Tony Schwartz: The Truth About Trump [2016]…

Date: June 25, 2018

01) Tony Schwartz: The Truth About Trump – Oxford Union Q&A

“Announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination back in June 2015, Donald Trump stated “We need a leader that wrote ‘The Art of the Deal’ “. Tony Schwartz was the ghostwriter of the book Trump calls ‘his proudest achievement’. Schwartz has been vocal about his regrets in working on the piece, but, having worked intimately with Trump, provides a fascinating perspective into the personality and idiosyncrasies of the Republican nominee

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Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life…

Date: June 25, 2018

01) Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life

“Jaron Lanier, the Silicone Valley ‘computer philosopher’, thinks social media is ruining your life.

In this interview Jaron Lanier talks about Facebook, YouTube, Google and how the tech and social media giants are using algorithms to record data about their users – and how internet algorithms shape how we see the world and what we’re shown online.”

Jaron Lanier on the Future of Our Digital Lives:

Ex-CIA chief: I’m scared of America…

Date: June 25, 2018

01) Ex-CIA chief: I’m scared of America

“Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and the National Security Agency under presidents from both parties, explains why he is speaking out so passionately against the Trump administration’s practice of separating children from their families at the border.”

Anonymous Flight Attendant On Child Prison Plane Tells All…

Date: June 25, 2018

01) Anonymous Flight Attendant On Child Prison Plane Tells All

“An anonymous employee of American Airlines contacted TYT with this story.

The desperate sobbing of 10 Central American children, separated from their parents one day last week by immigration authorities at the border, makes for excruciating listening. Many of them sound like they’re crying so hard, they can barely breathe. They scream “Mami” and “Papá” over and over again, as if those are the only words they know.

The desperate sobbing of 10 Central American children, separated from their parents one day last week by immigration authorities at the border, makes for excruciating listening. Many of them sound like they’re crying so hard, they can barely breathe. They scream “Mami” and “Papá” over and over again, as if those are the only words they know.

The baritone voice of a Border Patrol agent booms above the crying. “Well, we have an orchestra here,” he jokes. “What’s missing is a conductor.”


Supreme Court Blocks Government From Spying On You…

Date: June 25, 2018

01) Supreme Court Blocks Government From Spying On You

“The Supreme Court on Friday said the government generally needs a warrant if it wants to track an individual’s location through cell phone records over an extended period of time.

The ruling is a major victory for advocates of increased privacy rights who argued more protections were needed when it comes to the government obtaining information from a third party such as a cell phone company.
The 5-4 opinion in Carpenter v. United States, was written by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the four most liberal justices.
It is a loss for the Justice Department, which had argued that an individual has diminished privacy rights when it comes to information that has been voluntarily shared with someone else.
The opinion, which was limited to cell-site location data, continues a recent trend at the court to boost privacy rights in the digital era and clarifies court precedent as it applies to data held by a third party.


BREAKING: Wages Falling Dramatically…

Date: June 25, 2018

01) BREAKING: Wages Falling Dramatically

“Trump promised a lot of winning, but the American people are losing…

The average hourly wage paid to a key group of American workers has fallen from last year when accounting for inflation, as an economy that appears strong by several measures continues to fail to create bigger paychecks, the federal government said Tuesday.

For workers in “production and nonsupervisory” positions, the value of the average paycheck has actually declined in the past year. For those workers, average “real wages” – a measure of pay that takes inflation into account – fell from $22.62 in May 2017 to $22.59 in May 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said.


SexInfo: Snuff Films…


Date: June 25, 2018

01) Snuff Films

“A snuff film is a feature film that depicts an actual murder, without the use of special effects, for entertainment or financially exploitative purposes. Snuff films rely on shock value to scare, disgust, and horrify the audience. Some snuff films exclusively feature a murder, but many also include acts of sexuality and sexual violence. Snuff films are believed to have originated as part of the early pornography industry; over time they have become more integrated with the rest of the film industry. Though many snuff films do exist, there has never been conclusive evidence that any of them are authentic and use more than special effects and editing to depict the killing on screen.”


