MapTheWorld Ep. 7: Are Schools Supplying Kids With Porn?…


Date: March 07, 2022

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“Informed by their experience of minor attraction, the hosts talk about parents trying to get LGBTQ+ books off the shelves of high school libraries.

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6 Reasons for the Decline of The Walking Dead – What Happened to the TV Series?…


Date: March 06, 2022

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“Today at the Mystery Shack, I take a critical look at the prime reason why I think we’ve seen the tv version of The Walking Dead decline so rapidly in the past few years. We’ll be talking about things like the controversial AMC+ early premieres, character deaths, actors leaving and more!


Looking at seasons one and two, you can see exactly what established this series and made it so smoking white hot.

The first two seasons easily stand toe to toe with any modern horror movie…and they are showcasing excellent, deep character dramas. There’s a lot of substance and humanity here…and these are characters you’ve been led to become deeply invested in.

Seasons two and three are great…though I’d say their best episodes are near the end, when the group is decimated, splintered into smaller groups, and they get back to one of the core basics of zombie apocalypse movies…that being, an eerily abandoned world of isolation, where you can roam…but danger can be anywhere…and you cannot just set and stay anywhere for a long duration.

In fact…I think some of the absolute best episodes of the series, happen between the prison destruction and arrival at terminus.

There are goofy and lazy things starting to sneak in, but it’s still an over all solid show with few missteps on its record.

The Woodbury episodes, while still really great, have the unfortunate effect of pulling the series out of that eerily abandoned world of isolation…and even though you eventually have to have evolution of the story and its settings…I think this is where the true zombie fan base began to get turned off…Because when the show starts looking and feeling like “the normal world”, it no longer has all those elements the zombie fans really love…It’s closer to being “just another show”.

That was probably unavoidable.

I think season five is very much worthy of being recognized among the best of the series…It’s just that we start seeing more goofy stuff, and what feels like a softer edge starting to creep into the show.

For example, when the gay character approaches and tries to recruit the group but gets taken prisoner…something about this point feels like it’s lost it’s intensity, that it would have had had this occurred in season one or two.

In fact…one of the things I really dislike about trends after the first two seasons…is that more and more stuff just kind of gets glossed over…and this is a problem that just keeps increasing as the series goes on…and as it keeps fanning out to more places and characters.

This is probably unavoidable, but still…I hated seeing the original model of the show abandoned, in exchange for an action series, with decreasing character development…It started dragging the show into a more mundane direction, a lot of the fan base just wasn’t interested in.

I mean…why have we never seen anything quite like the Rick and Shane relationship and feud repeated?…It’s like when they took one of the absolute best things this series ever had going for it and abruptly killed Shane, they killed “that version” of the show…and moved on to a substantially different era of the show, in “the prison episodes”…which were still great, but they were just lacking something that previously attracted fans to the series.

Shane’s death was massive…but I was really disappointed to see it end, because I was anticipating much more out of it…and I was further disappointed, to see all of it’s connected plot lines abandoned pretty fast…Laurie dies soon after…They toy with us, using her specter hallucinated by Rick [who’s going crazy], but that literally goes nowhere…leaving you wondering what was the point?…and they straight up stop caring whether Judith is Shanes daughter or Ricks.

The show was never quite the same, after season two ended.

Several seasons at Alexandria turned the series into something very different…still pretty good…but less and less representing an actual horror movie atmosphere…less of a human drama…and only isolated points of greatness. The new characters started feeling way more shallow, and undeveloped…It’s hard to care about characters presented like that…They’re just disposable…

Eventually, things devolve so badly, that we actually get a romance and betrayal established and played out over two or three scenes, involving Gabriel and…the junk yard lady [I forget her name…Jadise?]…two established characters…And the junk yard lady gets to spend her five minutes or so as “one of the good guys”, before promptly returning to her wicked ways.

They just spring stuff on you, anymore…Without any build up, characters are suddenly a couple…and situations are suddenly true…It feels like they’re just making stuff up as they go.

And now…with season ten…There are some echoes of good…but it’s mostly shallow, mild, mediocre…even dumb…very inconsistent…Not a lot that’s great…To much that feels cringe…

…There were points where I felt like The Walking Dead characters had been transferred into Z Nation, for crying out loud…I love Z Nation…but I don’t want to see TWD mimicking it…That’s not what TWD is.

I think to many different people have been given control of this show…and the current ones are way out of touch with what this series is supposed to be about…hence, we now have a version of The Walking Dead, which is not truthfully The Walking Dead.

It’s an inferior and sad shadow of it’s former self.


US/NATO Provoked Ukraine War Say Most Experts On Russia…

Date: March 06, 2022

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“Politicians and members of the media have nearly universally expressed shock and dismay at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but their incredulity is belied by the fact that numerous Russia experts and historians have been predicting these events practically since the fall of the Berlin Wall, pointing out that a Russian response to ongoing NATO incursions was virtually inevitable.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss the past predictions of noteworthies ranging from Noam Chomsky and Stephen Cohen to Henry Kissinger and Pat Buchanan.”


Pelosi’s Bizarre Behavior During Biden’s Speech Examined…

Date: March 06, 2022

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“President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address on Tuesday, in which he made clear that he remains committed to fighting for policies like raising the minimum wage and bringing down prescription drug prices despite not fighting for them at all when he might have been able to pass them less six months ago. Also noteworthy from the speech was the series of reactions from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who stumbled and bumbled her way through numerous attempts to follow along and applaud at appropriate moments during the evening.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger marvel at both Biden’s bald-faced BS and Pelosi’s awkwardness during the SOTU.”

It’s time for her to go to an “assisted living” home.


Ukraine Neo-Nazis Infiltrate EVERY LEVEL Of Military & Government…

Date: March 05, 2022

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“Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the resulting cries of “We are all Ukraine,” many have been eager to downplay the proliferation of neo-Nazis in Ukrainian paramilitary groups, the Ukrainian armed forces and even parts of the government.

As Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal discuss, reports of neo-Nazis in Ukraine are not at all exaggerated, and the Zelensky government is, in fact, largely beholden to these racist, xenophobic, anti-gay groups that brag of the “fun” they get from fighting and killing.”


Discussing Corey Feldman’s #MYTRUTHDOC (PART1)…


Date: March 05, 2022

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Not sure if you want to watch this or not…It’s fairly burdensome to set through…though, there are a few interesting tidbits, offered by the people who are known as “the wolf pack” [I think they’re called]…and at times accused of a few different things, in the “recent” Corey Feldman drama.

…There’s also some typical ignorance.

I thought I’d share…Make of it what you will.

I’m not up to writing a response…I just thought there was enough substance here, to warrant tossing it into this series.

We do want a healthy range of viewpoints, after all.