Nina Turner’s Special Message JUST For Status Coup Following Election Loss…

Date: August 04, 2021

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In the event you didn’t already know…the owned politician won…the one that’s likely to go down in the near future, due to corruption.

…So…”…yeah, U.S. political system…”…You’ve managed to accomplish once again, what you are so notorious and reviled for.

…Prepare for the reckoning.


‘What Israel Uses Against Palestinians is Used Against The World Tomorrow’-UN Rapporteur…

Date: August 04, 2021

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“We speak to the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. He discusses the postponement of the Palestinian elections and the difficulty of holding elections under Israeli occupation, how Israel’s illegal settlements are the ‘engine’ for the occupation, war crimes committed by Israel in the 11-day bombing of Gaza, the NSO Pegasus Project leaks and much more!”

These War Criminals must be arrested and face charges!

Why the hell is this not happening?


Online, 1989 style: Dialing into BBSes with a vintage Tandy 1000 modem…


Date: August 04, 2021

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“Many old PCs come with an internal modem. They’re useless, right? No! There are still Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) which you can dial into and relive the online experience from 30+ years ago. Here I try out the internal 2400 bps modem in my Tandy 1000SX.”

This is so cool!…

…I almost remember this sort of thing…but I never had my C64 connected to a modum.


Evolutionary Advantages to the Human Species From Minor Attraction…


Date: August 04, 2021

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“Minors are physiologically not prepared to reproduce. Attraction to minors does not give one evolutionary advantage, therefore it’s a mental illness.”

Let’s go one step further, women older than 40 have high chance of birth defect and complication, men are less physically capable to assist in nurturing the young, that put them in evolutionary disadvantage. Attraction to elderly or people older than 40 is therefore attraction to older female is mental illness. Milf are mentally ill. How about that?

Since minors cannot reproduce, feeling horny don’t give them evolutionary advantage, so all you horny little fucks are mental ill. How about that?” – Hebemeow

MAP orientation absolutely has evolutionary advantages…and major, serious ones, at that…The problem is, so many people are refusing to acknowledge them.

On it’s own, it promotes the fertility of our species, by initiating the young into sexual activity…as opposed to the current model, of pushing people to stay celibate until well into adulthood, and pushing back having children until late into a females biological fertility.

Yes…I’m speaking of human fertility, in the same way I’d speak of the same in rats and rabbits…but we are all biological life forms…and it’s in our DNA to continually carry our DNA forward as a species.

More sexual activity, ultimately means more reproduction…and any activity which functions in the service of this [including setting the stage for a life full of sex], is an evolutionary advantage for a species.

Secondly…and this gets more into the practical existence of homosexual pedophiles [like me], hebephiles and ephebophiles…Very young girls can become pregnant, though it can be very dangerous [sometimes impossible], for them to actually carry the pregnancy and endure the birth…yet, children, tweens and teens are known to have their own sex drive…tweens and teens in particular, are generally going through the most intense years they will ever experience with their sex drive.

This is because…in natural biology, these are the years when our DNA makes us most prepared to be sexually active, make and raise babies.

Keep in mind…historically, it’s been far more typical for humans to die in their 30’s and 40’s…They needed to reproduce early, otherwise our species would die out.

I’ve been putting forward for years, that [for example] homosexual BoyLovers like myself have evolved into existence, as natures humane way of sparing young girls from dying in child birth, and sparing young males from having to live with celibacy and the natural frustration and aggression that causes.

Bare in mind…I’ve never suggested that how we evolved is perfect…but it is what nature has done with us, and it undeniably does serve the ultimate goal of preserving, growing and evolving our species.

…And none of us deserves to be demonized, dismissed or devalued over it.

If you see it for what it is…it’s honestly quite beautiful.

I think…the conscious-less system of nature did it’s best, given it’s capabilities.

It should also be pointed out, that human families tended to live together and raise the children together…

Yes…mid/older teens and early twenty-somethings were expected to have their offspring underway…but their own parents and elders were there as a support structure [often living in the same house]…Historically, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, whomever, have played a vital role in the raising of [caring for] their own biological lineage.

