Another Mellisa Infomercial…

Date: August 14, 2017


She doesn’t believe you can be in high government or Hollywood, without being vetted by involvement in pedophilia…

Where does this level of fixation on the pedophilia caricature, even come from?

..She believes…She believes…She believes…

It’s telling, how it always comes back to her feelings, and inability to believe any other possibility.

Note that she has been blocked by The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Only on the internet do you find these self proclaimed “child protection champions”…who are so insane, that even the agencies set up to address child protection refuse to associate with them…let alone communicate with them.

…And she, along with other allies of hers, have taken aim at them…

…As if the NCMEC didn’t have solid justification, when they discovered she’s a wingnut zealot, who could only waist their time on ignorant nonsense.

Her fanciful notions that the NCMEC is responsible for policing all child porn on the internet, only attests to her ignorant, charmed life…a life that’s led to uninformed, infantile views of the world, lacking intelligent nuance.

…People are sustaining insane prison sentences all the time, over child porn…but, “nobody cares about the kids”?…

She grew up in the 80’s satanic pedophile panic…and internalized it…

Did she ever have exposure to anything else, other than what she was fed?…Because if not…that’s where these psychologically, emotionally stunted people come from…They never grow past their infantile beliefs.

…The McMartin Preschool…Yeah, that was debunked…quite thoroughly…

It’s sad how often you have to educate people about this.

She “wants everyone to be happy”…and to “help everyone she can”…But she plots to destroy this very blog…A human rights resource, and a foundation of my own life’s work…Because truth and reality offend her so.

…How does that work?…”Oh well, let’s just steal the happiness and decades running, meaning in life from Steve Diamond [a disabled vet, who has no other options to impact this world for the better], because we think he doesn’t deserve to be a human rights activist”?…

I agree about standing up for the kids…But I stand up for them as full human beings…Not as some kind of exploited tool, to advance my own totalitarian moral agenda…I stand up for kids, in the way that truly matters.

She has this sort of clueless grin…along with her shifty, crazy wide eyes…bobbing head…There’s always something about people like her, that bothers me…like they’re not all there…They’re living in this kind of fantasy delusion…And you can pick this up, even from just their mannerisms.

“Mainstream media isn’t exposing what’s going on”?…The mainstream media has spent decades, flooded with this type of thing…Do you imagine they could cover every accusation, that comes up in any given day?…How much time do you imagine any typical media production company has, to dedicate to this specific issue?…Most will give a short blip to it, and then move on to one of the many other social categories they regularly cover…

She’s taking something, and spinning it into something it honestly is not.

Even presuming they could start a channel, where nothing but “child molestation” and “child porn” are reported on…nobody in their right mind is ever going to do this, because it’s too much of a psychological drain on the audience…even if the effect is mostly derived, from their preconceived notions on those topics. Most people will eventually tune into something else, because they realize the unhealthy toll it is taking on them…Others will become obsessed, and it will literally consume them…The channel wont be profitable…and those who do watch it religiously, will become dangerously indoctrinated and radicalized.

…There is a lot to be said for not forcing this in front of everybody, all the time…While we are saturated by it…the media companies still do some type of managing of it…I’m pretty certain, there’s an intent behind the method.

Okay…I’ve had enough of this…Go watch the train wreck if you want…

…She just continues in typical form…Nothing impressive…An “interview” that isn’t merely soft…it’s silky smooth, in catering to her ego…and mythos…

With half an hour left…I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot of juicy stuff, to give intelligent, sane comment on.

In reality…running circles around people like this, is quite taxing…I can’t take this level of insane stupid, for long periods of time…I’m sophisticated enough, to where I need deeply intellectual stimulation, to keep me engaged…It’s torturous being on this treadmill…endlessly correcting people like her…over such mundane, simplistic reality.

