Waking Up With Sam Harris #93 – Identity & Terror with Douglas Murray…

Date: August 22, 2017

01) Waking Up With Sam Harris #93 – Identity & Terror with Douglas Murray

“In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Douglas Murray about identity politics, the rise of white nationalism, the events in Charlottesville, guilt by association, the sources of western values, the problem of finding meaning in a secular world, and other topics.”

DeepSpace – The Other Side Of A Black Hole…


Date: August 22, 2017

01) DeepSpace – The Other Side Of A Black Hole

“What would happen if you entered a black hole? Conventional wisdom has it that you would be crushed by the immense gravity. According to a new theory, you might actually pass through the event horizon into a wormhole and end up in another part of the universe. To be fair, you would still be crushed. The exact fate of matter sucked into a black hole has long been the subject of debate, but the general view is that it all would be compressed into one point in space, the singularity. A rear exit would provide a place for matter to go instead of being completely smashed.

It’s a wild idea. But wormhole theory has taken weird turns before. The basic principle is that a black hole’s gravity is so strong that it bends space-time itself. Envision the universe as a sheet of paper. If some force folds part of that paper, then two non-continuous pieces of the paper touch. If an object on one part of the sheet crosses over the fold, when the sheet straightens out, that object finds itself still on the paper but distant from its starting point. Now, consider that the piece of paper contains both space and time. If both ends of the wormhole are close together, then in theory a traveler might end up at a different point in time.”




Date: August 21, 2017

01) [BoyChat] Obituary…

“TPKA Sherry, also known as Sherry Reasons has passed due to […]…stage 4 lung cancer…

She was a regular here at BC and an Admin at Crossroads Forum…”

I remember Sherry quite well…She was also on the ClosEncounters board admin, which was a predecessor to Crossroads.

I was also part of the ClosEncounters admin…So, I got to work with her on that project.

Sherry was a really good, decent person.

Her absence has not gone unnoticed…and she will be missed.

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Gab, Hatreon, other Free Speech Sites Targeted by Web Giants…

Date: August 21, 2017

01) Gab, Hatreon, other Free Speech Sites Targeted by Web Giants

“The legitimacy of reasons issued is low.”

Good general message…But I’d be hesitant to identify most platforms as “free speech”…

…Sad truth is…there are painfully few true free speech platforms [IE: services that let you discuss ideas, organize, etc…so long as you’re not posting child porn, or doing something illegal]…You essentially need a platform, where no censors have control.

Most services don’t seem to comprehend the nuances between discussing things which may be presently illegal…and committing illegal activities…Which is a major, major problem.

If you’re a “pedophile”…then you know this problem, all too well.

To compound things…most of these platforms allow their users to target, organize, attack and smear “pedophiles”, even on a personal level…An activity which is not only demonstrably illegal, in many cases…but it also stridently opens the door to this vast array of discussion points, which “pedophiles” are, themselves, banned from responding too…They cannot even answer the charges made against them…And that is fundamentally wrong, on so many levels.

These types of “free speech” platforms, are nothing but an echo chamber of abusive hatred.

Free Speech at All Costs: We Must Reject Authoritarianism in All Forms:

The Birth of Climate Change Denial…

Date: August 20, 2017

01) Direct Download [MP3]

“In this special episode of Only Human, we partnered with the folks at WNYC’s podcast The United States of Anxiety, hosted by Kai Wright. Starting with the 1925 Scopes Trial — also known as the “trial of the century” — we look at one of the most controversial topics in our time: the debate over evolution versus a fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible. It started with a substitute teacher in Tennessee who taught evolution in the classroom. What followed was a fiery debate that rocketed around the world. The Scopes Trial reminds us that science has often upset the establishment. Attorney William Jennings Bryan sits behind the microphone, in white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, during a radio broadcast of the landmark “Monkey Trial” of John Thomas Scopes in Dayton, Tenn., July 15, 1925. The controversial trial between religion and state determined how evolution would be taught in schools. Scopes, a high school biology teacher, was found guilty of teaching evolution and fined. (Associated Press) Then we turn to another controversy: doubt around the whole idea of climate change. And we go to that day in 1988 when NASA scientist James Hansen warned a congressional committee that climate change was real. Back then, Republican President George H.W. Bush touted himself as being pro-environment. “I’m an environmentalist… And I always will be,” he said. “And that is not inconsistent with being a businessman. Nor is it with being a conservative.” Today, President Donald Trump considers climate change a “hoax” and is considering withdrawing from the Paris climate accord. It’s a radical change in 25 years. We’ll tell you how we got there. Episode Contributors: Kai Wright Amanda Aronczyk Elaine Chen Karen Frillmann Jillian Weinberger Subscribe to the United States of Anxiety podcast on iTunes.”


Date: August 20, 2017


“People on both sides are calling for violence. Now I’m not here to say which side is doing it more but we certainly see it.
Ever since people made the “punch a nazi” meme there has been an acceptance of political violence.”

What You Need To Know About #Charlottesville From An Unbiased Perspective: