BLM Supporter CHALLENGES Ted Nugent…

Date: September 22, 2021

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“WMMT reported that the confrontation came during a Republican-backed Constitution Day event in Centreville.

“Aren’t there any BLM punks who want to come up and harass me?” Nugent asked the crowd.

Within moments, Jalen Brown approached the stage to challenge the singer.


Turd Nugget is all mouth and bombastic, wherever he no longer has anything to lose…wherever he believes he is beyond substantial consequence…

…Of course…he spends days crapping himself, whenever he wants to scurry away from danger.

“In a 1970s High Times article, American singer-songwriter and future conservative activist Ted Nugent stated that he took crystal meth, and urinated and defecated in his pants before his physical, in order to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War.[72] In a 1990 interview with a large Detroit newspaper, Nugent made similar statements,[74] and in 2014 Media Matters for America summarized and excerpted that interview, noting for example that before his physical Nugent was “virtually living inside pants caked with his own excrement”, meanwhile imbibing “nothing but Vienna sausages and Pepsi”.[73]”

Yes…he has retracted his claims, since then…but what is not in question, is that Ted did get at least two deferments…one to attend college [it’s questionable he actually did such, or did so to legitimately further his education]…the other for being found unfit to serve.

…The second one fits his original story.

Why was such a vibrant, energetic, gung ho individual found “unfit to serve”, when he was 18?…while he tries to put himself forward, as if he were some sort of super soldier, as a 70+ year old?

Truth is…Ted is a sheltered and protected individual…which is why he still comes off like a young person, today…He’s not been injured, or dragged down by the common life so many of the rest of us live…On the contrary…his life is privileged and pampered.

Even today…with most of his life over…you’re never going to find this loudmouth “patriot” at the front of the line [or anywhere on the field], charging in war against the enemy…

…That particular sacrifice is reserved for anyone who is not him.

Ted will meekly stay on the sidelines, hiding behind the facade of an armchair general…barking out “strategy” and excuse…and cliche “respect to the fallen and wounded”.

His whole facade is a gross disrespect, to everyone who has ever served in the military.

Ted is like Alex Jones…The only thing which allows him to show up with all his props and performance, is the wealth he’s been able to build…and the fact that he has a huge fan base.