Sheriff On Killing Suspect: “I Love This Sh*t” (VIDEO)…

Date: February 08, 2018

01) Sheriff On Killing Suspect: “I Love This Sh*t” (VIDEO)

“Sheriff Oddie Shoupe didn’t know that the body cam was still recording him.


“A Tennessee sheriff is being sued for using excessive force after he was recorded boasting he had told officers to shoot a man rather than risk damaging police cars by ramming him off the road.

“They said ‘we’re ramming him,’” Sheriff Oddie Shoupe of White County said on tape in the aftermath of the killing of suspect Michael Dial. “I said, ‘Don’t ram him, shoot him.’ Fuck that shit. Ain’t gonna tear up my cars.”

Shoupe arrived on the scene shortly after police had shot Dial at the conclusion of a low-speed chase, clearly upset he had missed the excitement.

“I love this shit,” Shoupe said, apparently unaware that his comments were being picked up by another deputy’s body-worn camera. “God, I tell you what, I thrive on it.

“If they don’t think I’ll give the damn order to kill that motherfucker they’re full of shit,” he added, laughing. “Take him out. I’m here on the damn wrong end of the county,” he said.

Shoupe’s comments have prompted a federal lawsuit from Dial’s widow, Robyn Dial, alleging the use of excessive force against her late husband, who was unarmed.”

Jeremy Corbyn Puts Trump in His Place Over Ignorant Healthcare Tweet…

Date: February 08, 2018

01) Jeremy Corbyn Puts Trump in His Place Over Ignorant Healthcare Tweet

“President Trump tweeted about protests in the United Kingdom over their National Health System (NHS) and ended up angering Brits like Jeremy Corbyn. Why? He incorrectly implied protesters were marching against Great Britain’s NHS, but in actuality, they were marching because they love their universal healthcare system and want Conservatives to stop sabotaging it.


What an absolute, fork tongued snake Donald Trump is…

…I apologize to all snakes on this planet, for defaming them so badly with that last sentence.

You cannot trust anything Donald Trump says.

Waking Up with Sam Harris #116 – AI: Racing Toward the Brink (with Eliezer Yudkowsky)…

Date: February 08, 2018

01) Waking Up with Sam Harris #116 – AI: Racing Toward the Brink (with Eliezer Yudkowsky)

“In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Eliezer Yudkowsky about the nature of intelligence, different types of AI, the alignment problem, IS vs OUGHT, the possibility that future AI might deceive us, the AI arms race, conscious AI, coordination problems, and other topics.

Eliezer Yudkowsky is a decision theorist and computer scientist at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute in Berkeley, California who is known for his work in technological forecasting. His publications include the Cambridge Handbook of Artificial Intelligence chapter The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, co-authored with Nick Bostrom. Yudkowskys writings have helped spark a number of ongoing academic and public debates about the long-term impact of AI, and he has written a number of popular introductions to topics in cognitive science and formal epistemology, such as Rationality: From AI to Zombies and Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. His latest book is Inadequate Equilibria: Where and How Civilizations Get Stuck.

Twitter: @ESYudkowsky

Facebook: “

The EQ. Foundations Dedicated Sub-Blog…


Date: February 08, 2018

This sub-blog exists, as a home for supplemental and announcement content concerning the EQ. Foundation website.

It would be fair to ask why this took so long to come about, for my flagship website…

…Like moving so much of my other content here…a lot got put on the side burner…And the blogging took the lead in my activity.

…But, it is here, now.

– Steve

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If a School Cop Threatens Your 13-Year-Old with Child Porn Charges for Sexting, Get a Lawyer…

Date: February 08, 2018

01) If a School Cop Threatens Your 13-Year-Old with Child Porn Charges for Sexting, Get a Lawyer

“Families should never consent to have school resource officers search kids’ phones.

Teen sexting stories are filled with kids who had no clue they were breaking the law when they swapped inappropriate photos of their own bodies—and with parents who didn’t realize they couldn’t trust the school or the cops to be reasonable. Carl was determined not to be one of those parents.

Last November, Carl received a call from Ms. Martin, an assistant principal at the middle school attended by his two sons, ages 13 and 12. Martin said the older son, Tommy, had shared a sexually inappropriate Snapchat image with some other students at the school.

Several days later, after hiring a lawyer, Carl spoke with Martin again. He told her, in no uncertain terms, “I’ve instructed both of my boys that they are not to answer any more questions from the administration or the police at school in regards to this matter without parental or legal representation.

The statement caught the assistant principal off guard.

“She started stuttering and stammering a little bit about how she wasn’t a part of the police and that they didn’t need to speak to attorneys,” Carl told me. “That that’s not their job, and this or that or the other thing.”

Carl was wise to ignore this assertion. The assistant principal isn’t a cop, but the school—a public institution in the Midwest—did indeed employ a school resource officer: a law enforcement agent who works in the school but retains the powers of a typical cop.”

What a tangled web woven…

…a “distributor”…Jesus…

Police lie as a matter of practice, in these cases…just to gain access to anything they can use against these kids.

What a load of…

It’s amazing how you can put a stop to much of this, by refusing to legally sign over access to your property.

There is a lesson in there…Give up nothing, no matter whether you did it or not.

Even the chance of a false charge, is too much to gamble with…Allow them no place to put such a charge.

I applaud the father in this story.

Suicides Spiked After Robin Williams’ Death, Study Says…

Date: February 08, 2018

01) Suicides Spiked After Robin Williams’ Death, Study Says

“Widespread media coverage may have contributed to a 10% increase in suicides following Robin Williams’ highly publicized death, according to a new study.

In the four months after Williams’ death by suicide in August 2014, CDC data revealed that there were 18,690 deaths by suicide in the U.S. — significantly more than the 16,849 suicides that past data and trends would have predicted for that time period, according to an analysis published Wednesday in PLOS ONE.


Fink says a common theory is that many cases share three precursors: a breakdown in the person’s social structure, access to a means of suicide and an ability to overcome a natural fear of death. A high-profile celebrity suicide may partially fulfill the third element, Fink says.

“When you see somebody that you can relate to that has overcome this natural fear of death, you might be able to relate to that and take the same behaviors you were incapable of prior,” he says.”