Dem Establishment Trots Out Usual Smear Tactics in Kamala Harris Vs. Bernie Sanders Debate…

Date: August 13, 2017

01) Dem Establishment Trots Out Usual Smear Tactics in Kamala Harris Vs. Bernie Sanders Debate

“Over the last few weeks, the civil war on the left has continued because the Democratic Party’s donors are attempting to anoint Kamala Harris as the Party’s 2020 presidential nominee; and behind the scenes, those within Obama’s inner circle are trying to push Deval Patrick to run for president. The progressives that have dared to express skepticism with these candidates have been lambasted, once again, as racist/sexist Berniebros. However, progressives are pushing back against these baseless accusations.

Why Leftists Don’t Trust Harris, Booker, and Patrick:

Progressives Discuss Harris and Sanders in 2020 (Full Clip):

Conservatives Lose Their Minds Over a Gay Cartoon…

Date: August 12, 2017

01) Conservatives Lose Their Minds Over a Gay Cartoon

“Two students from the Ringling College of Art completed a 4-minute animated short that starred gay characters. After their project went viral, triggered conservatives quickly vocalized how offended they were, accusing members of the LGBT community of trying to “recruit” children into homosexuality. In this segment we provide you with examples of their outrage and laugh at these right-wing SJWs.


Universe: Beyond the Big Bang…


Date: August 12, 2017

01) Universe – Beyond the Big Bang

“The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological model for the universe from the earliest known periods through its subsequent large-scale evolution. The model describes how the universe expanded from a very high density and high-temperature state and offers a comprehensive explanation for a broad range of phenomena, including the abundance of light elements, the cosmic microwave background (CMB), large scale structure and Hubble’s Law. If the known laws of physics are extrapolated to the highest density regime, the result is a singularity which is typically associated with the Big Bang. Detailed measurements of the expansion rate of the universe place this moment at approximately 13.8 billion years ago, which is thus considered the age of the universe. After the initial expansion, the universe cooled sufficiently to allow the formation of subatomic particles and later simple atoms. Giant clouds of these primordial elements later coalesced through gravity in halos of dark matter, eventually forming the stars and galaxies visible today.”


Resomation: Would a green cremation be your funeral wish?…


Date: August 12, 2017

01) Resomation: Would a green cremation be your funeral wish?

“When poet Jeanette Pickersgill became the first British person to be legally cremated in 1885, it probably seemed unimaginable something so revolutionary would eclipse burial to become the funeral wish of three quarters of us today.

So could flameless ‘green cremation’ be the next big thing? Planners have given the go-ahead for a Resomation unit to be installed at Rowley Regis crematorium in the West Midlands, which could see the UK’s first water cremation take place by the end of 2017.

Also known as alkaline hydrolysis, Resomation is an alternative cremation process which speeds up the way our bodies return to nature when they are buried. Under the earth, a similar hydrolysis process can take years, but with the appliance of science, very hot water and five per cent potassium hydroxide – a compound used in soap and shampoo – a water cremation takes around four hours.

In the United States, more than two and a half thousand green cremations have already taken place, since a company based in Glasgow – and with a factory in Leeds – introduced its revolutionary technology there.”

This is fascinating. I love water, and always liked the idea of being buried at sea…But since that’s not very likely to happen, maybe this is a wet alternative?


Campaigning For Convictions…

Date: August 11, 2017

01) Campaigning For Convictions

“Sources [Raw Links]:
Guardian article:
AHRC Report:
Vic Report:
Bettina Arndt 1:
Bettina Arndt 2:
Reece 1:
Reece 2:
Ken Arenson:

Five Easy Steps Towards Safeguarding Your Internet Presence Against 1984 Style Censorship…

Date: August 11, 2017

01) Five Easy Steps Towards Safeguarding Your Internet Presence Against 1984 Style Censorship

“1. Get Pale Moon as a browser.
2. Use protonmail.
3. Upload all your content to other video sites. You can use keepvid to redownload them all. Vidme, Bitchute, Steemit, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are all decent.
4. Use, the free speech twitter.
5. Turn off adsense entirely and use Hatreon or bitcoin for crowdfunding.

