Throwaway Children: The Tragic Consequences of a False Narrative…


Date: January 19, 2016

01) Throwaway Children: The Tragic Consequences of a False Narrative


Truth be told, we are afraid for our children and we are afraid of our children. The intersection of these disparate thoughts has produced a perfect storm. We have created increasingly harsh sex offender registration schemes to protect our children from sexual abuse. At the same time, fear of our children ensnares and punishes them under the very same laws that were designed to protect them. Yet, what compels action is premised on a false narrative that includes flawed studies on recidivism rates and misguided case decisions that embraced these findings.

In this article, I explore the inherently unfair and deeply flawed practice of mandatory lifetime registration for children who commit sex offenses. Examination reveals two fallacies in a system that condemns children to lifetime monitoring: the breadth of its ensnarement, and the presumption of a child’s continued sexual predatory behavior. Fueled by emotional rhetoric, both are tightly bound in a fundamentally false narrative that is unnecessary and wholly damaging for the child registrant.

The utility of an overly-simplified registration scheme comes with a hefty price tag: the acknowledgement that mandatory lifetime registration captures and shatters the lives of many non-dangerous children. It is a price tag we should no longer be willing to bear. In the face of overwhelming statistical evidence to the contrary, we must commit to changing the false narrative that children who commit sex offenses are presumed to become sexually dangerous adults. We must commit to replacing it with a narrative that acknowledges that recidivism rates are low and that mandatory lifetime registration is both unnecessary and devastating.”

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Glenn Frey…

Date: January 18, 2016

I wasn’t an enormous fan of The Eagles…but, they were just kind of always out there…and I really liked some of their music, of course.

Actually, I became a fan of Glenn and Don, during their solo careers.

It’s crazy to think that Glenn has died…

Here’s a few of my favorite songs, which Glenn Frey was part of…or behind.

Kid Gloves, Egg Shells and Mass Mental Seizures: Why So Many MAPs Hate Dealing With the Mainstream…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: January 18, 2016

01) ‘How the hell do you sleep at night?’ Salon blasted for ‘trying to mainstream pedophilia’ – The Twitchy Staff

02) Responses to Salon on Twitter

I agree with Todd…What we are seeing here, is the effects of psychological infantilizing…which produces many people, who you cannot even communicate intelligently with.

The Todd Nickerson Salon article fallout, is a prime example of total comprehension shutdown…and attempted strangulation, against dialogue which is at least a step in the general right direction [something which is so painfully rare, in this field].

You can check out the two links…and the responses…

It’s mostly a sea of hyperbole…lots of people who didn’t likely even read the article, and never even dreamed of looking closer at the tenants of Virtuous Pedophiles…

…If they had done such…they’d at least know VP does not support sexual contact with minors, nor child pornography…They are pronouncedly against these things.

VP members can correct me, if they feel they must…but from what I’ve seen…their mission is two fold…

…They wish to stop sexual assault and abuse on children…and they wish to make the life existence of “pedophiles” [MAPs] bearable, supported, stable, ethical and legal.

Both of these are objectively good [even if not everybody agrees with the nuances of their stances].

The only people out there in the mainstream masses, who could possibly object to these things…are those who harbor an inhumane, homicidal cruelty towards “pedophiles” [MAPs]…

…And frankly…those who don’t even understand who we are, as a demographic…nor the issues surrounding and affecting us…even though many of these people falsely believe that they do know, “all that they need to know”.

…What they know, is rarely nothing more than grotesque ignorance…And it is a pitiful disgrace, that they are making these types of reactions, based upon such pitiful lack of coherent knowledge.

What you are seeing here…is unbridled emotion…It is hysterics.

…And it really brings to light, why so many of us hate dealing with “the masses”…

…What they are saying, is not based in objective reality…Their heads are not engaged in objective reality…And they barrage you, in large [even massive] packs…often with an outright vicious onslaught.

