Sanders says GOP should be worried about 2018…

Date: January 03, 2018

01) Sanders says GOP should be worried about 2018

” Published on Dec 24, 2017

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) says voters’ views of President Donald Trump’s performance should spell trouble for his party in the midterm elections.

“What we’re seeing in Alabama, what we’re seeing in Virginia, New Jersey and in states all across this country, are large voter turnouts, are people standing up and fighting back and demanding that we have a government that represents all of us, not just the 1%,” Sanders told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “

Bernie Sanders Slams Republicans For Abandoning Net Neutrality, CHIP…

Date: January 03, 2018

01) Bernie Sanders Slams Republicans For Abandoning Net Neutrality, CHIP

” Senator Bernie Sanders blasts Republicans for abandoning America’s working class to give tax breaks to their wealthy donors. This speech looks like it will be the foundation for Bernie’s 2020 presidential campaign speeches. “

This video was posted on December 12, 2017…

…The bill passed, anyway…and it seems like they are trying to kill CHIP [Children’s Health Insurance Program].

“TRUMP IS LYING!!!” Bernie Sanders Delivers Trump’s Nightmare Speech at Epic Political Rally:

Donald Trump & Republicans Want to Cut Social Safety Net Programs in 2018…

Date: January 03, 2018

01) Donald Trump & Republicans Want to Cut Social Safety Net Programs in 2018

” If you thought the Republican Party was done screwing over the middle class and the poor with the tax plan they just passed in 2017, buckle up, because they’re already planning to cut social safety net programs like food stamps, healthcare, and housing in 2018. Are you tired of all of this winning, yet?


Legal Recreational Weed In California Starts Today (Jan. 01)…

Date: January 03, 2018

01) Legal Recreational Weed In California Starts Today

” Citation:

• California is set to begin sales of recreational marijuana on January 1.
• The market is expected to hit $3.7 billion in 2018 alone, and that number will increase to over $5 billion in 2019.
• Legal marijuana will be a tax windfall for the state. “

Change is coming…And it’s about damn time!

The Prevention Podcast: Interview with a Female Anti-Contact Pedophile named “Emma”…

Date: January 02, 2018

01) Interview with a Female Anti-Contact Pedophile named “Emma”

“Welcome to our first podcast! Our host Candice Christiansen introduces The Prevention Podcast including her reason and passion for prevention. Our first interview is with “Emma” who shares her experience of being an anti-contact female pedophile, including the distinction between anti-contact and non-offending pedophilia, some of the challenges she faces being a female pedophile as well as her commitment to never harm a child.”

I first want to reiterate, that I hold a great deal of respect for MAPs who open themselves up in the way “Emma” has…even when I greatly disagree, with what they have to say.

I’ve not yet listened to the entirety of this podcast episode, at the time of this writing…and I don’t intend on doing a breakdown of this episode.

Don’t take what I’m about to type, as being a direct response to this episode, please.

This new podcast is something going on, out there…So, I figured it would be worthy of sharing…as a matter of openness, and broad acknowledgment.

It’s usually pretty rough, listening to the “anti contact”-centric content…because it regularly carries with it it’s own baggage and subjectivity…while all too often, getting in cheap jabs at us, so called, “pro contact” [whatever that means] MAPs.

As someone with a curious, explorative mind, interested in a non-emotional understanding of clear facts…I always take exception to it, whenever I’m represented as “less than decent”, for seeking clear truth, being honest about my own experiences as a boy…experiencing it as a good thing…and having the integrity and courage to speak plainly about it [and this type of existence], without apology…with a sense of ethical pride and social belonging, even.

To date…I believe when it comes to MAP podcasts…Pedologues, despite whatever criticisms can be levied against it, was the most correct form of media that we need to have out there, being produced…But, since that is not coming back…the least we can do, is acknowledge that some other media has allowed MAPs to openly speak…

…It is something…

So…I have no comment, as of yet…I’ll probably give this podcast a link, on the EQF Community Links page…and that’s about all I have to say.

It’s worth noting…that these [The Prevention Project] are the same people who were being harassed a few weeks back, by the same pink headed zealot that’s been issuing her zealot fatwas against Our Love Frontier…making threats against the existence of this blog.

