The Walking Dead: Carl’s Going to Die…

Date: January 19, 2018

01) Andrew Lincoln Says “All Bets Are Off” After Carl’s Death

“The Walking Dead has always been notorious for killing off major characters. Although the deaths of Glenn, Hershel, and Abraham were shocking, fans have always assumed the main main cast like Rick, Michonne, and Carl were safe. But when it was revealed that Carl would die in the show (more specifically during The Mid-Season Premiere on February 25th), everyone’s plot armor seemed to vanish.”

I’m not sure what everyone is so shocked over, as Chandler did get accepted into a university last year…The writing was on the wall, that he would be getting written out of the show, so long as the show was to continue…

I guess, it makes most sense to kill off the Carl character…

…But this is going to suck…because it’s Carl.

Yes…there’s plenty else going on, without him…but, seriously…I’ve enjoyed watching Chandler all these years…even when his relevance to the plot was low…

The show wont be the same without him.

Hopefully…we will get a new, young, cute boy, who sticks around for several seasons.

NOprah 2020: The New Age Nonsense of Oprah Winfrey (TTA Podcast 366)…


Date: January 19, 2018

01) NOprah 2020: The New Age Nonsense of Oprah Winfrey (TTA Podcast 366)

“After her inspiring Golden Globes speech, Oprah Winfrey has been touted as presidential material. But does her track record reveal someone rooted in science, evidence, and worthy ideas? Seth Andrews explains why Oprah’s admirable success story doesn’t translate to the U.S. Presidency.”

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A Silent Truth – complete short film…

Date: January 18, 2018

01) A Silent Truth – complete short film

“Short Film: 42 minutes. On his 14th birthday, Ian Foster (Daniel Sovich) reaches a critical point in his life where he realizes that he can no longer withstand the burden of his self-denial that he is gay. But he feels he can not come out to his mother, Linda (Kimberly J. Mahoney), who has strong views against the gay community and takes great pride in believing that her son is a “ladies man”. Believing that his best friend, Jessica (Dani Apple), is the only person in whom he can confide, Ian fears that revealing his true self to his family and friends will mean losing their love and acceptance forever.
Starring Daniel Sovich, Dani Apple, Dylan Aaron White, Kimberly J. Mahoney, Joy Borland, Ryan Vincent, Brian Richeson, Cole Kornell, Mark Oet, Kathy Vogel, Tonee Purnell, Ralph DiLudovico, Jaclyn Inglis and Katrina Melanie Walker
Directed By Peter Anthony Fields
Screenplay By Peter Anthony Fields & Evonne Fields-Gould
Produced By Peter Anthony Fields, Evonne Fields-Gould, Joy Borland, Quata Tucker”

Just ONE MORE Senator Needed to Restore Net Neutrality, Undo FCC’s Repeal…

Date: January 17, 2018

01) Just ONE MORE Senator Needed to Restore Net Neutrality, Undo FCC’s Repeal

” The Senate is just ONE cosponsor away from having majority support for their resolution to nullify the FCC’s repeal of Title II net neutrality protections. All 49 Senate Democrats have cosponsored this resolution, and one more Republican is needed. Back in December, Republican Senator Lisa Murkoski indicated that she was “undecided” as to whether or not she’d support the FCC’s vote to repeal net neutrality, and we haven’t gotten an update since; hence, it might be wise to put pressure on her to sign onto this resolution, which would give it enough votes to clear the Senate and head to the House.


For Profit Healthcare Has Lead To Disturbing ‘Patient Dumping’…

Date: January 17, 2018

01) For Profit Healthcare Has Lead To Disturbing ‘Patient Dumping’

” Citation:

To be thorough…it should be acknowledged, that this specific case involves allegations…that the woman was making herself impossible to deal with…

…That never justifies abandoning someone in such a state, in such weather conditions.

They should have called the cops, or some other social service, and let them deal with her.

The EQ Foundation Website In It’s Prime [2008]…


Date: January 17, 2018

01) EQ Foundation []

If you wish to get an idea of what the EQF website was like, you can click the link above.

There are a number of resources there, including the only static web page version of “In Self Defense”…Most of the early writings are included there…though, a good many were not.

The earliest versions of EQF Community Links are also there.

The actual EQF website redirects you here…

…and that website will be going offline, once the funds run out…

…Which is really kind of sad…as it began in 2007…and eleven years later, I’m letting it go into the sunset…

This website was really the second coming of “In Self Defense”…with a bit of “Steve-D’s Midnight Zone” mixed in…

What remains at the original website is just a shadow of it’s former self…So…

…I guess…

The good news, is the the EQ Foundation home page lives on here!