Who Will Empathize?…

Date: January 19, 2017

01) Twitter post


“…and who will empathize those 4/5yr old children that have no idea what or why something is being done to them?”

Every single person in their life and support structure, of course…including the pedosexual.

Do you imagine that such a freedom would ever exist, without deep checks and balances?

This cannot happen without serious social change…Responsibility to the child and family, is part of that.

This isn’t about fighting for any “free for all”.

Master Torxbit: Another #PizzaGate Guy Targets BoyChat and Heart Progress…


Date: January 19, 2017

01) torx update hearts progress and ip verify

02) Master Torxbit YouTube Account

“Published on Jan 15, 2017

#pizzagate #podestagate extended research
So many people are doing the popular stuff, we have a LOT more research needs doing in other areas. Here’s some of the work we are doing in our group.

as you can see from video the symbology is Real. Took these from the deepweb. I’d appreciate it if some people helped watch the Boychat group, and kept me updated. You can see they are tech savvy and like to brag about FBI failures. Some of them also hate Trump, support Clinton, and think that black thugs torturing white kids is OK.

Ironically, one pedosexual is on board with investigating pizzagate because it is “unfair” that the pedo-elite get to be satanists and have kiddie porn, and he can’t have the porn.

Guys the child porn is the Demand and the Supply is the kidnappings and sex slave market.
Pizzgate is a GATE because it is all much bigger. Please help us, or get involved in some of the other endeavors. There’s plenty of research to do. We want more tech savvy people, we need social network analyzers, we need people to submit research and create systems.

You can join in. Quit sitting and just absorbing, get involved, there is a larger world of danger out there to not just children, but everything sane and clean and wholesome; including the environment.

Most of all: be safe. Don’t take matters into your own hands. We are building the society to be the methods and mechanism.

Oh one other thing I didn’t get to in the video is my thoughts on Pizzagate where it stands. To be frank, it’s not a good lead anymore because the”


“We’ll find a way to ensnare the entire community.

Please volunteer, and like I said before: don’t go after random people. You need evidence, proof that would hold up in a court of law.

Also, read the Description: we need people that want to enter the Deep web and spy on or even infiltrate these groups, like Boy Chat. There is no way that these people are child porn free.”

What “Master Torxbit” is doing publishing screen captures from BoyChat posts, is trying to mentally connect legal, free speech resources like BoyChat with the PizzaGate fraud.

Considering that BoyChat has no connection with the PizzaGate insanity…it’s safe to say this guy is merely collecting up bits and pieces of information about online MAPs [and their resources], and cobbling them into an ever growing glut of propaganda.

There is no basis in reality, for the leap he is implying here.

The people of BoyChat and Heart Progress deserve to know, that they are being maliciously targeted and libeled by this guy.

…And he’s strongly suggesting that we trade child porn…Because he cannot believe otherwise…

We’ve run into this exact sort of thing, so painfully many times in the past…The bazillionth “new sheriff” has arrived…Oh my!

To Heart Progress:

I noticed Google shut down your group, quickly…which is not a shock.

Why don’t you open up a group blog, here on WordPress?

At the very least, they tend to leave you alone, so long as you’re not doing anything illegal.

You can share the same content you’ve been sharing, and talk about your viewpoints…The fact that you’ve adopted multiple issues, is a good thing.

I myself, am a human rights advocate, who shares informative and enriching information, while sharing my views on social, political and personal issues.

…I’ve been on WordPress, openly as a MAP, for about three years…and I’m happy here.

…..TAP-Net Website | Sub-Blog Archive

Maybe I am a Substance-ist?…

Date: January 17, 2017

01) Identity Politicians Never Go Away

“Classic Vernaculis format for this one. Sometimes you have to put the pumpkin, voodoo doll, football, deflated basketball, Stewie Griffin man aside to get serious for a bit. I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a couple of months. I got the boot in the ass I needed.

Wizard of Cause video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCeVWcllxpY&t=851s

I’ve encountered this a number of times over the years…And I’ve been called “wishy washy”, for the fact that I do embrace relativism.

Maybe I just see the values in diverse [sometimes dueling] viewpoints, too much for certain other people’s comfort?

I’m more of the mind that…as social animals, truth is usually scattered about in our worldviews, no matter what those worldviews may entail…and even when some worldviews may be demonstrably weaker than others…There is still a perception and play there, we can glean something from.

…The fatal flaw, is when a worldview becomes unflinching dogma.

At the end of the day…I want to know what is most soundly true…not what is most politically popular.

Supoz Interviews A Pedophile (Are Pedophiles Bad People?)…

Date: January 12, 2017

01) Supoz Interviews A Pedophile (Are Pedophiles Bad People?)

“In today’s video, Supoz Interviews a self admitted Pedophile. I ask the question are pedophiles bad people? Lot’s of extreme and harsh questions are asked, lots of surprising answers and some twist responses that leave in total shock. Viewer Discretion is Advised.”