In that type of community structure…it didn’t matter that the youth still had some growth and refinement ahead of them […and “dirty” secret…a lot of the older adults still did, as well…Were they all supposed to just curl up and die?…]…

When humans are just allowed to be and exist, without endless interference from all the “experts who know better”…fact is…we do tend to organize and function in a communal way that works, and keeps us all alive.

It would be absolutely no different, if MAPs were allowed to openly integrate into society.

One of our biggest problems as a species…is that so many people have taken the fantasy of “the perfectly lived life” [“the perfect childhood”, etc.]…and turned that impossible standard into a demand upon everyone…complete with shattered egos and wounded psyches, when they have to live with the realities of a simply good enough life for reasonably healthy survival.

There is no “perfect existence”…and we are in the throws of a mass social tantrum, from people who believe they’re owed “the perfect life” on a silver platter…

…And, of course…there are all sort of people for them to blame.

In addition…there’s two other things that should be taken into account…

One…humans evolved terribly for reproduction…You go back a few hundred years in history, and something like one in four females were dying in child birth…which is terrible for the survival of their newborn, and any other children dependent on them.

Two…the majority of children literally died before reaching the age of ten years…This is why they “cranked out” so many children, and started as young as feasibly safe…

We of today, can scantly even comprehend the circumstances, in which the mammoth portion of our own species evolution took place…Yet, we still carry the product of that evolution in us.

Given how humans used to have to live…it raises questions, as to what nature made humans do, to overcome all the hardships and death…to ultimately produce a few thriving offspring for every family.

I think this has a lot to do, with why humans are so sexually active, year around, and with such a wide range of attractions existing..but children and youth in particular.

They held the key to the future.


[MapTheWorld Podcast] MAP Activism: Why Has It Been So Difficult? The Pattern of Sexual Politics…


Date: August 03, 2021

01) Ep 1 Pt 1: MAP Activism: Why Has It Been So Difficult? The Pattern of Sexual Politics

“In this episode, we discuss political scientist Harris Mirkin’s 1999 article “The Pattern of Sexual Politics: Feminism, Homosexuality, and Pedophilia,” and how it can inform MAP activism today.”

02) Ep 1 Pt 2: MAP Activism: Why Has It Been So Difficult? The Pattern of Sexual Politics

“We continue our discussion of political scientist Harris Mirkin’s 1999 article “The Pattern of Sexual Politics: Feminism, Homosexuality, and Pedophilia,” and how it can inform MAP activism today.”

This is very good…and a great example of what MAPs should be using FreeSpeechTube for.

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GRIFTING Tim Pool EXPOSED In Damning Takedown…

Date: August 03, 2021

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“A former darling of Occupy Wall Street, Tim Pool has racked up more than a billion views and millions in earnings while dangerously whitewashing the far right.”


I used to share Tim Pool’s videos here, many years ago…in much the same way I shared Sargon’s videos here…They set the stage for me to write a little something, about what was being talked about.

Tim was much different back then…Somewhere along the line, he changed…and became far less worthy of my attention and time.

What he does these days is just…Meh!

I cannot believe he’s been this successful…Last I knew, he was struggling to stay in his apartment…and trying to build a news van, to get back out on the street…allegedly.

When I stumble upon his videos these days, he’s still just ranting in front of a camera…I don’t see anything impressive…and he’s also gone off the deep end, with conspiracy theories.


De-google-ify Internet…


Date: August 03, 2021

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“Framasoft wishes to face the threats to our digital lives by offering free, ethical, decentralised, and solidarity-based services.

In practice

The “de-google-ify Internet” project – which does not exclusively concern Google – consists in offering as many alternative services as possible to those we consider a threat to our digital lives.

Google Docs, Skype, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Google Agenda, Youtube, Doodle, Yahoo! Groups, and many others, are extremely convenient services but they have become far too large and have made us dependent on them. Framasoft wishes to resist this trend and is putting forward a roadmap for setting up alternative services over several years.

These services are free, gratis, open to all (insofar as our technical and financial capabilities allow us), as digital commons . With the goal of decentralising the Internet and promoting self-hosting, we will do our best to ensure that everyone can install their own services (for themselves, for their organisation, or their company).

Of course, We are not aiming to compete with these services, We merely wish to offer a space that is neutral, non-commercial, and in no way aggressive towards its users.”

I haven’t used these…I cannot vouch for them…But they seem to be on the level.

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