Bill Burr – Trump Won Because Of Obama And SJWs…

Date: November 15, 2016

01) Bill Burr – Trump Won Because Of Obama And SJWs

“Bill has a theory about Trump’s victory”

Lots of swearing…but good grief…This is such an honest assessment, of several things.

Everyone should watch and understand this message.

“This is not tit for tat”:

This section is a gem of wisdom, speaking to the wrongness of how fanatics [from any position] are trying to destroy people, for what they believe and say.

I’ve always thought the notorious Dixie Chicks incident was a load of indefensible crap, perpetrated by simple minded thought.

…Even Sinead O’Connor…who, believe me, I take extreme issue with, over her more recent inhumane expressions against “pedophiles” [Minor Attracted People], and her incitement to violence against us…

…I would never wish her, or her music, to be wiped from the history books…and I’ve always disagreed with what happened to her during the 1990’s, as backlash to her “censoring the U.S. national anthem” at her concerts.

The whole idea that you can, should, or have any right to call someone evil, or destroy them for their held and expressed beliefs…this has no place, in any civilized culture…end of conversation.

If a society allows this…or worse, encourages it…then it is not a civilized society.

If We Each Did a Brexit…

Date: November 14, 2016


“A group of Californians are campaigning for california to succeed from the United states.”

The anarchist in me asks the question…Shouldn’t we each do “a Brexit”?…Wouldn’t it be so much better, if we simply stopped obeying larger governments in mass?…Just the people deciding, “Your authority is not real!”…

A blatant secret in life…is that powerful and abusive “authorities” cannot exist, without the compliance of the people. There has got to be people who implement and enforce the abusive power…and millions of people who are submissive or apathetic about the abusive power…otherwise, that abusive power will crumble to the ground.

…As a people…why do we enable, empower and allow our own abusers, who impoverish our lives?

Guess Why George Zimmerman Got Kicked Out Of A Bar…


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Date: November 13, 2016

01) Guess Why George Zimmerman Got Kicked Out Of A Bar

“George Zimmerman was kicked out of a Florida cigar bar after using racial slurs and yelling at a waitress, police said.

The former neighborhood watchman became belligerent at the Corona Cigar Co. outside Orlando, according to a Seminole County Sheriff’s Office report.

Manager Angel Benitez told the Daily News that staff asked an officer who arrived for an incident with someone else in the 33-year-old’s party to remove him after disturbances including yelling at a waitress.

“We don’t tolerate any racial or bad behavior so that’s why we trespassed him”, he said, using a term for asking the police to take someone away.”

It’s time for George to go away, permanently.

You don’t get people popping up in the media habitually, over the kinds of things this guy keeps getting into, unless there is something seriously messed up with him.

…And this guy is looking to be a social problem.

…Does he need to murder somebody else, before they finally lock him away?

The “justice” system in the USA is a sham, and a joke.

You have these obvious, violent sociopaths out there…trying to get into altercations so they can hurt or kill somebody else…but, “that’s all okay”…”nothing to worry about, there”…

…Meanwhile, “the real problems of this world” revolve around who you sexually associate with, what you look at or think about when you orgasm…or whether you’re consuming “the wrong” stress reliever…

…Oh yes…Lock those harmless, non-violent people up, and throw away the key…We cant have the social weirdoes being left alone…because public paranoia wont allow it…and they’re too profitable, to avoid exploiting and abusing.

The “justice” system is a crooked, criminal enterprise, in it’s own right…It feeds off of tax funds, extorted from the public.

…It honestly is modern day slavery…And they don’t even so much care, whether the people who need to be incarcerated, are the ones who are ending up in their prisons.

When the masses actually understand this point of fact…and we all organize to disassemble this criminal enterprise…we will finally start down the road, to social recovery.


New Weed Laws: What You Need To Know…

Date: November 12, 2016

01) New Weed Laws: What You Need To Know

“When California voters approved Proposition 64 on Tuesday, the basic idea was simple: a majority of people in America’s most populous state believe that adults should be able to consume marijuana if they feel like it, like a glass of wine at 5 o’clock. But the details of the proposition, which stretches more than 60 pages, are complicated.

TIME spoke to Amanda Reiman, the Drug Policy Alliance’s manager of marijuana law and policy, to talk about what people should know.

What happened on Tuesday?

By a margin of about 56% to 44%, voters passed Proposition 64, making California the fifth state to legalize recreational pot, after Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. Later in the evening, results came in showing that voters in Massachusetts and Nevada did the same. The vote happened 20 years after California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996.

Because a Place for Our Voice is so Unthinkable…


Date: November 10, 2016

I wrote and posted this at BoyChat, tonight.

You can get to the BoyChat thread here, using Tor:


…I’m not altering what follows…Just realize, I was communicating on BoyChat, with a BoyChat audience.

