St. Louis police officers on trial for beating Black undercover detective during protest…


Date: March 30, 2021

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“St. Louis police detective Luther Hall was brutally beaten while working undercover at a protest against police brutality in September 2017. Now three fellow officers are on trial for the assault, which they claim was a case of mistaken identify. One of the officers already pleaded guilty and admitted to lying on the stand. Lauren Trager, an investigative reporter with CBS affiliate KMOV-TV, joins CBSN AM’s Anne-Marie Green to discuss the case.”

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Evangelical Pastor Calls His Kids Evil After They Call Him Out…

Date: March 29, 2021

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“Rev. Rick Joyner is calling for Christians to buy weapons for a coming “civil war.” But according to a New York Times column, the pastor is labeling his own children as being “evil.” He’s the same pastor who in 2016 compared Donald Trump to the disciples of Jesus. He also told his followers in 2013 that he was praying for a military coup against former President Barack Obama.



Viral mutation and evolution…


Date: March 27, 2021

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“Viral evolution

adenine, cytosine, uracil, guanine

Darwinian evolution

Species undergo random mutation

Making most less fit

But making a few more fit

Fit means compete, survive, reproduce

Natural selection will ‘select’ the more fit

Viruses usually become less virulent over time

Increased virulence / transmissibility

Mutations that increase transmissibility

Mutations that can avoid antibodies

Mutations that can avoid vaccination defences”