Our Boy of Perpetual Joy Sanctuary

Date: May 26, 2020

01) Privilege

“According to the Theory of Privilege, everybody is born into different circumstances. And those circumstances make certain outcomes in life more likely relative to those born into different circumstances. Circumstances that render a higher likelihood of a fulfilling life are what’s labeled ‘Privileges.’

The Argument: This is a theory, nevertheless, a fair observation. Certain characteristics make certain outcomes more likely. However, many of the characteristics labeled ‘Privileges’ are conditional and many of them can be earned (if not already inherited). This is an abstract argument and should not be used to justify any assumptions about an individual.”


New Polling Shows Trump At HISTORIC Low…

Date: May 26, 2020

01) New Polling Shows Trump At HISTORIC Low

“Joe Biden opens up a big lead on Trump in a national poll.

Joe Biden has an 11 point lead over Donald Trump nationally, according to new numbers from Quinnipiac. The panel discusses.



Unforgiven: The Boys Who Killed A Child (Jamie Bulger Documentary)…


Date: May 24, 2020

01) Unforgiven: The Boys Who Killed A Child (Jamie Bulger Documentary)

“This powerful and disturbing documentary covers the outcry approaching the release of Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, the two 10 year old boys who killed 2 year-old James Bulger in 1993. Re-telling the tragedy, the film presents the protests against their release from an institution, delves into the backgrounds of the killers, their terrible violent act and the impact it caused in UK. It also explores claims that their punishment has been a sham, as reporter Deborah Davies investigates how inmates at secure units are treated and interviews experts to learn whether eight years has been sufficient time to successfully rehabilitate the pair.”