Date: October 06, 2017

01) PHANTASM Movie Franchise Retrospective – Forever Horror Month Review

“RavensFilm Productions presents the Forever Cinematic “Phantasm” movie franchise retrospective. Starring Angus Scrimm, A. Michael Baldwin, Bill Thornbury, Reggie Bannister, James LeGros. Written & Directed by Don Coscarelli. Review by Nick Michalak.”

Phantasm V: Ravager Review:

Connecting the PHANTASM Universe + Origin of the Tall Man:

I love this series…

There needs to be more…because there is so much more left to explain.

Ravager simply pulls the story forward…It doesn’t really tie up many loose ends.

It felt like it was supposed to be [at least some version of] the fifth installment…But it doesn’t feel like it was intended to be the end.

One of the biggest problems with this series, is that it never honestly broke through…and making sequels was a constant fight [after the second one]…

…I think, Don simply gave up the fight…and put out there what he had left…calling it “the end”.

…It sort of can be…but it’s not a satisfying end…not for this series.

That being said…Ravager is not a movie to miss, if you’re a fan of the series.


DEVOTION TO RIDICULE? Lawrence Krauss, Theoretical Physicist…

Date: October 05, 2017

01) DEVOTION TO RIDICULE? Lawrence Krauss, Theoretical Physicist

“The election of Donald Trump has polarised the American society on many levels, including in its attitudes to intellect and science. Trump’s supporters see him as a shrewd and smart deal breaker, the salt of the earth, while his critics describe him as the ultimate ignoramus worthy of nothing but contempt. Is there any middle ground between the two? To discuss this, Oksana is joined by Lawrence Krauss, Theoretical Physicist and Cosmologist.

The interview was held at the Moscow Geek Picnic 2017

USA Votes Against Banning Gay Death Penalty…

Date: October 05, 2017

01) USA Votes Against Banning Gay Death Penalty

“A United Nations resolution banning the death penalty for homosexuality was opposed by a total of 13 countries in the U.N. Human Rights Council. While several were in Africa and the Middle East, the U.S. surprisingly voted against the measure, as well.

This is not surprising…

…This exact same thing was going on at the U.N., a nunber of years back…The only difference, is that the resolution failed to pass at the time.

Album: Possessed By The Treble – The Halloween Album…


Date: October 05, 2017

Possessed By The Treble: The Halloween Album [72:30]

01) Deep Red

02) Contrived

03) Benidictus

04) Darth Vader

05) Cemetary

06) Descent

07) TerrorTrance

08) Anvil of Crom

09) Curse

10) Disney Haunted Mansion

11) The Horror

12) Night On Bald Mountain

13) Creeping Death

14) Vincent

15) Tower

16) Entity

17) Could It Be Majic?

18) Lothlor

19) Creep

20) Creation

21) Black

22) Das Boot Epitaph

23) Albinoni Adagio

Happy October!

Whew!…I didn’t even know this album was going to happen, especially not this year…Then things just fell into place. A few tracks probably could have been a little better…Not all tracks are Halloween related, either…but, over all, this is a good album…It fits the season.

I’ve wanted to do a Halloween album for years.

…I hope you find it enjoyable.

Video Exhibition:


12 Creepy Tales by Edgar Allan Poe…


Date: October 05, 2017

01) Librivox: 12 Creepy Tales by Edgar Allan Poe

“LibriVox recording of 12 CREEPY TALES BY EDGAR ALLAN POE(1809 – 1849)

This is a collection of 12 creepy stories by that master of creepiness, Poe. The Black Cat; The Fall of the House of Usher, The Raven; The Tell Tale Heart, The Masque of the Red Death, the Premature Burial and six others that are a shuddering delight to read and listen to. Turn off the lights, settle down and hear these stories read to you as only LibriVox readers can perform them. (Summary by Phil Chenevert)”


Get rid of the registry…

Date: October 05, 2017

01) Get rid of the registry

“There’s nothing I can say about the tragedy in Las Vegas, except this: some version of that will happen in Michigan, probably sooner rather than later.

The politicians are either in the pay of the gun lobby fanatics or resigned to the fact that they can’t possibly overcome them, so nothing will change.

