Michael Brooks Died…


Date: July 20, 2020

He got his start on the Majority Report with Sam Seeder…which, in my opinion, is a model for how not to produce a media show, if you don’t want to come off like a bunch of aggressive, arm twisting, well poisoning, ideologues, who cant see past their own egos…

I left Majority Report behind years ago, because I, frankly, could not stand it anymore…

I’ve encountered Michael trash talking atheists and pedophiles at least enough times, to where I consider the guy a lousy, mouthy a-hole, to be entirely honest…

Never considered fully banishing him from my blogging activities…provided he had an interesting enough guest, or topic of discussion…

…but I seriously did not like this guy, on a gut level.

He took cheap shots at underdogs, like the “best” of them.

…I felt like he came from that wing of modern “progressive” media, which exhibits all the things wrong with “progressive” media.

Hell…screw “progressive” media…

We need respectful, open minded, communicative media…what “progressive” media often fails to be.

I’m sorry the guy died…

…but he was genuinely an arrogant jerk, from what I experienced of him.

…I don’t believe in mystical karma…but the word keeps scampering through my mind, right now…the principle of what’s been earned.

…So many people who think there are “trash” human beings in this world, who it’s “right” to disparage, are going to see in a Michael Brooks, only what they want to see.

Those who personally felt the sting of his popular bully pulpit, cant see it the same.

I just really had to type this out, right now.

I don’t want to sucker punch anyone in their time of grief…

…It’s just, being on the low rungs of society, you get sick of these sorts of people…


You just get so sick of the supposedly “good” people in media, being that way.


What Is Zoroastrianism?…


Date: July 19, 2020

01) What Is Zoroastrianism?

“What do Emperor Xerxes, Freddie Mercury, and Ireland’s richest citizen Pallonji Mistry have in common? All of them are Zoroastrians. The ancient religion of Iran. This is one of the oldest ongoing religions and altered the course of history by influencing Judaism, Christanity, Islam, and Greek philosophy.

Zoroastrianism was born in ancient Iran at least 3,500 years ago. It all began around 1500BCE give or take a few centuries with the Prophet Zarathustra or Zoroaster as the ancient Greeks called him and so English speakers do too. While we call the religion Zoroastrianism actual Zoroastrians tend to call it Mazdayasna, meaning Worshipper of Mazda.

But today it has only a fraction of the millions of followers it once had. So what is Zoroastrianism, what do Zoroastrians believe, and where do otters fit into it? Well Let’s find out.

The Avesta:

I’m happy to have stumbled upon this.

Zoroastrianism is a religion I’ve never known much of anything about, and I’ve wanted to take a closer look at it to figure out why people consider it the precursor to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


Timeline: 1980 – A Look Back at the Year 1980…


Date: July 19, 2020

01) Timeline: 1980 – A Look Back at the Year 1980

“1980. The start of the decade. It was a totally rad decade that was filled with many changes to our culture. From the rise of Ronald Reagan to the tragic ending of John Lennon, the year 1980 would see many new, cool, and totally weird changes. Weird History is taking a look back at the year 1980. Part 1 of 10 of the 1980s Timeline. “

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Reimagining Our Food System…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: July 18, 2020

01) Reimagining Our Food System

“The food system in the US is overdue for a reimagining. Reinforced by a racist economic system, industrial farmers resort to practices that maximize profits but poison both people and the land. Veteran labor activist Dolores Huerta tells Laura that addressing economic injustice is critical to creating a more just food system. More financial opportunities for small farmers, especially Latinx farmers and farmers of color, would mean more local, organic food at affordable prices. Huerta has been at the forefront of the farmworker labor movement since the 1960s. Her lessons from a lifelong career of grassroots organizing are invaluable as we look to reimagine systems of public safety, food and public health.”

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