What Is Earth Economy?

Viamund The Rake


Living upon Earth at this time, it is unlikely that you have not heard many humans discuss the “Economy”. In truth… there is no such thing as an economy unless it is viewed for what it is – the manufacture and hoarding of worthless currency as a means to enable a very tiny minority of humans to wield power over the majority, to the detriment of all life. –

Often the definition of currency as “something which is worthless, yet presented and perceived as valuable”, has been presented. Currency has many champions upon Earth and sadly it seems that fear is only logical reason why they support it. It seems impossible for most humans on Earth to imagine a World without currency and the privatization and country internment that currency slavery represents. The readers must know that you are more than just “consumers” blindly toiling away and wasting any…

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Study: Marijuana users are more creative — but it might not be because of marijuana…

Date: April 19, 2019

01) Study: Marijuana users are more creative — but it might not be because of marijuana

“A new study suggests that differences in personality traits account for the link between marijuana use and enhanced creativity.

“I became interested in this topic upon the realization that a number of my favorite musicians and artists were well known for their cannabis use, and that this cannabis use was commonly thought to have been a cause of the creative success of many artists,” explained study author Emily LaFrance, a graduate student at Washington State University.

“I began to wonder about this commonly held idea – are cannabis users really more creative than non-users? And if so, is this because cannabis use makes them more creative, or is something else causing differences in creativity between users and non-users?”

Bernie WINS At Fox News Town Hall…

Date: April 18, 2019

01) Bernie WINS At Fox News Town Hall

“Bernie crushed it at Fox News’ Town Hall.

Bernie Sanders’s Fox News town hall, which aired Monday night, showed that contrary to the belief of many of his detractors (and some of his supporters), the Vermont senator really does have more than one rhetorical mode.

There was the mode he used for the town hall part, and the mode he used for the Fox News part — represented by anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, who liberally interspersed questions from the audience with questions of their own.

When speaking directly to audience members or to the TV audience watching at home, Sanders was sincere and open. When asked about President Donald Trump, he spoke with emotion about how he hoped everyone could agree a “pathological liar” should not be president; in his closing statement, he practically begged for more comity in the country, without backing off his insistence that the rich need to do more to provide for working families.