Trump REACTS To Pelosi Calling Him “Morbidly Obese”…

Date: May 21, 2020

01) Trump REACTS To Pelosi Calling Him “Morbidly Obese”

“Pelosi is the queen of doing little substance-free shows.

Pelosi joined Anderson Cooper on CNN Monday night, hours after the president’s comments, and offered a rather direct answer.

“He’s our president and I would rather he not be taking something that has not been approved by the scientists, especially in his age group and his, shall we say, weight group — morbidly obese, they say,” Pelosi said.

“I think it’s not a good idea,” she added.



The WordPress Block Editor…


Date: May 21, 2020

They tried to push this thing on us a few years back…and now, allegedly, they are going to force it on us…by June 1st, I think the notice said?…

As far as making posts go…I don’t care, so long as they leave at least one of the following alone…the really old “classic” editor [which still works just fine]…or the primary WordPress editor…Leave them accessible and usable as they are…and I will not have a neurotic meltdown…

I have my private links set up, so I can get to either one of these good and competent editors…

As to the “block editor”…This nightmare of a monstrosity is not made for people who just want to write…or who just want to paste their completed work into the straight forward, clean and obvious text boxes, pick their categories, pick a publishing time and hit the “publish” button…

No…this piece of garbage is made for smart phone users…and tablet users, who want to endlessly fiddle around with a myriad of unclear options, and waste a whole lot of time composing a post…by dropping in “this”, “that” and “whatever”…

Worse still…this stupid “editor” doesn’t even appear to be capable of producing posts for me, anymore…as it’s constantly screwing up my HTML…I’ve spent the last hour or more, trying to find a “block” setting that behaves like the large form in the main posting form…but, to no avail…It seems there is no way to make the “block” editor behave like the trusty, simple WordPress editor which I both need, and am entirely happy with.

I compose all of my posts outside of the WordPress editor [both the good editors, and the shitty block editor]…I’ve been doing this for so many years, that I have it down to a very tight process, which rarely makes me go back and redo anything…

Normally, I just copy from original copies on my hard drive…and I paste the content directly into the main post form, and then into the title box…pick my “settings”, and press post…I can post ten or more posts, fairly quickly…because most of my posts follow a certain form…and use much the same HTML…

…And I have not only years invested in this personal system…I have insane amounts of personal work invested in it…and the prospect of having to re-figure and rework a massive ton of stuff…just to figure out how in the hell to get it to work with this piece of shit “block” editor…which I never asked for, and sure as fuck do not want any part of…

The method I have been using the last several years has been working beautifully, thank you…I don’t need you being an ass, WordPress…I don’t need you throwing this obstacle riddled piece of garbage in front of me and demanding that I figure out how to work around such a senseless pain in the ass.

This “block editor” does absolutely nothing good for me, and only represents an outrage inducing degradation to this service.

What pisses me off even more…is that this came out of nowhere…So many of us have already rejected this stupid thing…I am a fucking, paying customer on this platform…and now, when I need to edit one of my pages [web pages and websites]…I cant just click on the “edit” link at the bottom of their page anymore…because I get taken to the stupid ass “block editor”…and I’m not going to let that screw up my webpages/sites…So, now I have to hunt every single page down in page editor…so that I can click on the “classic editor” link and be taken to the editor that actually works and wont screw up my hard work…

Thanks for turning so many things into a burdensome chore…you inconsiderate shitheads.

I’ve put so fucking much work into making this blog function like a well oiled machine…

…Wordpress was pretty well perfect, the way it has functioned these last several years…This is already, exactly what I want.

Remember…the internet still functions on the back of computers…not these piddly tablets and toys, you’re so obsessed with catering too…

You cant just ignore the vast number of us who use computers, and try to force us into using software trash, that was designed for tablets and smart phones.

This is so fucking senseless and stupid of you, WordPress.

Why are you working so hard, to piss off good members of your user base?


No Good Ped Goes Unpunished…


Date: May 21, 2020

01) No Good Ped Goes Unpunished

“The Valence Issue Episode 10: No Good P?d (deed) Goes Unpunished
While honesty may set our minds and our hearts free, it socially imprisons us.

Are you sure it’s ME you need to be worrying about?

Sublimation is basically laundering one’s own desires via one’s occupation. Pedophiles do this regularly (as they should, I might add). If I may conject, a significant portion of all teachers, pediatricians, coaches, youth leaders/pastors, or anyone who regularly works with kids are pedophiles sublimating their visceral calling (as most people strive to do). You can’t round them all up and get rid of them forever. Not only is that genocide, but who do you think replaces those positions? In addition, equating pedophiles with child rapists and then saying pedophiles should never work or be around children is like equating heterosexuals with rapists and saying heterosexuals should never work or be around the opposite sex. In the Big-Pharma sponsored media when we see the anecdotal teacher getting caught with images or a sting that catches several people who are lured into meeting up via some really nefarious method “justified” by hatred, fascism and greed, the media has their /story/ to tell regardless of the truth. Let me say that again. The media has their story to tell regardless of the truth; a narrative that builds a robust strawman that captures you with pathos enough to blind you from needing logos or ethos to eat it all up, no questions asked. Specifically, there are FAR more minor attracted people in society than the media wants to reflect. The story is a meme scapegoat; a controlled variable in their scheme. Could you imagine if the msm told the truth that a significant portion of society is pedophiles!? And when I say they’re pedophiles, I’m not talking strictly about the ones who know and accept their sexual orientation, I’m including anyone and everyone who loves children, particularly those in denial about their sexual facet of loving children. If I may conject again, perhaps things are changing, but it seems there are far more people in denial and repression about their pedosexual desires than there are people who are honest with themselves about it. Those who are honest with themselves about it become the ones with the targets on their backs as those who take aim do so as a projection of their self-hatred of their own sexually repressed inclination.
I’m the open honest one and it’s ME you’re worried about being around kids!?
I could just “close up shop” and go live my life how I want with whom I want like most pedophiles do, but I guess I’m just too stupid to do that or I have a death wish doing this. Because life is worth losing and I’ll lose it quicker doing what I’m doing now talking about my truth than I would simply living my truth. I mean, I’ve already committed social suicide in this society.

BTW, Big pharma sponsors the media so they’re obligated to create and maintain the problem (trauma from discovery and negative affective feedback from people’s chronospheres being masqueraded as trauma from positive or neutral adult/child sexual interactions via heavily biased newscasts and publications) for the psychiatrists to prescribe drugs that “treat” and “cure.” This is a manufactured cycle of corporatocracy at the expense of the public and an entire marginalized people.

‘You sure it’s ME you want to worry about?

When I talk in psychological terms those are the scriptures of the religion of scientism. Scientism is a modern metaphysical metaphor just like religions are anthropomorphized metaphysical metaphors. These are the words I learned in academics. If I desired to I could give this same metaphysical message using religious, spiritual, dogmatic and/or occult terminology.

Read a few of my undergrad research papers on at the link below. READ THEM

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Trump vs. Bernie in the First Ever @midnight Presidential Debate [2016]…


Date: May 20, 2020

01) Trump vs. Bernie in the First Ever @midnight Presidential Debate

“Bernie Sanders (James Adomian) and Donald Trump (Anthony Atamanuik) debate their likeness to Jesus and launch attack ads in the @midnight presidential debate. More Trump vs. Bernie:

The closest we will ever come to Bernie Vs Trump?