Wanted common area for people, not cars. Built a Pocket Hood…


Date: December 09, 2021

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“On an empty lot next door to a popular craft brewery, the Blockhouse team wanted to build housing that would fit a buzzing Spokane (WA) neighborhood. They carefully placed micro and skinny units around some old-growth trees to create a pocket neighborhood (interior gathering spaces for the community), leaving just a few parking spaces at the property’s edge.

The Blockhouses were partially prefabbed – making it easier to save the trees – from cross-laminated timber (CLT) that serves as both structure and interior cladding. The wood, sourced from small-diameter and sometimes diseased or dead trees, helps to clear the local national forest for forest fires.

They covered the entire roof of Perry Street Brewery with solar panels in order to achieve net-zero status. Each of the eight units – from the 960-square-foot skinny homes to the 260-square-foot micro studios – has a smart wall that helps to control climate based on use and weather conditions.



INDIANA JONES pushed back A YEAR, to 2023: The Corporate ‘Game of Thrones’ behind the Delay…


Date: December 08, 2021

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“On Monday, October 18th the Walt Disney Corporation announced they were pushing back the 2022 MCU slate, due to delays on “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”. No movie was pushed back more than a couple of months; but there was one major outlier: James Mangold’s as of yet untitled Indiana Jones sequel was pushed back a full year.

This delay is indicative of both major production trouble on the movie itself, as well as of a severe corporate schism and reshuffle behind the scenes of Lucasfilm and Disney. The latter matter is complex, but we are about to go through all the context behind it all.

In order to do so, we will begin this video by going through the players and competing interests involved. With that established, we can examine the Star Wars connection and then go through the battle over not just the direction of Indiana Jones, but of Disney as a whole.”

Will they release this before Harrison Ford dies of old age?

I’m lukewarm and cautious about this one…I don’t so much care if it’s on the same level as the original trilogy…but I don’t want to see a piece of CGI, trendy preaching, garbage.

Crystal Skull was…watchable…but to much of a groan fest, to make it great…

I hope they can make something, on which they can build a reasonably good reboot series [of movies] in this franchise.

Give us a decent series, again.

This video is slightly outdated…Kennedy got renewed.