John Roberts SCOLDS Impeachment Legal Teams…

Date: January 24, 2020

01) John Roberts SCOLDS Impeachment Legal Teams

“Trump’s dream team is a circus of clowns.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who is presiding over the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, scolded both the Democratic House managers and the President’s defense team early Wednesday morning after a contentious exchange on the Senate floor.

The extraordinary moment capped an acrimonious opening to Trump’s impeachment trial, and placed Roberts, who otherwise largely handled procedural tasks on day 1, in the position of reminding advocates for both sides to maintain decorum during a highly partisan affair.


Justice Democrats: “…defeat Donald Trump, the billionaire class”…

Date: January 24, 2020

01) Justice Democrats: “…defeat Donald Trump, the billionaire class”

“Hillary Clinton made clear during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter on Monday that her grudge against Bernie Sanders is still alive. But instead of firing up the Bernie Bros, her actions prompted progressives to call for unity. Political Action Committee Justice Democrats pressed for the former Democratic candidate to support the eventual nominee, regardless of who it is, to defeat the number one opponent: President Trump. The organization’s Executive Director Alexandra Rojas spoke with host Jamal Simmons about the group’s effort. Also on today’s newscast, the second day of President Trump’s impeachment trial is well underway, and we’ve got an update from the 50th World Economic Forum taking place in Davos, Switzerland.”

Obama Staffer: The Worst 2020 Candidate Is…Bernie…

Date: January 23, 2020

01) Obama Staffer: The Worst 2020 Candidate Is…Bernie…

“The establishment won’t stop attacking Bernie’s popularity.

Former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said that Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is “the worst candidate” Democrats could select to run against President Donald Trump.

Senator Sanders’ recent surge in some polls appears to be alarming some Democrats like Messina, who appeared on Thursday morning’s edition of MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss a recent survey of young voters that shows Sanders with huge leads over his Democratic competitors and Trump.

Messina pointed out that young people are historically less likely to vote, but conceded that if millennial voters turn out in large numbers, “it will change the electoral math.


George Conway: Trump’s lawyers treating the House like morons…

Date: January 23, 2020

01) George Conway: Trump’s lawyers treating the House like morons

“In part two of his interview, George Conway responded to an argument posed by White House counsel Jay Sekulow during the Senate impeachment trial, saying the problem with the GOP defense isn’t whether President Donald Trump is allowed to withhold aid, it’s why Trump withheld aid from Ukraine.”