Democrats May Oust Debbie Wasserman Schultz As DNC Chair…

Date: May 26, 2016

01) Democrats May Oust Debbie Wasserman Schultz As DNC Chair

“Democrats on Capitol Hill are discussing whether Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz should step down as Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman before the party’s national convention in July.

Democrats backing likely presidential nominee Hillary Clinton worry Wasserman Schultz has become too divisive a figure to unify the party in 2016, which they say is crucial to defeating presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in November.

Wasserman Schultz has had an increasingly acrimonious relationship with the party’s other presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, and his supporters, who argue she has tilted the scales in Clinton’s favor.

“There have been a lot of meetings over the past 48 hours about what color plate do we deliver Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s head on,” said one pro-Clinton Democratic senator.”

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It’s time for her to go.

Corey Feldman On Hollywood Pedophilia…

Date: May 26, 2016

01) Corey Feldman On Hollywood Pedophilia: “I Would Love To Name Names”

“A recent interview with Elijah Wood has reignited the conversation on pedophilia in the entertainment business. The Lord of the Rings star later clarified first to The Hollywood Reporter and then on his personal Twitter account that his comments about “something major … going on in Hollywood” were based not on his own experiences and observations but rather on news reports and the 2015 documentary film An Open Secret.

But another former child actor – Corey Feldman, star of such iconic 1980s movies as The Goonies, Stand By Me and The Lost Boys – was not so lucky. In past interviews, his A&E reality series The Two Coreys and his 2013 memoir, Coreyography, Feldman has detailed how he was preyed upon by men in the industry. His own experiences were not as nightmarish as what befell his Two Coreys costar, the late Canadian actor Corey Haim. Haim was just 11 when, Feldman says, a man raped him on a movie set. (Haim died in 2010 at age 38 after years of drug addiction.)

Speaking now exclusively to The Hollywood Reporter, Feldman opens up about missing Haim, addresses the “dark side” of pal Michael Jackson that led to their estrangement, and warns of the “growing, not shrinking” dangers of internet-era child predators in Hollywood, a place “where adults have more direct and inappropriate connection with children than probably anywhere else in the world.”

I feel bad for both of the Corey’s, if the allegations are true…

…I also agree, that unwanted sexual touch is not ethical…and it should be prosecutable.

I appreciate the comment, about “qualifying” [to differentiate] the sexual experiences…though, probably for a different reason than the lady who brought it up.

I don’t agree that statutes of limitation should be lifted, however…because after ten, twenty, thirty years or more…not only is it likely impossible to prove…but a lot of distorted “memories” can crop up, in that time span…The accuser could very well be experiencing false memories…or some kind of psychological ill.

It might not be fair…but neither is charging someone with something that allegedly happened, two or more decades ago…Which, let’s face it…would be next to impossible for them to disprove…So, so much is lost over time.

The only way I have [or would] ever supported “Hollywood pedophiles”, is in my simple appreciation of them bringing cute kids to the big screen…But, that is it…I don’t support the rape of anyone…And, frankly, I find the whole “casting couch” thing to be detestable.

Child stars should not be passed around, nor forced into sexual relations.

As to Corey Feldman bringing this up again…It’s time to put up what information he has, or stop running to the media every so many years, getting himself back in the headlines again.

…If Corey is honestly this serious…and he is honestly this alarmed, that it is happening to Hollywood kids at present…then he has no business withholding names.

…If he’s too afraid of losing money…then, obviously, his priorities are not with the current crop of kids “being passed around”.

If he wants to keep coming out like this…then he needs to make a committed stand.

If he’s not willing to…what does this say?

Superstar Socialist Calls For Bernie To Run Independent – Kshama Sawant…

Date: May 25, 2016

Slightly comedic…but an important message.

01) Superstar Socialist Calls For Bernie To Run Independent – Kshama Sawant

“Seattle City Councilmember, Kshama Sawant, is the 1st socialist elected to city wide public office in Seattle in 100 years, and she’s being a total rockstar about it! She’s helped achieve the fight for a $15 minimum wage, she’s protected tenants rights, she’s pushed for expansion of public transportation. And now she’s calling for Bernie to run independent to help create a new political party not beholden to corporate money. See the #Movement4Bernie petition below. We dare you to sign it! This and lots more on Redacted Tonight VIP

Bernie: Run Through November as an Independent
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DNC Boss Viciously Attacks Bernie By Saying He’s Like Trump…

Date: May 25, 2016

01) DNC Boss Viciously Attacks Bernie By Saying He’s Like Trump

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. After claiming the DNC is neutral (a lie), she repeated completed unsubstantiated smears that are being hurled at Bernie throughout the mainstream establishment press. She goes as far as comparing Bernie Sanders supporters to Donald Trump supporters.”

Part 2:

The Evolutionary Benefits Of Oral Sex…

Date: May 25, 2016

01) The Evolutionary Benefits Of Oral Sex

“There’s an evolutionary reason people engage in oral sex. A recent study sheds new light on the subject.