As a “pro contact”, I have to say…I don’t hate you, Enderphile…I strongly disagree in some issues…but I still respect you. You’re an intelligent guy, and I’m glad you’re out there.

A few parts of this interview are painful to listen too, given that I think there should have been more of a counter perspective offered…but, this is a decent interview.

Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s Sentence…

Date: January 18, 2017

01) Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

“President Obama on Tuesday commuted all but four months of the remaining prison sentence of Chelsea Manning, the Army intelligence analyst convicted of a 2010 leak that revealed American military and diplomatic activities across the world, disrupted Mr. Obama’s administration and brought global prominence to WikiLeaks, the recipient of those disclosures…”

‘Nine Meals From Chaos’ feature film…

Date: January 16, 2017

01) Thanks, Puer Aeternus!

02) ‘Nine Meals From Chaos’ feature film

Ivan Noel’s new ground breaking film

“What really happens after war or disease eventually wipes out most of humanity?
Leaving aside fables of mass zombie invasion, or vigilante groups magically armed with assault weapons: how would humans actually re-group? How would they act when attempting to survive?

How indeed would human morality and modern taboos fare in this probable scenario?
This daring film will attempt to answer this as realistically as possible, making films like ‘Lord of the Flies’ look like a family camping trip.”

Knowing of Ivan Noel’s films…I wish I had spare money to give to this.

George Michael – WHAM!…


Date: January 16, 2017

Although George could do the WHAM! stuff on his own…I’ve been thinking for the past year or so, that they’d probably do phenomenal if they ever had a WHAM! reunion tour…They’d probably have to pad it with a bit of George’s solo music…but still…

Now we know it will never happen.

I was never a huge fan of George Michael…but I love a handful of songs he’s done.

He [and Andrew Ridgeley] hit the U.S. scene, “the” summer [and year] of my young life…This was still more music, that was in the mix…the year I got to go back to my home town…the year I got seduced…the year I got to discover everything, all over again.

I have a strong fondness for the music, the television shows, the styles…the movies…everything going on in 1984…and WHAM! was right there in the middle of it, being part of the soundtrack.

I was saddened to learn of George’s death…but, it was eclipsed by the death of my father on the exact same day [which is also why I am just now realizing, I never made my 2016 Christmas day post]…I’ve not made any mention of George, because I’ve been preoccupied…and kind of at a loss, to really say a whole lot. George’s death, was just an extra bit of ugliness for the day.

…He will now be strangely intertwined with this personal memory of loss.

Wham! – Everything She Wants:

WHAM! – Careless Whisper:

Wham! – Freedom [with intro]:

George Michael – Father Figure:

George Michael – One More Try :

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Amiga Story…


Date: January 16, 2017

01) Amiga Story | Nostalgia Nerd

“What goes up, must come down… Welcome to the story of the Commodore Amiga. This is part 1 of a 2 part documentary exploring the history and story of the mighty Amiga from its conception through to its buyout by Commodore. This episode deals with the “up” part of the story, and takes place during the 1980s. It charts the conception of the Lorraine machine (that would become the first Commodore Amiga), the early years and team spent working on the machine, the buyout of Atari followed by Commodore, the launch of the original Commodore Amiga machine (later renamed the Amiga 1000) and the subsequent Amiga 2000 and Amiga 500 machines which conclude before 1989 is out. In the second part, we’ll look at the 1990s, when the Amiga peaked and then fell to its regrettable demise.”

Amiga Story Part 2 (The 90s) | Nostalgia Nerd:


LGBTQ-Pedophilia Mainstreaming of Pedophilia .WTF?…


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Date: January 14, 2017

01) LGBTQ-Pedophilia Mainstreaming of Pedophilia .WTF?

You know what’s so messed up about people like this guy?…

…It’s that they don’t even understand the people they are attacking…yet this does nothing to stop them, from saying all of these ridiculous, disgusting, dehumanizing things about other people.

Now…for sure…he does touch on one or two things, I rightly should expand upon…But, on the whole…this guy is convoluting several widely different issues…and he doesn’t have a coherent understanding of what he’s trying to put into words.

I don’t think I’m ever going to get past the fact…that a guy [Todd Nickerson] has come out as a MAP, in order to address social stereotypes on MAPs…while deeply associated with a group that condemns all adult minor sexual relations, and echoing that groups viewpoints…and you have all these people going half out of their minds, claiming that Todd is ultimately there to legalize sex between adults and children…

…What this means…is that what is factually going on here, has completely went over the heads of numerous many people…And they’re all talking hyper and frantic amongst themselves, working each other up into some kind of panic.

…Are they simply incapable of the cognition and dialogue?

…And what are we to do about these sorts of people?…I mean, we can ignore them…but it seems like such a waste.