If you’re interested in watching or archiving the Mirjam Heine TEDx video that got censored, here it is…

Date: June 23, 2018

I don’t even especially like videos, with this kind of a message…They come off as having a sort of back handed message…Not at all, the direction we should be moving in…But, I respect the courage it took her, to even just get on stage and do what she did…And in the face of public censorship, this video has become a matter of archiving [and sharing] interest.

…It should be preserved and shared, even if only for the fact that hostile aggressors are trying to censor it.

TEDx Pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation Mirjam Heine University of Würzburg

If you’re interested in watching or archiving the Mirjam Heine TEDx video that got censored, it’s located at the link below.

I don’t recommend reading the comments…as they overwhelmingly appear to come from people who either cannot understand English, or people who watched an entirely different video…

…or people who just want to ascribe things to this video, which clearly are not even present within the video.

I don’t see the fuss, for the mainstream public…It absolutely caters to them, and their social model…

…”get the pedophile identified, subordinate to a handler and drugged.”…

…That’s what I got out of it…

…You’d think they’d be cheering.

…Sorry if I sound a bit snippy, on that summary…

…I’m way to many decades past the point, of finding groveling to society for the privilege of being it’s drugged up, chained, “sub-human” bitch, palatable…at all…

No…No…That will not do!

An Alarming Share of Americans Think Women Are Making False #MeToo Claims…

Date: June 23, 2018

01) An Alarming Share of Americans Think Women Are Making False #MeToo Claims

“The #MeToo movement is now an undeniable force in American culture—but a new poll is a reminder that not everyone thinks it’s entirely a force for good.

According to a new poll of 6,251 adults released by the Pew Research Center on Wednesday, 31% of respondents say that women making false claims about being sexually harassed or assaulted is a major problem in today’s workplace. Another 45% think baseless allegations are a minor problem.

Interestingly, there’s no gender divide among those who believe that false reports are a major problem: that 31% of respondents is split equally between men and women. There is, however, a partisan split: Republican or Republican-leaning responders were more likely to identify the issue as problem (34%) than Democrats or Democrat-leaning (29%).

Along the same lines, 34% of poll takers told Pew that employers firing accused men before finding out all the facts is a major issue (39% called it a minor problem).”

I’d like to float an idea here…

…Maybe, a lot of this public rejection of the “#metoo” type stuff, is backlash for the deplorable manner in which male sexuality has been trashed, dehumanized, degraded and dismissed, over the past few decades?

…Maybe it’s a backlash, to the venomous hostility and inhumanity, shown towards those who aspire towards a world of happy, sexual freedom and expression?…

…Maybe…just maybe…people are sick to death of getting the extremely short end of the stick, while being relentlessly clobbered over the head with other people’s self perceived “endless victimhood”?…

…Maybe…we who have done no harm to others, are done being the targeted whipping boys, of these self appointed “victim lords”?…

A ton of this, in reality…is just the product of nasty abusive people who call themselves “victim”, being told to Stuff It!…when they come rooting and prowling around, looking for another target to maul.

What needs to happen…is that these people [of either sex] who think it’s okay to use the legal system, or the public media, to harm another person [“get revenge” or whatever] with serious false allegations, need to face legal and social consequences for their treachery.

In addition…given the insanely loose standards by which certain people judge themselves to have been “violated”…the “#metoo” spectacle is playing out more like a warped joke, than anything I’m inclined to take serious.

It’s coming off more like an underhanded, social power grab.

People get victimized, yes…

…That doesn’t mean that putting every conceivable action under a microscope, and hyper analyzing it with intent to find “a violation”, is going to be a productive or good manner of approaching the world.

Sane, fair minded and respectful people, do not think or act that way!

