House of no walls by former Berlin wall…


Date: October 17, 2019

01) House of no walls by former Berlin wall

“When Helle Schröder and Martin Janekovic (XTH-Berlin) signed a 199-year lease on some land along the old Berlin Wall, they had a permit to build a row house, but despite the two shared walls, they wanted something that felt airy and light-filled.

Solid glass and steel girders helped them avoid solid walls on the front and back of the home while inside they relied on drawbridges, slides and netting to keep floors and ceilings to a minimum.

The bedrooms are housed within two concrete elements, but even here one entire wall is a drawbridge that opens easily with hydraulics to allow light and air to flow smoothly. The top floor is a kitchen dining area lit from a huge skylight. A heat pump (pipes going 80 meters into the ground) heats the home and collected rainwater flushes the toilets.


Love this home!


The Whistleblower Had Plenty Of Company In His Concern…

Date: October 17, 2019

01) The Whistleblower Had Plenty Of Company In His Concern

“Wash Post’s Ashley Parker, Real Clear Politics’ A. B. Stoddard, MSNBC’s John Heilemann, The Root’s Jason Johnson and former senator Claire McCaskill on former White House Russia aide, Fiona Hill, telling Congress that former national security advisor John Bolton called Ukraine efforts a “drug deal”. Aired on 10/15/19.”

Rudy Giuliani “Should Be Worried” About SDNY Probe…

Date: October 17, 2019

01) Rudy Giuliani “Should Be Worried” About SDNY Probe

“Rudy Giuliani defied a congressional subpoena as the Wall Street Journal reports federal prosecutors in New York subpoenaed former Rep. Pete Sessions for documents related to Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine. Multiple reports reveal Giuliani was paid $500,000 by the firm of his arrested Ukrainian associate. Lawrence O’Donnell discusses Giuliani’s legal peril with Barbara McQuade and Berit Berger. Aired on 10/15/19.”

‘What I’ve Seen Horrifies Me’: NY Fed Insider On Giuliani Criminal Probe…

Date: October 17, 2019

01) ‘What I’ve Seen Horrifies Me’: NY Fed Insider On Giuliani Criminal Probe

“Federal prosecutors are probing Rudy Giuliani’s personal finances and business dealings in Ukraine. As Giuliani is under criminal investigation over the Ukraine plot, new evidence reveals he was paid $500K to consult for a Ukraine company that was founded by one of his associates indicted for federal campaign violations. Former Federal Prosecutor Miriam Baer says that while it’s important to wait for all the evidence, “what I’ve seen horrifies me” and may be criminal. Aired on 10/15/19.”

David Weatherly on VERITAS Radio – The Black Eyed Children – 1 of 2…


Date: October 16, 2019

01) David Weatherly on VERITAS Radio – The Black Eyed Children – 1 of 2

“S y n o p s i s

They just want to come inside.

Across the world, there are a growing number of accounts of strange, black eyed children. They appear on doorstops, at car windows, hotel rooms and even boats. Their skin is pale, their mannerisms odd and they have one consistent request.

They want to be invited inside.

What exactly is this growing phenomena? Are they demonic entities? Alien hybrids? Perhaps they are some form of spirit seeking passage to another place. Or, are they simply a modern urban legend born of the computer age?

There are dozens of accounts from people who had encountered these strange children. These people had encountered something that terrified them. These were normal, upstanding people. Among them were police officers, firemen and nurses. They were not seeking publicity. Indeed, the greater portion of them refused to have their stories told, even with the promise of anonymity. They simply wanted to understand what they had encountered.

B i o

David Weatherly is a paranormal investigator and author. For over 35 years he has explored the world of the strange, investigating cases around the country and abroad. He has written and lectured on a diverse range of topics including Cryptozoology, Ufology and Hauntings. David has also studied Shamanic and magical traditions with elders from numerous cultures including Europe, Tibet, Native America, and Africa. He has appeared on numerous radio programs. He is a writer for Intrepid Magazine and is the author of “The Black Eyed Children”.”