10 Must See MultiFunctional Furniture Innovations and Designs ▶ 5 !…


Date: March 13, 2021

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“Raw Links

+ Adalı Kids : https://www.adali.com.tr/​

+ Boulon Blanc : https://www.boulonblanc.com/fr/​

+ Shrinkable Sofa : https://www.facebook.com/Shrinkable-Sofa-121859121834991/

+ Okimiki 오키미키 : http://okimiki.co.kr/​

+ Sofá Mágico : https://www.facebook.com/Sof%C3%A1-M%C3%A1gico-856956164353740/

+ Oppein Home Group Inc. : https://www.oppeinhome.com/​

+ FlexibleLove Chair : https://www.stretch-design.com/​

+ iModern : https://imodern.ru/​

+ Bed Up Down : https://www.bedupdown.eu/​

+ Шкаф-Кровать-Дон : http://shkafkrovat-don.ru/”


Fighting Censorship and Talking PanQuake with Founder Suzie Dawson…

Date: March 12, 2021

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The whole “block chain” technology…thing…whatever…

I believe it was d.tube that uses this…and I opened up an account with them, not really knowing much of anything about it…just the claim that content cannot be tampered with or censored out of the system…

A few weeks later and I could not even log into the damned account…”user name not found”…Apparently, this is an actual thing with “block chain” technology…If you’re not regularly interacting with it, you get naturally purged…

…Which is insane…and made for an extremely negative experience…I meticulously noted down a bunch of stuff when opening up the account…just to run into this B.S.

I never even got to upload anything, or test it out.

It really raises concerns from me, when they talk about employing this…because it clearly needs to evolve and mature, before it’s honestly ready for use by the masses.

“Block chain” is weird and confusing…I don’t even understand the point of having an account, if you can so easily fall out of the system.

I cannot imagine most people would want to deal with this.


A lonely man with a head like a bag of money searches for human connection – Moneybag Head…

Date: March 11, 2021

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“Dennis is a lonely man, living by himself, and his only regular contact is with his overbearing mother. Dennis also has a head that looks like a bag of money, which makes him feel shy and inhibited, and also makes him the butt of many jokes.

But then Dennis goes on a date with a magazine cartoonist named Catherine, and the pair make a romantic connection. But when he finds himself the subject of a joke on a national scale, he starts to question if he’ll ever find someone to connect with at all.

Written and directed by Patrick O’Brien, this quirky romantic short has an absurdist premise, with the main character with a literal bag of money for a head, and the film finds humor in how people — including a homeless man, played by punk legend Henry Rollins — react to Dennis’s difference. But with its blend of melancholy, yearning and vulnerability, it’s also a deeply romantic film that will resonate with anyone who has felt despondent or anxious in their search for someone to love and accept them as they are.

The storytelling takes a low-key approach to its absurdist premise, incorporating it matter-of-factly into its dim, muted naturalistic cinematography. The approach and tone are not unlike the work of early Spike Jonze, which also incorporates bizarre twists on reality in ways that invite comment on societal norms and conventions. Dennis’s head allows the narrative to examine, with sometimes mordant humor and imagination, how we treat differently-abled and differently-bodied people, and how the world at large often comments on them as if they were objects of fascination and not people.

Dennis himself has a very everyman quality that feels very relatable, especially in his loneliness and desire for connection. Actor Chris Grace gives an excellent, sympathetic performance, and his ease and fluency with voice, gestures and body language more than makes up for the lack of conventional facial expressions from having his face covered as a performer. The scene when Dennis and Catherine make a connection is sweetly touching, which makes its disastrous denouement all the more understandably heartbreaking — and even dangerous — for Dennis.

But happily for Dennis and viewers invested in his story, “Moneybag Head” ends on a heartwarming note that feels genuinely earned, especially after all that Dennis has been through. Yet the sweet ending avoids feeling too saccharine because the story never shies away from how indifferent or even cruel the world can be to those who don’t quite fit in, and how debilitating it is to be judged quickly without any room for complexity. In such a context, it celebrates connection as the minor miracle that it is.

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