Richard Dawkins STRIPPED of Humanist of the Year Award…


Date: May 04, 2021

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Seems to me…one of the most repugnant things people get most excited to aggressively do online…is to take peoples words and intentions, and twist them to the point that they can damage the person expressing them…

…But do they honestly know what they are talking about, when they frame another persons words “just so”, in the least charitable interpretation possible?

All the worse…we know for a fact, that many of the people who do this sort of thing are bad faith actors…who’s own integrity level comes straight out of the sewer…They, and their own words, should never be trusted at all…A lot of them are manipulators, slanderers and habitual liars…So, how can we trust them when they start accusing another person?

Looking at Richards tweet…it looks to be questioning the aggression against asking honest questions…I don’t see how it is likened, to dehumanizing trans people.

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