Sanders: ‘I’m Tired Of Talking About Mr. Manchin And Miss Sinema’…

Date: June 29, 2021

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“Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) tells Andrea Mitchell that he’s “tired of talking about Mr. Manchin and Miss Sinema” when it comes to abolishing the filibuster to pass bills, including voting rights with a simple majority. When asked, he tells Andrea that there’s no bipartisan compromise to be had on voting rights that would overcome the filibuster, because he doesn’t believe that there are Republicans in the Senate “prepared to vote to support democracy and voting rights I would love to seen them, there aren’t any. That’s the sad reality.”


More Twitter: Dungeons & Dragons & Deplatforming: TSR Games BANNED from Origins Game Fair!…


Date: June 29, 2021

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“Dungeons & Dragons DRAMA! The newly “reformed” TSR Games has also been banned from Origins Game Fair, just a day after Gen Con banned TSR because of Twitter drama over something Gary Gygax’s son Ernie said on a podcast. It’s clear that the TTRPG “community” is shutting TSR 2.0 down hard. But did Ernie Gygax REALLY say what Twitter claimed he said, or was this just an EXCUSE to take TSR out of the game before they even begin…?”

These have all been a good summary of the noxious, manipulative and all around shitty and fucked up atmosphere on Twitter…which is one of the primary reasons I’ve been sharing them.

It’s also nice to see that D&D is still around and active.


Professional Therapy…


Date: June 28, 2021

People put entirely too much faith and relevance into therapy.

Much of what is provided and getting paid for, in reality, exists in any healthy relationship and social support structure.

My thought, is that so many people are flocking to therapy and raving about it these days, because nearly all of us have been pushed into social isolation, and conditioned to think that paying a professional for an ear, for opinions and advice “is normal”.

…There is nothing about that which is normal.

It’s the byproduct of a failed society.

I’m not suggesting nobody benefits from it…If you are starving for that type of guidance, getting it nowhere else…you likely will benefit in some ways…

…I’m suggesting that “therapy” is naturally free and available, when we are allowed to grow up and live intertwined with a wide enough range of people and experiences.

If you are not kept isolated…you find natural “therapists” among your family and community.