One caveat… is not a free speech forum…despite what various YouTubers are claiming.

For the Record: Heart Progress, Mellisa, Etc…


Date: August 11, 2017

01) Traffick Report with John Taylor & Howie – How did we get HERE? Pt 1, guest Honeybee 8-9-2017

Since Mellisa wont stop dropping the name of this blog [Our Love Frontier], in various hatchet pieces she partakes in…I have every right to make response to this sort of thing.


This is completely trivial, and it would not matter any way it was perceived…But I’d been around online, probably a good eight years or more, before B4u-ACT ever materialized.

It probably didn’t make much of an impact…but I bucked the majority, in the circles I come from, and gave my support and endorsement to B4U-ACT, as a well established member of the MAP community, in hope of aiding B4U-ACT’s launch and future stability.

This was not a popular stance…but it was a principled stance.

I am not emboldened by the existence of B4U-ACT…I was out here long before them…I’ve been out here all along…It would not matter, if B4U-ACT existed, or not…I would still be here…What I’ve built would still exist.


I’ve already discussed this…But in early 2017, I chose to share a few things coming out of the new group Heart Progress…A snake or two pounced on this, and tried to hijack it, spinning things to make it sound like I was associated with Heart Progress…

…Maybe these people don’t know what a blog is, or how bloggers typically work…but, sharing does not equate with alliance, or even endorsement…

Then things turned into a mess, regarding Heart Progress…leaving most of us established MAPs wondering who, if anyone, could be trusted in Heart Progress…I ceased sharing their content, quickly…after several months, I washed my hands of the whole matter [feeling somewhat burnt by the whole fiasco]…

…But there are still people, like Mellisa, habitually grouping Our Love Frontier [aka, myself] in with Heart Progress [and the retarded stupidity of “pizzagate”]…

If Heart Progress gets itself together, and establishes that it is a true presence with integrity in the MAP community [they seem to be taking steps towards this, and I’ll watch cautiously]…I have no qualms about sharing their content, commenting on it…maybe even engaging in dialogue with them…But as things stand, there exists no connection between Our Love Frontier [aka, myself], Heart Progress, nor “pizzagate”, or it’s slack jawed, idiot cousin “pedogate”…

…the later two, which were pulled entirely from the behinds of “Truthers”…Seemingly, so that they have something [anything] with which to throw mud at MAPs…They just start associating things, which are not factually associated…and they start reaffirming it, by constantly talking about it, as if it were fact…

…They are engaged in a sort of social mind control project…I hope that much is clear, to the more intelligent onlookers.

The more people hear things, the more they tend to believe it…even if it is a lie…And they are exploiting this, to no end.

…These people in the “Truther” media circuit even have the dimwitted brazenness, to congratulate Mellisa, and heap undeserved accolades upon her [as though she were some kind of genius, super sleuth]…when utterly nothing she has done, has been even remotely impressive…when she has already been exposed, for the clueless boob she is…and when anyone can see, she’s doing nothing more than uncovering a few bits and pieces of information, and then making up her own personal narrative on “what is obviously going on”…

…I am confident this woman is a sociopath, based on various things I’ve seen coming from her…and she’s basking in the power tripping, and celebrity, that these “Truthers” are elevating her too…She knows nobody who wants her as their figurehead will make her substantiate anything she says…So, she is just lying…And the “Truthers” are happy with this.

If they had any integrity…Mellisa would be an embarrassment to them…As would be the case, with any sane group of people.

This is a person of extremely bad character…who’s quality of morals and ethics, resides down in the sewer.


You should go watch the tripe these “Truthers” are putting out…as an actual demographic…

…If nothing else, it will give you an education, on how manipulative, dishonest and out of touch with sanity, these people are.

There is something extremely wrong going on with them.