The hyperbolic hatchet piece linked below, has various factual errors…and is attributed to Sondra Horne…the Twitter sociopath [associated with Anonymous], who desperately tries to connect all MAPs with illegal activity…even when we are not engaged in any illegal activity.

I’m only going to address one thing…but be aware that Sondra is a known kleptomaniac [a type of sociopath, who habitually lies], who deviously likes to spin false stories about other people…or make things appear a certain way, when they are not.


“Meanwhile, the mere notion of “non offending pedophiles” is not only an oxymoron, but a phrase that was invented for the sole purpose of creating a legal platform where pedophiles can continue to promote, exchange, and distribute child pornography. Websites like allow pedophiles to exchange their contact information so they can trade child pornography on other private channels (private email, telegram, the deep web, kik, etc). To claim that these people are “non offending” is a farce, as evidenced by the fact that many of their members are now in jail for engaging in criminal pedophile behavior…”

This is a really old, common charge made against BoyChat…It’s also a convenient, unsubstantiated one…And a lot of us who’ve been posting and reading [and sometimes even administrating] here for decades, know from personal experience that it is a false one.

Are there BoyChatters who’ve ended up in prison?…You bet there are…Some even deserve to be there…

…Was BoyChat here to facilitate what got them into prison?…No.

I’ve seen this very board backed into a corner, by a BoyChatter who was going extremely bad…I watched it unfold, from behind the scenes as part of the Cog team…And the people here functioned exemplary, in the circumstances they were facing…They did not allow that BoyChatter to use this board, for the purpose he was attempting to use it…And hell…the whole episode was cryptic…We didn’t know if that person was just returning to screw with BoyChat, because he was pissed off over being rejected as a Cog…or if he was being serious. He was promptly cut off, however…and he left…though he tried to repeat this at LifeLine…But again, he was cut off…And he left in a huff…to where, who knows?

…It’s just known that he showed up several months later, to post a meandering, cryptic message, owning up to nothing he had done…and preaching “the way of the BoyLover leads nowhere”…as if he’d been engaging in “the way of the BoyLover”, or knew anything about it…

…Another six to eight months later…we get sucker punched with court records, explaining why this person is spending the next five decades in prison.

Any fool can arrive here, and eventually work their way into a setting where they can ask for all sorts of things, in private…Some of those things are illegal…

…But that’s not what most of us who have been coming here, are doing with these resources….Hell…this place has been fiercely guarded, against such illegal usage…Anyone who says otherwise, either does not know what they are talking about…or they are just lying.

I’ve directly seen this place, and the people behind it…at points in time, where it [we] were inhibiting the commission of a criminal act…In a broader sense, I’ve seen this quite a number of times [generally, when a non-regular asks for child porn].

When it comes to people like us…there are those of us who come to terms with the fact, that we have few viable options in responding to our circumstances…so, we write, express, speak…form personal bonds, with others who are like us…We relinquish the illegal, for things to legally cope with…and to legally push back with…

…And then there are those who care little, or nothing, about the possibility of something better in this world…and for them, being online is about little more than chasing after dick pleasing content…Sometimes, they get up to things which are worse…And sometimes, those sorts of people temporarily flow through BoyChat…Maybe even seducing a regular BoyChatter away…into places, they should know better than to go.

Now…given my time and experience with this issue…I can clearly see a difference in these modes of behavior…I know there is some kind of a stark difference, between those of us who are still here, typing away about our lives and our thoughts…and those who cant seem to pull themselves away from illegal activity.

…I know from what I’ve witnessed, that these are two different paths.

Problem is…Most people don’t have this inside perspective…And it’s impossible to give it to them.

There are different people with different objectives and different ethics, who visit BoyChat…But that doesn’t change the nature, of the enduring community here.

This community is a soundly legal one, with a historical track record of keeping things that way…

…The anomalies who’ve gone towards the illegal, have done so…typically during a phase of estrangement from the BoyChat community…and after wandering off to places, which have absolutely no connection to BoyChat.

Because some people get seduced away, hardly means that BoyChat [or the people behind it] is at fault.


Kamil Beylant has never had anything to do with BoyChat, to my knowledge…and his views are considerably contrasted to the norm on BoyChat. To imply he is responsible for BoyChat in any way, is just insane.

People have been lying about BoyChat for years, claiming it is some type of front, for a larger, hidden network of crime.

Objectively true fact is…BoyChat is simply a community forum, which specializes to pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles who are oriented towards minor boys. It does not exist to facilitate crime…It exists, so that isolated people can channel what’s going on with them, into a legal and healthy activity…like making supportive connections.

The enforcement of rules have been so strict, that minor boys have even been warded off of the board and directed to go elsewhere…

…And yes, we have had a number of boys who’ve wanted to participate at BoyChat over the years…For a period of time, a few did.