Their effect…is often intimidation…and deliberate hijacking of an issue…or of an attempt at constructive dialogue.

Notice how so few of the commentators on the massive Twitter feed, fail in being absolutely wrong [and indefensibly so] in their characterization of the article, itself.

…They don’t even display a working comprehension, on what just got discussed…despite that it was laid out for them, very simply.

VP has got to be one of the least socially controversial “pedophile” [MAP] groups out there…So much so, they pretty much mirror popular public sentiment, on issues involving children and sex…Their only divergence I can see, is that they don’t accept the many inhumane ways in which society abuses “pedophiles” [MAPs]…

…Their reasons for taking this divergent stance, are well explained, highly logical…and to my mind, have always been the obvious social evolution forward.

You cannot viciously mischaracterize people…and treat them according to your vicious mischaracterizations…and expect that this somehow works out for the best, in society.

It’s an abysmal recipe, for total disaster.

…Members of VP understand this…and do so on a personal level.

They also understand [just as I have, for decades]…it is imperative that we “pedophiles” [MAPs] fight on behalf of your children…Because many of them are MAPs…and we know what it is like, to grow up MAP in this world…And looking at these responses…it is clear that many of these children, have parents who outwardly express a desire to violently murder them…

…Have you any idea what this psychologically does to a person, let alone a child, subjecting them to this over a lifetime?

The people who are flooding this kind of noxious behavior onto others, are the problem…not the “pedophiles” [MAPs].

With regards to people like that…

…You often feel like you have to put on “kid gloves”, and walk on egg shells, just to create this sort of psychological buffer…when trying to hold a dialogue with “the mainstream”…Because they prove themselves, in large part, of being incapable of rising to the occasion.

…You cant just talk straight with them…because they cant deal with it, when someone speaks honestly about these issues.

…No matter the intent, nor how constructive the dialogue…they just act to shut it down.

This is not just my opinion…It is consistent observation, over decades of watching and dealing with them.

…Most display an obsession with hysterics, and a violent overtone.

Some make outright terrorist threats.

…All while remaining completely divorced, from the actual dialogue and facts at hand.

These are the reasons why I tell other MAPs, you cannot let yourself drown in that kind of a setting…You cannot let “the mainstream” dictate the pace and flavor of the discussion [you must hold that control, yourself…or only share it with those, who demand a constructive dialogue].

…It’s why I don’t apologize, for accurately placing these “masses” in their rightful categories…as people who are there to provide resistance, helping us hone our own stances, arguments, tactics and behaviors…and who are there for us to use, as tools for our own purposes.

There should be groups of MAPs, screen capturing and documenting these types of vicious onslaught, aimed at tame, mild and constructive dialogue with MAPs [and the people engaged in it].

We should have a massive database of this…have it on display for the world to see…and be demanding that there be real world consequence, for that type of online terrorism [much of which openly threatens murder and violence, in a world setting where real MAPs have been the victims of murder and violence].

We should be holding the feet of society, government and law enforcement to the fire, even if only based on this issue, alone.

What’s so pathetic…is that groups like VP bend over backwards, to cater to the dominant world view on adult minor sexual relations, held by most of the exact same people commenting here…

…They are on the exact same page, more less…Yet these people cant even be bothered, to take a little time and figure this out.

Instead, they just want to spew bile and act like lunatics, against people who overwhelmingly agree with them on adult minor sex issues…

I guess they enjoy shooting themselves in the foot.

What we are witnessing here, is prejudice and fanaticism at it’s worst…

…They cant even figure out, when they are attacking people who are key to making the world safer for minors.



Young Ex-ISIS Hostage: ‘They Are Right’…

Date: January 18, 2016

01) Young Ex-ISIS Hostage: ‘They Are Right’

“Published on Oct 6, 2014

CNN correspondent Arwa Damon, in an interview with a young Syrian Kurd who was kidnapped by ISIS militants four months ago on his way back from school, was shocked when the boy seemed to sympathize with ISIS’s cause…”

A bit dated…and from before the U.S. “declared war” on ISIS…

I would have just backdated this inclusion…but I think it’s an especially important piece of insight.