Oh, look!…He’s another person living in a fantasy world, where the government is writing laws to serve us MAPs…All this in the face, of the atrocities these governments have systematically committed against us MAPs…He probably imagines we are secretly controlling the government…

This degree of disconnect, is just staggering.

…And you’re another person, who’s trying to frame this as though children’s rights and MAPs rights are in conflict…when they never have been.

A question I want to pose to this guy:

You claim that we MAPs cause injury, harm, violence…whatever the word was you chose…

…You can cherry pick bad news stories, of children who’ve been raped, brutalized…even murdered…A portion of those news stories may even be about pedophiles…But these are not representative of typical MAP behavior or ethics.

How do you justify claiming that MAPs [“pedophiles”] cause harm?…Who have I, as a pedophile MAP, harmed in any way?…How can you generalize in this way?

I have harmed nobody, at all.

Countless MAPs, will harm nobody at all…

…You have no idea, the extent to which we MAPs have bent over backwards, just to cater to the laws, customs and paranoia, of people like you…So many of us don’t even live a full life, because of this…Many MAPs have suffered dearly, because of this imposition and trespass, at the hands of people who lack the capacity to share empathy.

…And all you can manage, is calling us monsters, when some of us offer ourselves for a public dialogue?

No, guy…the people you are specifically referring too, are not talking about normalizing pedophilia…This is something that people like you have made up.

In close:

You don’t get to pass yourself off as “the good guy”, when you just got done completely misrepresenting everything here.

The people you’ve decided to target and talk trash about, are literally pushing for things like support groups, social support structures to prevent MAPs from violating laws [which includes sex with children], and safe access to mental health care for MAPs in need of it.

They actually condemn the very notion, of society changing it’s laws regarding sex between adults and children…But does that make any difference to you?

…So much more fun and satisfying to kick up a fuss, and pretend like you’re being a hero?

Certainly…we have cognitive capacity, which puts our sense of morality in a different state than that of the other animals…Though, I’d be careful in saying ours is “above” theirs…In some ways, it’s more refined…In some ways, it’s over analytic…In some ways, it’s terminally paranoid…

…Most other animals have the luxury, of being able to just go about the business of survival and living, without overactive minds getting in the way of it all. There may be a brutality and harshness in their existence…but it’s an honest existence, that hasn’t been sullied by false interpretations of violence…Their violence is real…not imagined. There is something beautifully refreshing, about that level of honesty.

…Humans are not so honest…and they relentlessly tear each other down, based on little more than differences in how we live, look, think and speak.

…Our evolution in this regard has not been one of progress…It’s merely been a shift in style and focus.

We humans can say “that is probably not a good thing”…yes…And why do you presume, that MAPs are in any way lacking this cognition, or lacking the resolve and moral compos to refrain from doing things they’ve judged as bad?

By my judgment…sticking my erection [or anything] up the anus of a child, is absolutely unacceptable…And as a MAP, I have lived a life of several decades, having no trouble avoiding my erection ending up in anybody’s anus.

What you suggest about us…is that we somehow lack the capacity to control ourselves…You don’t even know what you are talking about…Stop trying to dehumanize us.

Who is going to benefit from the acceptance of MAPs?

…MAP’s, yes…but also, anybody who in any way has been spared the fallout and experience, of any person [MAP, or otherwise] who has been driven over the edge.

If we had a more intelligent way of socially embracing MAP’s…it’s very conceivable that many of the high profile cases that went into creating things like Megan’s Law, likely would not have happened at all.

A radically different social approach to MAP’s, and human sexuality, would only serve to protect people.

The left promoting degeneracy, and hating the family?

Oh, good grief…

…Do you understand the concept, of tearing the boil open…and bringing the difficult subject of discussion to the surface, in order to fully understand and address it?…Because I don’t believe you do.

If there is any hate for the family…I’ve only witnessed this hate, from within the confines of a religious family, headed by a heterosexual marriage…Because you “normal” folk have enough hate for it, to tear your own families apart, at a staggering level…whether they split up [which is common] or not.

The left doesn’t promote degeneracy…

…The left recognizes [usually], that the people the government taps into for taxes, public service, military service, etc, etc, etc…include the exact same people, who are homosexual, bisexual, etc, etc, etc…and that they have no valid ground, on which to deny these people a voice in the creation and implementation of law, and public services.

Gay marriage came about…because most people got sick of the government telling productive members of society, which it exists upon the backs of, that they cannot have equivalent rights with everybody else. For an increasing number of the U.S. population…taxation without representation, has been brought to a stop.

…This country, it’s laws and customs, do not belong to “you”, just because you imagine yourself to be normal…or typical.

…You should not expect it to cater to you, and your sensibilities, alone.

…You’re not the only one here, who has to scratch out an existence, buddy.

There are plenty of people here, who don’t need your intolerance getting in the way of their ability to live a meaningful life.

…Okay…I’ve written enough on this one.