Nothing, that is, unless and until people somehow demand that democracy and sanity be restored. So far, they haven’t, and the senseless killing will go on.

But there is something we do have an opportunity to change: Our stupid and morally offensive sex offender registry. Last year, the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals correctly struck down major sections of it, such as its clearly unconstitutional adding restrictions retroactively, such as banning convicted sex offenders from working within a thousand feet of a school.

First of all, I don’t know how, under our Constitution, you can go on punishing people who have served their sentence, no matter what the crime. That’s what they did in the old Soviet Union.


Here’s how you fix it: Get rid of it.”

Go listen to this.

It’s time people finally started speaking sensibly and with sanity, about this issue.

Youtube Begins Blocking Patreon Links Embedded on Videos for Non-Partners…

Date: October 04, 2017

01) Youtube Begins Blocking Patreon Links Embedded on Videos for Non-Partners

“99% of the creators aren’t able to monetize most of their content so isn’t this a huge mistake?:

My only real hope for YouTube, was to have it as a free media streaming service for my blog [or other website].

As the years have gone by…beyond the ugly sting of bigoted discrimination…there has arisen a wide range of hoops, you have to jump through…Some of them are more insane, than others…

I don’t know that there ever was a day, when you could just upload content and be left alone, in relative peace…I mean, clearly, this has not been the case for us MAPs…

But that is simply what I wanted out of YouTube…To live up to what it claimed to be…and to allow me to be part of the YouTube community, as an open MAP.

There are ugly reasons why my videos hosted on YouTube are so few, and are so rare…as well as vague…

…I’ve never even contemplated making financial profit off of my media…Not specifically because of what’s going on with YouTube…But because I think my media is worth publishing, just for the sake of having live MAP voices out there…

The mounting obstacles YouTube keeps creating, just further makes it clear…Looking for financial profit in this realm, is the dead wrong motive.

The Cremation of Sam McGee…


Date: October 04, 2017

01) The Cremation of Sam McGee

“A reading of the poem by Robert W. Service (Jan. 16, 1874 – Sept. 11, 1958).

Most people reading this poem treat it as lightweight fare, a funny parody of a horror story. Service probably intended it that way.

But for my own amusement, and as a gesture towards Halloween, I’ve attempted to reinterpret the poem as genuine horror. It wasn’t easy! The climactic stanza is hilarious, not scary. I’ll rely on you folks to tell me if I succeeded.”


Dr. Marty Klein: Is Fear of Social Media Rage Censoring Your Sexuality?…

Date: October 04, 2017

01) Is Fear of Social Media Rage Censoring Your Sexuality?

“Government, religion, and the media are still major obstacles to healthy sexual expression. But now social media and an extraordinary meanness in public discourse has led to a dangerous self-censorship. People loudly criticize things they haven’t actually read, lying about them across cyberspace. The words “I disagree” have been replaced with forceful insults (“misogynist,” “rape apologist”), attempts to get people censured or fired (Laura Kipnis, John McAdams, Trent Bertrand), and violent action to prevent people from speaking in public.

As a lifelong “liberal” it breaks my heart to say this, but more of us need to: “liberals” and “progressives” are making it harder and harder to write about things that matter. While I want my writing and speaking to have an impact, I don’t want to risk aggressive pickets and physical threats just for the privilege of expressing myself. I’ve (warily) lectured in Communist Vietnam, mainland China, and the old Soviet Union; it shouldn’t be scary like that here in the U.S.”

It’s one of the oldest social wars that wont go away…It’s plagued us as a species…

The dirty little secret is…if they can control your sexuality…they can control you.

One of the primary reasons why those of us who continue to fight back get so much venom, murder threats, and the like…is because we are no longer fully controlled by them…

…We refuse, and deny, their purported authority.

…We identify them, for the aggressors and terrorists they factually are.

People like that, don’t like having a spotlight shown back on themselves.

When the masses can clearly see the many faults of these aggressors…it takes away the illusion, that these aggressors possess the moral high ground.

…It exposes their own morally bankrupt beliefs, practices and agendas…

…It makes it harder for the terrorists, when everybody else can see them for what they are.