Happy 24th of July!…


Date: July 24, 2019

You know…I forgot to post something, marking the fourth of July…and the fourteenth of July also passed us by…

So, I figured I should catch the thrid, and final “fourth” of July, before the month is over.

…Makes some kind of sense to me!


MAGA Chud Kills Mafia Boss For Trump…

Date: July 24, 2019

01) MAGA Chud Kills Mafia Boss For Trump

“A QAnon WACKO shot a mob boss for Trump.

When alleged mob boss Frank Cali was brutally gunned down in Staten Island last March, people automatically assumed that it was a Mafia-related killing by a young upstart eager to advance in the Gambino crime family, or a harbinger of a coming Mafia war. That narrative was significantly complicated, however, when details emerged that Anthony Comello, the 24-year-old man accused of murdering Cali, was alleged to not have had any Mafia ties at all, but did have a relationship with Cali’s niece, of which the Mob boss apparently did not approve. Court documents filed today shed further light on Comello’s motive: that Comello may have been driven to kill Cali by his belief in QAnon, a wide-ranging conspiracy theory that alleges the existence of a deep-state conspiracy targeting President Donald Trump.


When did the Qanon mess become about targeting Donald Trump?

Prineville ‘creep catcher’ arrested…


Date: July 23, 2019

01) Prineville ‘creep catcher’ arrested

“Police arrest vigilante for alleged menacing, disorderly conduct…

Authorities are not releasing information about the arrest of Cougar Martin Joanis, who was cited on suspicion of first-degree disorderly conduct and menacing and taken to Crook County jail, according to the jail website.

Joanis, whom The Bulletin profiled last month, has been released, and the Crook County District Attorney’s Office has yet to make a charging decision in the case.”

I think my favorite part, is how the only arrest his efforts have gotten…was his own…

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Is It Wrong To Be Attracted To Children?…

…. Many of the things expressed in this Sub-Blog, I’ve addressed any number of times over the years. I don’t wish to analyze every video, etc., but I do find it valuable to share these kinds of video, etc., even if I disagree substantially with any of it…It’s important to acknowledge and embrace, that there are people out there, who are engaged in levelheaded discussion about “pedophiles”. – Steve

Date: July 23, 2019

01) HilltopKnowledge: Is It Wrong To Be Attracted To Children?

What Is The Spiritual Take On Pedophilia?:

Clarifications On Pedophilia:

Why Pedophilia Should Be Legal:

Can I Find A Wife Despite Supporting Pedophilia?:

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“How Christians Should Respond to Gay People” Is Awful Advice…


Date: July 23, 2019

01) “How Christians Should Respond to Gay People” Is Awful Advice

“Frank Turek was asked how Christians should respond to gay family members, and I took issue with his answer. Apparently, he thinks LGBT people can become straight, and if they can’t, they should be celibate. He thinks Christians should “help” family members to do this. Now, not only does the relevant scientific literature show that gay people can’t change sexual orientations, but that LGBT people are best off when their families and friends support them. I think this shows how little many Christian apologists actually care about science when it becomes problematic for them.

It turns out that his advice on LGBT issues is even worse than his “gotcha” questions for atheists.”

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FIFA Packs And Loot Boxes ‘Not Gambling’ In UK (They’re Totes Gambling Though)…


Date: July 23, 2019

01) FIFA Packs And Loot Boxes ‘Not Gambling’ In UK (They’re Totes Gambling Though)

“The UK Gambling Commission has decided loot boxes do not fall under their jurisdiction, allowing Electronic Arts’ FIFA Packs and similar predatory business models to survive in Britain.

This news isn’t particularly surprising, considering technology moves fast and the law moves slow. And while many may expect me to be livid, I’ve been getting what I want – I want the concerns around loot boxes to get serious discussion, and that’s what we’ve been getting.

The conversation is far from over, and companies like EA are far from done with having to justify their unethical and despicable behavior.”


Fantasist Carl Beech, 51, is guilty of perverting the course of justice and fraud…

About This Series

Date: July 22, 2019

01) Outrage at Britain’s ‘paedo-finder general’: Tom Watson faces calls to quit after fantasist who invented VIP child sex ring – and was championed by Labour’s deputy leader – is found GUILTY of lying

Thanks to feinmann0!

“Outrage at Britain’s ‘paedo-finder general’: Tom Watson faces calls to quit after fantasist who invented VIP child sex ring – and was championed by Labour’s deputy leader – is found GUILTY of lying

• Fantasist Carl Beech, 51, is guilty of perverting the course of justice and fraud
• Convicted of child porn charges – carried out while claiming to be abuse victim
• Metropolitan Police swallowed his lies and launched £2.5m investigation
• But none of the officers on the scandal-hit probe will face sanction, it emerges
• Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson refuses to apologise for backing Beech”

I’m not going to say “I told you so”…

…Instead, I am going to share what I find most ironic in all of this, where it comes to the angry mobs…

For a handful of years now…we’ve had countless conspiracy theorists and “pedophile hunters” who sneer at those of us MAP’s, who’ve steadfastly said this situation reeks of spectacle and incredulity…

We were told to shut up, and that our voices don’t matter…because “pedophiles cannot be trusted”…”pedophiles only lie”…”we were only trying to cover up, and excuse what Nick was exposing”…

…And yet…these exact same, mouthy fools…placed all of their completely unjustified faith…into the outlandish words of a child porn collecting pedophile…And they got behind him, as if he were their hero…their pedophile exposing messiah…

And now, their hero is going to prison…

…I guess they aren’t much of a judge in character…nor in common sense deduction.


Myths about Pedophilia…


Date: July 22, 2019

01) Myths about Pedophilia

“Everything You Need to Know about Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Abuse – click on this link: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/faq1.html

Pedophiles seem to have narcissistic and antisocial (psychopathic) traits. They lack empathy for their victims and express no remorse for their actions. They are in denial and, being pathological confabulators, they rationalize their transgressions, claiming that the children were merely being educated for their own good and, anyhow, derived great pleasure from it.

The pedophile’s ego-syntony rests on his alloplastic defenses. He generally tends to blame others (or the world or the “system”) for his misfortunes, failures, and deficiencies.

Pedophiles frequently accuse their victims of acting promiscuously, of “coming on to them”, of actively tempting, provoking, and luring (or even trapping) them.

The pedophile – similar to the autistic patient – misinterprets the child’s body language and inter-personal cues. His social communication skills are impaired and he fails to adjust information gained to the surrounding circumstances (for instance, to the kid’s age and maturity).

(From the book “Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited” by Sam Vaknin – click on this link to purchase the print book, or 16 e-books, or 3 DVDs with 16 hours of video lectures on narcissists, psychopaths, and abuse in relationships: http://www.narcissistic-abuse.com/thebook.html)”

We are being accused of being “narcissists, antisocial psychopaths and abusers”?…

…Wonderfully horrible foot to start off on…My optimism for this one, is very, very low.

I feel like I’m shirking this off, by not giving much of a response to it.

This is from 2012, hence the reference to an “upcoming DSM 5 debate on pedo-hebephilia”.

There’s a lot of stereotyping here…

…Little, to nothing, I recognize as a positive comment about pedophiles.

Near the end, there are some interesting acknowledgements on the history of pedophilia permissive sex laws…and cultures which incorporated pedophilia.

He has a heavy accent, so I find it a bit harder to stay focused and pick things out…it’s also four in the morning, right now.

I’m mostly posting this, because I’ve been setting on this post for over three years.