[New Book] Steven Angelides: The Fear of Child Sexuality – Young People, Sex, and Agency…

Date: August 19, 2019

01) The Fear of Child Sexuality – Young People, Sex, and Agency

“Continued public outcries over such issues as young models in sexually suggestive ads and intimate relationships between teachers and students speak to one of the most controversial fears of our time: the entanglement of children and sexuality. In this book, Steven Angelides confronts that fear, exploring how emotional vocabularies of anxiety, shame, and even contempt not only dominate discussions of youth sexuality but also allow adults to avoid acknowledging the sexual agency of young people. Introducing case studies and trends from Australia, the United Kingdom, and North America, he challenges assumptions on a variety of topics, including sex education, age-of-consent laws, and sexting. Angelides contends that an unwillingness to recognize children’s sexual agency results not in the protection of young people but in their marginalization.”

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“Steven Angelides is affiliated with the Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health, and Society at La Trobe University and is an honorary senior research fellow in the Department of Modern History, Politics, and International Relations at Macquarie University. He is the author of A History of Bisexuality, also published by the University of Chicago Press.”

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If you like sick jokes, maybe it’s because you’re just so smart…


Date: August 19, 2019

01) If you like sick jokes, maybe it’s because you’re just so smart

“Understanding jokes requires a certain amount of mental agility, psychologists tell us, because you need to recognise a sudden shift in meaning, or appreciate the blending of odd contexts that don’t normally go together. A new study in the journal Cognitive Processing has tested whether intelligence plays the same role in the appreciation of sick or black humour: the kind of jokes that make light of death, illness and the vulnerable. Consistent with past research linking intelligence with joke appreciation, the participants who most liked cartoons based on black humour also scored highest on verbal and non-verbal IQ.”


New Leader In 2020 Polls…

Date: August 19, 2019

01) New Leader In 2020 Polls

“Joe Biden is falling in the polls to progressive candidates.

The Iowa Starting Line-Change Research poll showed Warren with a commanding lead in the Iowa Caucus, with 28% of likely Iowa caucus-goers in the poll choosing her. This is an 11-point lead over her nearest competitors, according to Iowa Starting Line.

It is also a jump of 16% for Warren from the previous poll in May.


PRIMITIVE COOKING on the BEACH! – Catch and Cook Lobsters and Clams…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: August 19, 2019

01) PRIMITIVE COOKING on the BEACH! – Catch and Cook Lobsters and Clams

“We collect salt water clams using a shovel and then cook up our lobsters in a primitive pit covered steamed with hot rocks and seaweed.

This method of cooking is very simple, you just dig a hole, fill with hot rocks and coals, put in seaweed, whatever you want to steam, then more seaweed and cover with sand to allow to cook. We let it steam for about 30 minutes, until the lobster’s antenna popped off.

The find clams on the beach, look for a small hole made by the clam and then dig out about 6″ from the hole and down 1-2 feet. Be careful when digging that you don’t crush the shell or you will get a lot of sand inside the meat of the clam which is really bad on your teeth.

I’m not sure if this cooking is more primitive technology or bushcraft but it can be done very simply by just digging a hole and heating up hot rocks. We are digging the clams up in Maine, USA on the coast. I license to dig clams for 3 days costs around $15 and you can gather several pecks.”

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Amos Yee Vs Youth Liberation (Pedophile Activism, Conspiracy Theories etc.)…


Date: August 19, 2019

01) Amos Yee Vs Youth Liberation (Pedophile Activism, Conspiracy Theories etc.)

“Do you believe we should work with the reptilians in power?

Leon (Youth Liberation)’s Instagram:

Kino (Amos Yee)’s Blog:

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Rashida Tlaib’s INCREDIBLE Response To Israel Ban…

Date: August 18, 2019

01) Rashida Tlaib’s INCREDIBLE Response To Israel Ban

“Rashida Tlaib won’t visit Israel under “oppressive conditions.”

The move comes a day after Israel had announced it would deny entry to Tlaib and fellow congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) for a scheduled trip, citing the lawmakers’ past criticism of the country.

The decision to block their entry came shortly after a tweet from President Trump urging Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to block the House members’ visit, saying it would “show great weakness” to let them visit.


Media LOSES IT As Bernie Hits Back…

Date: August 18, 2019

01) Media LOSES IT As Bernie Hits Back

“If you’ve paid attention to the news in the last few days, you’ve probably heard about Bernie Sanders’s dangerous, scurrilous attack on the US media.

“Do you know how much Amazon paid in income taxes last year?” Sanders asked a crowd, prompting cries of “Zero!”

“I talk about it all of the time,” he continued, “and then I wonder why the Washington Post, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon, doesn’t write particularly good articles about me.”

The line instantly elicited a hurricane of denunciations from both the media and prominent Democrats. Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron dismissed it as a “conspiracy theory,” and various of the paper’s reporters chimed in to this effect, with one charging that Sanders “sounds a lot like Donald Trump.” MSNBC’s Brian Williams called it a “Trump talking point,” while Meet the Press (more specifically, its Twitter account) labeled it an attack on the free press, after assembling a panel to rubbish the remarks. One of the participants included the Center for American Progress’s Neera Tanden, who said that, at a time when Trump is attacking the press, lines like Sanders’s give Democrats a queasy stomach.