The challenges facing atheists in the U.S…


Date: May 02, 2018

01) The challenges facing atheists in the U.S.

“Fifty-three percent of Americans say they’d be less likely to support an atheist for president, and almost half say they’d be unhappy if a family member married an atheist. Mo Rocca reports on the many consequences that those who come out as non-believers suffer in a nation founded on religious tolerance.”

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Transparent Aluminum – Star Trek Technology is now Real…


Date: May 02, 2018

01) Transparent Aluminum – Star Trek Technology is now Real

“ALON – Transparent Aluminum – is a ceramic composed of Aluminium, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Transparent Aluminum, was once pure science fiction, a technical term used in a Star Trek Movie from the 80’s.

In the movie Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home, Captain Kirk and his team, go back in time to acquire 2 whales from the past and transport them back to the future. Scotty needed some materials to make a holding tank for whales on his ship, but had no money to pay for the materials,

So Scotty uses his knowledge of 23 third century technology and the manufacturers computer and programs in, how to make the Transparent Aluminum Molecule.

Transparent Aluminum or Aluminum Oxynitride, also known as ALON, is much stronger than Standard Glass and over time will become cheaper to make, but until then will most likely be used for NASA & the Military.

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Father Of Slain Sandy Hook First-Grader: Alex Jones Must Come Clean On His Lies…

Date: May 01, 2018

01) Father Of Slain Sandy Hook First-Grader: Alex Jones Must Come Clean On His Lies

“Megyn Kelly TODAY welcomes Neil Heslin, father of a first-grader slain in the Sandy Hood massacre, for his first interview since filing a defamation lawsuit against Infowars radio host Alex Jones, who alleges the mass shooting was a hoax. Heslin and his attorney say they want Jones “to come clean on his lies.”

Alex Jones…aside from being an abominable human being…is also one of the worst threats to free speech on the internet…because he is blazing a trail to case law, which is going to have a chilling effect on internet speech…

…Does anyone imagine this isn’t going to be exploited to the max, by established media corporations?

…You think the crack down, the “adpocolypse”, Facebook/Twitter on the rag, and whatever else, is as bad as it gets?…

It’s these idiots who wont stop pushing the envelope [even when there is no excuse, for them not to know better]…who think “free speech” is the banner that will save them from liability…

…They are exactly the ones, who are going to screw things up for everybody…

I hope the pompous people that were snickering and sneering, while I was talking [on Twitter] about the online vigilantes who’ve been brought before a court of law, are watching this unfold.

For many of these horses asses…Alex Jones is a hero to them.

They’ll probably be getting a wake up call, in the near future.

Oh…and by the way…I could provide a small list of several online terrorists, who’ve spent years harassing and tormenting MAPs and SOR registrants, who found themselves brought before a court because of their actions…and prosecuted…It absolutely does happen…Just not nearly often enough…

…They are smalltime names…but, they got taken down by the law, and others who stood up against their predatory terrorism.

Porn: All you need to know about the UK’s porn block for under 18s…

Date: May 01, 2018

01) Porn: All you need to know about the UK’s porn block for under 18s

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“You’re soon going to have to prove you’re 18 or over if you want to watch porn online.

It could mean handing over your email address or even credit card details to verify your age.

This is because the government is going to make it a legal requirement for all porn sites to introduce age-verification software.

It claims the change in the law is to protect children.

But there’s confusion as to how it’ll be enforced, fears it could threaten users’ privacy and doubts as to whether it’ll even work.

There are some that feel allowing one company to sign up 25m British porn viewers to its sites is an accident waiting to happen.

Pandora Blake who sits on the Advisory Council of the Open Rights Group says: “It’s going to be the most hackable list of what people like to look at ever.

“Do you remember the Ashley Madison case and people killed themselves. I don’t think it’s outrageous to fear that’s what we could be looking at here, an actual loss of life.”

In 2016, the names of almost 800,000 registered users of MindGeek’s Brazzers site were exposed in a data breach.

The changes can be traced back to a speech former prime minister David Cameron made to the NSPCC in 2013.

His aim was to better protect children from adult content online.

The NSPCC claims nearly two-thirds of 15-16-year-olds have seen pornography, while Childline claim they’ve delivered more than 2,000 counselling sessions in the past three years about online porn.

“Too many young people and children are coming across porn by accident and that is completely unacceptable,” says government minister for online safety Margot James.”

This all literally translates into a matter of moral outrage…leading into insane stupidity.

No sane mind arrives at the conclusion, that draconian laws [and punishments] are needed to address teens accidentally stumbling across porn…

…And how much of this “accidental stumbling”, is truly accidental?

Oh dear!…

…Something between the legs got licked, sucked or put somewhere…and a young, sexual being saw it?!…

…Somebody call an exorcist!…and an ambulance!!…

We used to look at my uncles substantial porn collection as kids…not a lot…but enough…

There used to be a day, when this was considered natural and normal.

The morally outraged don’t much like the natural and normal, in my experience.

It’s telling that they don’t take into account, people could die from this…But, since the possible loss of life is suffered by “the perverts”…it’s likely considered a plus, in the eyes of these zealots.

EXCLUSIVE – Corey Feldman Receives Apology From Bobby Wolfe – New Evidence Surfaces…

Date: May 01, 2018

01) EXCLUSIVE – Corey Feldman Receives Apology From Bobby Wolfe – New Evidence Surfaces

“New evidence comes to light regarding the attack on Corey Feldman. Mr. Wolfe apologizies for doubting Mr. Feldman.