When you live in a culture with so much volatility…so much control…and so much extreme, cruel violence meted out as consequence…it develops people who only think and reason, within those rigid limits.

That’s hardly to say that everybody accepts it…or that nobody fights against it…But many are too weak and unorganized to defeat it…and they, understandably, don’t want to die…So, it persists…and they tolerate it…learn how to survive under it.

“Doing the dance”, is betting on the long term survival of ISIS…and that you will have to deal with them, well into the future.

It may be more complex, still…but this kid was hedging against his own death…in a world where he knows ISIS can just grab him, take him away and execute him for any reason.

The world should not be this way.

I think…given the circumstances…it’s not fair to read more into it than that…

…But it would be insane, if he legitimately believed “they are right”…and all this stuff about “evidence”…

He’s young…and again…environments which only push certain patterns of thought, while violently punishing other types of thought…will produce many people with a stunted sense of reason.

Badly Berned, Hillary Clinton Attempts To Go On Offense…

Date: January 17, 2016

01) Badly Berned, Hillary Clinton Attempts To Go On Offense

“Now that Bernie Sanders has caught and passed Hillary Clinton in Iowa, and he had already been beating her in New Hampshire, panic has set in at Clinton headquarters. Cenk Uygur, host of the The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Hillary Clinton used to avoid uttering the name of her main rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt). But that phase of the race has definitively ended, with Clinton and her team staging a multi-pronged attack on Sanders in the first weeks of the new year.

The most recent anti-Sanders salvo came last week. The Clinton campaign had highlighted Sanders’ votes to give gun suppliers legal immunity previously, but took the opportunity to re-focus scrutiny on the senator’s gun record after President Barack Obama wrote in a New York Times op-ed Thursday evening that he would not endorse any candidate who disagreed with him on gun reform, like repealing the immunity law. When Sanders’ campaign said that there was “zero daylight” between the senator and Obama on gun control on Friday, Clinton’s campaign pounced.”

Bernie Sanders Takes The Lead In The 2016 Democratic Primary Race…

Date: January 17, 2016

01) Bernie Sanders Takes The Lead In The 2016 Democratic Primary Race

“Published on Jan 12, 2016

It’s real. Bernie Sanders isn’t coming… he’s already here. Yesterday he was down by three, today he’s up by five in Iowa. Along with New Hampshire he is now leading in the first two primary states. Cenk Uygur, host of the The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is surging in early-state polling as the Democratic presidential primary approaches its final stretch before Iowa and New Hampshire voters weigh in.

In a poll out Tuesday, Sanders was even ahead of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton among likely Democratic caucusgoers in Iowa.

The Quinnipiac University survey found Sanders with 49% support to Clinton’s 44% in Iowa.

That represented a turnaround for Sanders in Iowa, as the same pollster found 51% for Clinton and 40% for Sanders there last month.

“After three months of Secretary Hillary Clinton holding an average 10-point lead among Iowa Democrats, the playing field has changed,” Quinnipiac assistant director Peter Brown said in a statement.”*

Read more here:…

Nintendo NX Everything We Know 2016…


Date: January 17, 2016

01) Nintendo NX Everything We Know 2016

The last Nintendo console system I ever got was a Game Cube…and that was when the price dropped to $99…and nearer to the end of it’s supported life. I just wasn’t really all that interested in Nintendo, by that time…but I knew I could pick up a lot of games cheap for it, and it would open up that library to me.

It was a nice enough system…but my allegiance was to the PlayStation.

Generally speaking…when Sony entered the video game console market…everything else faded into the background [where it comes to consoles, anyway]…because Sony was making a product, which excelled at the kinds of things I most liked.