Astonishingly…so many humans have forgotten how to allow other humans to be…human

Elizabeth Letourneau, Ph.D.: Victims of Sexual Abuse Face a Lifetime of Costly Problems…

Date: June 23, 2018

01) Victims of Sexual Abuse Face a Lifetime of Costly Problems

“Why are these costs so high? I don’t think most people realize just how many children and adults are victims of child sexual abuse. Based on federal reporting data, tens of thousands of children are exposed to child sexual abuse each year.

Children who experience sexual abuse are at increased risk for problems across their lifetimes, including mental health issues like PTSD and depression; chronic physical health problems like diabetes, heart disease and an increased risk for acquiring HIV, and social problems including involvement in crime. Girls exposed to child sexual abuse also have substantially lower lifetime earnings than girls not similarly exposed. These costs quickly add up.

For women (who composed 75 percent of the reported cases of child sexual abuse survivors we used for this study), we estimated an individual lifetime cost of approximately $283,000. Lifetime costs for men in the study were lower because the economic impact of child sexual abuse on male victims is sorely under-researched.”

02) One Year’s Losses for Child Sexual Abuse in U.S. Top $9 Billion, New Study Suggests

“A new study at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that the annual economic impact of child sexual abuse in the U.S. is far-reaching and costly: In 2015, the total economic burden was approximately $9.3 billion and includes costs associated with health care, child welfare, special education, violence and crime, suicide and survivor productivity losses.

The study, published in the May 2018 edition of the journal Child Abuse and Neglect, used data from the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System to gather a full census of all child sexual abuse cases reported to child protective agencies across the U.S. In addition to estimating the 2015 annual cost, the researchers calculated the average lifetime cost per victim based on specific categories such as health care, child welfare, etc. These costs were tied to the incremental effects of child sexual abuse, over and above what the cost would be to someone who wasn’t a victim of child sexual abuse. All costs were estimated in U.S. dollars and adjusted to the reference year 2015 using the gross domestic product deflator.

The highest costs for women and men affected by child sexual abuse – more than $1,000,000 in estimated losses – were associated with the rare cases of fatal child sexual abuse. In 2015, the majority of child sexual abuse survivors were female, 75 percent versus 25 percent male survivors of 40,387 total cases reported in the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System. Nonfatal child sexual abuse was associated with nearly $283,000 in costs over the lifetime of each female survivor. Lifetime costs for male survivors were lower, most likely because the economic impact of child sexual abuse on male survivors is underresearched.”

Of course…given the collectors and compilers of the data…this is guaranteed to be biased…and distorted…

Did they make any attempts at distinction, between children who were legitimately brutalized, and the happy kids who were merely snagged into the system, by dumb luck?…and as further consequence, have been forced into unnecessary expenses by the system?…

Of course…they’d never imagine forgetting the inclusion, of the potential “one million dollar lifetime earnings”, of children who’ve been murdered, or man-slaughtered by fatal injury…Though I’d argue, in this modern economy…using an antiquated standard like that, can only lead to gross over inflation of the total…

Your average child’s lifetime earning potential, is likely far below one million dollars…So much of the country [USA…as well as the UK] is living in poverty, incase anybody has failed to notice…The “recovery” has been a fraud. In this economy…children cannot even expect to earn half as much as their parents did.

It should also be noted, that these kinds of studies are notorious for collecting [and gratuitously piling on] all “negative symptoms” reported by “abuse victims”, without caring to take into consideration a myriad of other life experiences which might be the true cause.

“Sex abuse” [and “pedophiles”] end up being a convenient dumping ground, for this sort of blame…even when it is unwarranted.

This is the primary reason why I don’t like these kinds of studies.

They usually just take for granted, that “sexual touch before a certain age [regardless it’s nature], is a bottomless pit of ill consequences and trauma”…and then move forward from this grossly faulty starting point.

…That, alone, renders them little more than propaganda.