We are all, largely, on the same level, where it comes to the thought and speech supremacists…And I think it is important, that we stand up and fight for each other, wherever we see any MAP related group or resource being threatened…regardless, of difference in social philosophy.

VIP paedophile accuser ‘Nick’ travelled the world lecturing about abuse and claims to have worked for Childline…

Date: January 01, 2018

01) VIP paedophile accuser ‘Nick’ travelled the world lecturing about abuse and claims to have worked for Childline

“The alleged fantasist whose allegations sparked the VIP paedophile investigation claims to have worked as a volunteer for Childline, The Telegraph can reveal.

Nick – whose real identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons – told the organisers of an international conference at which he was speaking – that he had worked for the charity, offering advice to youngsters suffering abuse themselves.


The anonymity ruling can only be lifted by a court order and remains in place even though Nick is currently facing possible charges for allegedly lying about his ordeal.

Following a lengthy investigation by Northumbria Police, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is considering whether to prosecute him for perverting the course of justice.

He could also face prosecution for fraud after it emerged that he had received thousands of pounds from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Scotland Yard launched its ill-fated Operation Midland investigation in November 2014 after Nick went to police claiming to have been raped and abused by VIP paedophile ring in the late 1970s and 1980s.

He also alleged that he had witnessed the murder of a number of young boys at the hands of the group.”

…Gee…What a “shocker”…

…The Dolphin Square story, which has hurt a lot of people, is falling apart…and the guy at it’s core is exposed for a liar, who was financially cashing in on his treachery.

…Being a fake sex abuse victim, can be quite lucrative…apparently.

You know…I think about all those people who were calling us names, and cursing at us…because our B.S. alarms were going off, in spades…

…Now, here we are…a handful of years later…

…And who was right?

…This “scandal” had “Bull Shit!” written all over it, right from the beginning…

The problem is…there was this pre-existing group of loonies, who wanted anything like this to surface, so they would have anything to hold up as proof…of some larger, I don’t even know what…something that murders, tortures and destroys children…

…They’re so desperate, they’re willing to accept nothing of consequence, as “proof”…

…They just want their phobias validated…that is all…

…The don’t give a flying fart, about the objective facts.

Net Neutrality Repeal Reinvigorates Nationwide Fight for Public Broadband…

Date: January 01, 2018

01) Net Neutrality Repeal Reinvigorates Nationwide Fight for Public Broadband

“Ajit Pai thinks he won, and that his repeal of net neutrality will demoralize open internet activists. He’s wrong. His undemocratic, unethical act has reinvigorated the nationwide movement for public broadband; a permanent solution that would guarantee net neutrality remains intact, forever. In this segment we’ll discuss what you need to do to get public broadband in your county.


Hillary Clinton’s Team Ignored & Mocked Warnings From Bernie Sanders’ Strategists…

Date: January 01, 2018

01) Hillary Clinton’s Team Ignored & Mocked Warnings From Bernie Sanders’ Strategists

“Strategists from Bernie Sanders’ campaign explain how they tried to warn Hillary Clinton’s team that their general election strategy was going to be conducive to a President Trump, but in spite of numerous attempts to offer them advice, Sanders’ team was “f*cking ignored” and even “mocked.” Rather than listening to Bernie Sanders’ campaign insiders, Clinton’s team would only include them in on conference calls where they were told the “top three talking points about Hillary’s email server or something.” As a result of this hubris, well… we all know what happened.


Politician Commits Suicide After Molestation Allegations…

Date: January 01, 2018

01) Politician Commits Suicide After Molestation Allegations

“Read more here:

“Kentucky lawmaker Dan Johnson fatally shot himself Wednesday, two days after allegations surfaced that he had molested a member of his church when she was 17 years old, officials said.

Bullitt County Coroner Dave Billings said Johnson — a Republican state representative and self-proclaimed “Pope” of his Louisville church — died of “a penetrating gunshot wound to the head.”
The authorities found Johnson’s body Wednesday night after responding to a report about a concerning statement on his Facebook page. Officials had tracked the lawmaker’s phone to his location, near a bridge in Mount Washington, Ky., in a spot called the River Bottoms.”