“While it’s hard to pin down a single evolutionary reason why humans engage in oral sex, scientists have come up with a few possible explanations for why we lick each other’s privates. When it comes to fellatio, for instance, research has shown that swallowing semen could potentially reduce preeclampsia, a life-threatening pregnancy-related condition. This can, in turn, boost chances of successfully carrying a pregnancy to term, which has obvious benefits for the species.

The story is (perhaps unsurprisingly) a bit more involved for cunnilingus, though. Although it’s clear oral sex can heighten arousal and, as a result, overall sexual satisfaction, it’s not entirely clear what role that might play in perpetuating the species.

However, as Medical Daily notes, a 2013 study of 243 men in long-term heterosexual partnerships indicates that women’s sexual fulfillment could have a great deal to do with their decision to maintain one sexual relationship instead of pursuing another…

Basically, the hypothesis goes, if women are getting off enough with their current sex partners — which is more likely to happen when their getting plenty of (good) head — they might be less likely to cheat.”*

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This video is fascinating…

Speaking personally, as a would have been, little [young] boy cocksucker…

…I was curiously dwelling on this exact same issue, about a week ago…”What is the historic and evolutionary purpose, behind the licking, sucking and fondling of genitals?”…

As a form of sex which comes natural, by instinct…I’ve at times wondered why the vagina and anus, just don’t do anything for me…But getting to suck a cute, little boner…Now that fantasy sends my sexual excitement, straight into the stratosphere.

Many people might suggest this makes no sense…and in a lot of ways, I agree…The specifics of what makes something sexually paramount, often don’t make a lot of obvious sense…either to the person experiencing it…or especially to the people who don’t get excited by it.

…So, why the hairless boner sucking?…Why is the idea of dragging my tongue across his bare pubic area, or up and down his tummy and chest, so appealing a fantasy to me?

One of the natural reasons I’ve theorized [amongst several]…is that MAPs like me exist, to help cut down on the number of little [and young] boys, who are sticking their erections into young girls…girls who are physically unprepared to be penetrated, and to carry a pregnancy full term, yet they can still get pregnant.

I think we are natures sexual pacifier, for young boys…And the benefactors include not only the boys, but ourselves and the girls…who could possibly be killed in child birth…or who may develop conditions, or cancer, from unhygienic sex practices at a young age.

…I think we do have a genuine purpose in the social biosphere…And I think it is a good, noble purpose…One for which we should feel no shame.

We are just not being allowed to fill our natural place…The boys and girls, are not being allowed to benefit from us…and it throws many things, out of their natural balance.

…It’s really a terrible shame.

Rick Wiles: Obama And Satan Will ‘Rape Your Children’…

Date: May 24, 2016

01) Rick Wiles: Obama And Satan Will ‘Rape Your Children’

“Trunews” host Rick Wiles lit into the Obama administration (or, as he calls it, “the command center of the Obama homosexual revolution”) on Monday over its letter on facility access for transgender students in public schools.

Wiles predicted that most parents and school officials will “cave” and “sacrifice their children at the altar of sexual perversion,” while those who protest will be “beaten in the streets with batons” and “hosed down with firehoses.”

“I’m going to tell you where I think we’re going: civil war,” he said. “I believe this is the opening shot from Obama for civil war.”

Because some people cannot get it through their head, that going to the toilet is not all about sexual jollies…we get these kinds of embarrassing fits and tantrums, out of people.

Isn’t it wonderful, how people who don’t even know you, can dictate that your trips to the bathroom are about hidden sexual agendas?…

…These clueless bozos have had us MAPs getting into dresses, and pouncing on top of little girls for the last several months…in their own imaginations, that is.

It’s astonishing that they cannot seem to comprehend…that the laws being passed, are for people who don’t likely even have those kinds of sexual attractions, in the first place.

As a MAP…I’m not looking to jump on board that train…

…I’ll continue to use the same restrooms I always have, for the intended usage of those facilities…thank you very much, for your ill placed concern.

We’re not salivating animals, desperate for any taste we can find…you know?…

…Neither are transsexuals.

The root problem here…is that people like Rick Wiles, don’t interpret people outside of their own social bubble, to honestly be equal, civilized and dignified human beings…

…They think of us as contempt worthy animals, below them…It’s why they think nothing, of constantly asserting such ugly, heinous things about us…and ascribing to us, low level, feral character traits…Even when what they assert, is demonstrably not true.

…It’s why they think nothing, of expecting us to live like second, or third class citizens.

In another clip from the same show…they go on to talk about how small the minority of transsexuals is…And claim homosexuals were lying, when they used to claim making up as much as ten percent of the main population…when they “only make up two or three percent”…

…And they are going on, acting all put out, and outraged…that anybody is taking the civil rights of such a tiny minority seriously…

…And I was like…Since when does being part of a tiny minority, alienate you from your civil rights?…The very purpose these rights were encoded into civil law, was to protect the minorities…no matter how tiny.

This degree of ignorance and contempt…It says everything we need to know, about the character of these folks.

…And people wonder why it outrages and scares the hell out of us, when seeing these sorts aggressively work to seize political positions of power…

…They refuse to peacefully coexist with other people, who don’t think and act just like themselves…Their “leadership” is disastrous cruelty…and vast numbers of us, are fed up with it.