidates, we considered current polling, historic trends and lessons that the 2018 Democratic primaries have taught us. So, we tended to default to early polling leaders. And women. And liberals.”


Bernie Sanders Crashes Interview…

Date: July 21, 2018

01) Bernie Sanders Crashes Interview

“After defying the odds in the Bronx and Queens, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is hitting the road. In her first campaign trip to another congressional district since her June 26 primary victory, Ocasio-Cortez will join Bernie Sanders for rallies this Friday in …

Despite expectations that the Sunflower State is rigidly conservative, growing diversity and revulsion at the disastrous tenure of Gov. Sam Brownback has made Kansas a battleground in the fight for Democrats to win back the House. James Thompson, from the Koch brothers’ home district in Wichita, almost won a surprisingly close special election there last year. He’s running again, and Ocasio-Cortez and Sanders will promote him at one event on Friday.”


Ajit Pai Seemingly Caving to Public Pressure on SOME Issues…

Date: July 21, 2018

01) Ajit Pai Seemingly Caving to Public Pressure on SOME Issues





Nathan Forrest Winters Exclusive Interview – “The Babysitter” Documentary…

Date: July 20, 2018

01) Nathan Forrest Winters Exclusive Interview – “The Babysitter” Documentary

“Exclusive interview getting into the mind of Nathan. Listen to him discuss past events, his original documentary, and future plans.

Help Nathan get the word out and bring awareness to the sick world of pedophiles in Hollywood. No more grooming and silencing! The more people that know, the quicker we can bring Hollywood’s sick, vile behavior to a halt.

The GoFundMe Page:

Backwards tracks, to represent “a pedophiles backwards idea of love”?…and “pedophiles are monsters”?…

There is certainly hyperbole in this interview…

What do you think?…

…The Victor Salva / Nathan Forest Winters case, isn’t really something I can say a whole lot about…as it’s always seemed shrouded.

Now, there’s an independent movie coming out.

“The Babysitter” New Film by Nathan Forrest Winters – Hollywood Pedophile Victim & Survivor:

I don’t know Victor Salva…nor his nature…So…maybe this was all something, that in a less hyperbolic, less stigmatic, less prohibitive culture, would have been nothing to cause alarm…

…Much of the struggle, after all…happens in a persons own head…as they try to reconcile their own experiences, with what the outside world says about them, and their experiences…

We’ll have to wait and see, what Nathan claims Victor did…and let that be vetted.

I want to know, how he believes he can put the viewer “into the view/mindset of the pedophile”.

…There’s an endless flow of people out there, who attempt to explain us…most of them, in an extremely lazy, dehumanizing way…

…And they virtually always get it grotesquely wrong.

Consent classes for four-year-olds?…

Date: July 20, 2018

01) Consent classes for four-year-olds? What a terrible idea

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“Compulsory sex-and-relationship education is being used to foist adult preoccupations on to ever younger children. When adults see all interactions between children as sexual and abusive, then lessons will teach children to view their relationships and experiences with each other through this lens.

Teaching children about consent will almost certainly lead to a huge increase in reported incidents of peer-on-peer sexual assault. Teachers had best be prepared for the countless hours that will be spent mediating between children who have touched each other’s knees without first gaining permission.”

“What should four-year-olds know about sex? And whose responsibility is it to teach children about relationships? In response to a growing number of sexual assaults reportedly taking place in schools, the government has announced that new sex and relationships classes will teach children as young as four about consent and ‘enforcing boundaries’.

Teaching children the facts of life has long since stopped being the prerogative of parents. Now it seems schools and individual teachers can’t be left to determine what’s appropriate for their pupils either. Since the launch last year of a government review, sex education has become a public talking point. Everyone with a profile to maintain and a campaign to fund has a view to share.”

If it were done in a sane way [and that’s a massive obstacle, in this day]…I would support such classes, in principle.

Statistics show that, over a four-year period, the police dealt with almost 30,000 reports of children sexually assaulting other youngsters. This figure includes 2,625 alleged attacks on school premises and 225 rapes.

Other research suggests that between a fifth and a third of all cases of child sexual abuse in the UK involve perpetrators under the age of 18. A random general population survey of more than 6,000 people noted that two-thirds of those who reported sexual abuse in their childhood had been abused by other children.”

Such a timely quote, given one of my recent posts.

Boy, 12, conquers fatigue and seasickness to break the record for crossing the English Channel in a small children’s sailing dinghy…

Date: July 20, 2018

01) Boy, 12, conquers fatigue and seasickness to break the record for crossing the English Channel in a small children’s sailing dinghy

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“A 12-year-old boy from France has broken the record for crossing the English Channel in a small children’s sailing dinghy.

Schoolboy Tom Goron cast off from the Isle of Wight at 5:00 on Wednesday and arrived in France 14 hours and 20 minutes later.

Impressively, he smashed the previous record set by Violette Dorange, 15, in 2016 by 36 minutes.”

Well done Tom! More kids should be encouraged to take risks …”


My goodness!…Is that twelve year old boy celebrating, by drinking Champaign?…a beverage containing alcohol?…

Oh dear…

…Certain Americans might get triggered.

Why College Campuses Can Be Minefields for Some Comedians (HBO)…

Date: July 20, 2018

01) Why College Campuses Can Be Minefields for Some Comedians (HBO)

“Veteran comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock say that millennials can’t take a joke — but some comics often won’t ever get the opportunity to perform on campus in front of them.

They complain college campuses are minefields of competing grievances and sensitivities for comics whose jokes touch on sensitive subjects like assault or gender,

VICE News went to Boston to talk to three campus bookers — the college comedy gatekeepers — who contend that they’re merely reflecting student taste.

They say they feel old-school comedians are woefully behind the times and need to acknowledge that certain jokes, particularly those about identity and sexual assault, can potentially cause psychological harm. And it’s their job, they say, to protect students from it.

But at New York City’s famous Comedy Cellar, where VICE News talked with standup Judy Gold, nothing is off limits (provided that the joke is funny). Gold also warns students that the “world doesn’t have to adjust” to student sensitivities.”