Sony had the deep, innovative RPGs…Sega had the fast paced sports type stuff…and Nintendo had the cute, “kid friendly” market, which often pushed the more simplistic games as it’s main course.

They each did great at what they focused on…and of course, they each wandered into every genre…but their “bread n butter” was fairly pronounced…at least in my mind [and that of many] they were.

No matter how great the systems were…I’ve been huge on RPGs, ever since I started with video games on my Commodore 64…So, when Sony came around with it’s PlayStation RPG golden age…the path was set.

…Suddenly…all the simplistic games I thought were so cool, which I’d previously had no choice but to make due with…They were no longer adequate [for the most part]…and the systems which stayed with these more simplistic game models, just didn’t appeal to me.

That really sums up the way I look at Nintendo, today.

In fact…I was in a Game Stop, a couple of years back…and this commercial was being played, for the latest Mario game…And the female pushing the game so enthusiastically, only really had one thing to say…”More gold coins…More power ups…More blocks to smash…More, more, blah, blah blah!”…

…Which really made me roll my eyes…in realization of just how pathetically stagnant the Mario series is…They just repackage the same basic concept of a game [lots of timed running, jumping and smashing, etc.], with better graphics…and “more of it”…

Just to be clear…I loved Mario Brothers…and I played a lot of Super Mario World, because it came with the Super NES…and it was reasonably fun, for a while…plus, I didn’t have much else to play at the time…I don’t go running back to it, though. It’s ultimately not my thing.

…And if I wanted the experience of more timed running, jumping and smashing, etc…I wouldn’t foot the bill for a new system and game…I’d just dig out my old copy of Super Mario World…because I’m sure it will quell the hankering, just fine.

I’m more complicated than that…and I need something different from timed running, jumping and smashing, etc…to keep me engaged…Since that is largely what Nintendo is all about…I just don’t see them beefing up on what I find boring, to be at all interesting.

…So, Nintendo has this new console on the horizon.

It’s going to have to be something really, really different from the past…if it hopes to turn my head.

I will be looking on, none the less.



Elio Motors…


Date: January 17, 2016

01) Video Link

02) Official Website

03) Another Link

“84 miles to the gallon…and a target base price of $6,800.”

I’ve been intrigued by the Smart Fortwo, for a number of years…

…I’ve just never been suitably convinced, that it is fit for the environment I live in…If it cant handle snow drifts, and roads covered in a sheet of ice…then there is no way I am driving a toaster, between the large and bulky vehicles common in this state, which can.

…And don’t even get me started, on vehicles which you have to put into storage, during the bad seasons…If you have to keep a second vehicle, it more less defeats the purpose of owning one of these.

…But I have been dying for a personal means of transportation, which would actually let me start making regular trips to nearby cities again…without burning up lots of money on gas.

This Elio vehicle sounds interesting…It seems almost like a new vision on the Fortwo…And reminds me a lot of the pulse…Or, maybe it’s just the Pulse reborn.

I sat inside one of these, when I was a teenager…It’s a motorcycle, with an airplane cockpit built around it…very cool…100 [or 55, depending on who you believe] miles to the gallon…wow…

Getting back to the Elio…

…I’m not so sure I trust the three wheeled vehicles, of this nature…but the gas per mile and base price tag, sound very attractive…I’m almost shocked that it is down so low in price.

Real world utility is the likely factor, that would make a purchasing decision for me.

If it ends up in the ditch on the first snow of winter…then it’s not much of a good purchase.



Bernie Sanders Receives Endorsement from MoveOn.Org (With Larry Cohen) (01-12-16)…

Date: January 16, 2016

01) Bernie Sanders Receives Endorsement from MoveOn.Org (With Larry Cohen) (01-12-16)

“Sen. Bernie Sanders received another big endorsement from grassroots liberals Tuesday when’s members voted overwhelmingly in an online poll to support his presidential campaign. Ed is joined by Larry Cohen, former Communications Workers of America President to discuss.”