Orlando’s Abandoned Religious Theme Park: The Controversial History of the Holy Land Experience…


Date: July 03, 2022

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“Join us on a brand new Expedition Extinct. Have you driven down Interstate 4 and seen the odd roman looking building? Or have you ever wondered what The Holy Land Experience Theme Park was like? It is time to take a look at the history of The Holy Land Experience, A controversial and now Abandoned religious Theme Park in Orlando”

I had no idea Jan died…She was an major icon in religious media…I think she is where the televangelist stereotype of a crying woman, wearing to much makeup, came from.


Conservative Media Outlets Are Finally Throwing Trump Under The Bus…

Date: July 02, 2022

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“More and more conservative media outlets and personalities are speaking out against Donald Trump, and it would appear that Trump is getting thrown under the bus by the very groups that helped him gain power in the first place. Even if they weren’t “all-in” with Trump during his administration, they paved the way for his ascendance to the presidency, and now they are trying to tear down what’s left him. Farron Cousins explains what’s happening.


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Something that we’re starting to see more and more of, and this is something I’ve been talking about, you know, for a week or so now, but we’re starting to see conservative media break up as the daily beast. Put it with Donald Trump. I’ve already talked extensively of course, about what’s happening over at Fox news. Obviously you’ve got your die hard Trumpers on Fox news, the ones who get the 3 million viewers in the prime time, your entities, your Ingrams, and your, uh, Tucker Carlsons. But during the daytime, just in the last week, something remarkable has happened. You have had people like Martha McAllen, people like Neil Cavuto and even people like, uh, uh, Brian kill Mead. And of course, Brett bear this week come out and pretty much call out Donald Trump. Talk about how horrible these hearings have been for him. How explosive they’ve been, how compelling and stunning they have been.

Those are words used by hosts all the air on Fox news and Brian KME. And of course went the extra mile and said, Trump hasn’t been able to produce any evidence to suggest the election was stolen. Described him as unhinged. Following the 2020 election that is strong language coming from a conservative pro Trump person like Brian kill Mead. But this week it went a step further. This week, you had the conservative, uh, newspaper, the Washington examiner, their editorial board actually put out an op-ed this week saying that Donald Trump is unfit to ever hold office anywhere ever again, all the exact quote. Let me read it here. Let me find it one second. Trump is unfit to be anywhere near power ever again. That is the exact quote from this conservative newspaper and the national review. Another conservative outlet. Of course, they were never huge fans of Trump.

They, as the daily beast explains kind of shied away from going after him too much during his administration, but they came out this week with Andrew McCarthy. Who’s a columnist for them also happens to be a Fox news contributor who said that all in all Hutchinson showed the nation moment by moment, what he was like on a day when undeniably Trump was at his worst, it was worse than America thought. He also said that things will never be the same after this testimony also said as many others have that, it was stunning said, uh, it was devastating for Donald Trump. Although a majority of conservative outlets, conservative speakers, uh, uh, conservative personalities. They’re all still on board with Donald Trump. Plenty of them are actually still repeating his election lies, but the cracks are there. The cracks are growing both in size and in number, that is what is

So important about stories like these. And of course, as I mentioned, this is actually coming from the daily beast. The daily beast pointed all this out. So even they are noticing what is happening, what I’ve been talking about for the last two weeks now. And that is that conservative media to a degree, a small one now, but it is growing. They’re starting to throw Donald Trump under the bus. They’re trying to convince their viewers, their readers, whatever it is that this ain’t the guy, this is not the guy that’s gonna take the Republican party into the future. This is the guy that is going to in fact tank the entire Republican party. If you ever put ’em back at the top of a ticket again, because let’s not forget just because these outlets are coming out against Donald Trump. They’re not doing it because they’re suddenly allies of any of us on the left.

They’re doing it to preserve their own party. That’s the point of this. They can recognize Trump’s toxicity and they wanna make sure that we expel that toxicity before the next election. So that conservatives can go on to keep winning. They’re not attacking Trump outta the goodness of their heart. They’re not attacking him because they disagree with his policies. They don’t like that. He has become an embarrassment to the Republican party and they want nothing more than for the Republican party to succeed in taking over the country. So again, these are not our friends. It’s fun to watch them attack Trump, but don’t think for a second, that just because we have a common enemy, that that means we have a common goal”