How to Unlock Your Inner Narcissist – Coping with Criticism…


Date: March 02, 2021

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“This video answers questions: Can I offer tips on how to handle criticism? How can one cope with criticism? I’ve also seen requests on how to ignore insults and how to separate insults from criticism and a few times even heard questions that ask are there ways to ignore criticism or to ignore negative criticism altogether.

What we see on the Internet in terms of dealing with criticism is some good advice, but also a lot of awful advice. For example, if we look at the area of narcissism, we see this idea that anyone who criticizes anyone else must be a narcissist. Under this faulty logic, if somebody’s a narcissist, we should learn to ignore them, which of course is not good advice, because that’s actually narcissistic in itself.

The construct of “unlocking your inner narcissist” (we see this advice offered by the life coaches and other people on the Internet) is not always useful. I think there is a better way (more logical) to handle criticism.”

Being a pedophile…

We have this insidious circumstance, of haplessly being forced into an existence saddled with accusations that “we destroy children”…or that “we want to”…a seemingly impenetrable wall, at one point in time…

…There is no clear road map on how to confront and fight back against this hyperbolic dogma, the unique and vicious circumstances it imposes upon us, and the social aggression which snuffs out all other dialogue and knowledge from the public sphere.

…You’re left to your own devices…to cope and survive in the constant, endless face of it.

Hence…you work with what you have, and with what you know…or with the advice you’ve encountered.

There is a lot swimming around in my head, listening to this video…much of it I’ve already forgotten…so, I just started typing what was most recently in my mind.

Coping with criticism [though in my case, it’s mostly coping with onslaughts of abuse and unhinged hate] absolutely speaks to a lions share, of where I’ve had to go and what I’ve had to do…just to keep focused on what I was doing, in my personal projects online.

…Oh…my dealings with other MAPs have generally been good…and my friends have been an absolute foundation for me…Some, I look upon as adopted family…

…It’s the act of putting yourself out there among the masses, and interacting with everybody else, that gets really delicate, hard and taxing…potentially life destroying, if you don’t know how to deal with it.

…That is a sea of pure, violent abuse…from people who lose their minds, when people like me find our own voice, start to unite and etch out our own place in this world.

How do you break through all of this?…

…You just do…You keep charging at it…fighting back…until it finally breaks…

…More people see you…more people comprehend you, even if it’s painfully few at first…more people support you…eventually, more voices publicly join in…as they are starting to do, today.

I never honestly thought we’d move the needle this far, when I started blogging fifteen years ago…as an openly homosexual pedophile…We have visibly cracked the armor, worn by the hate and ignorance which has assaulted most of us for all of our lives.

…I am proud of that…

…I am proud of being “Steve Diamond”…a persona, through which I have spent much of my life expressing things…which I mostly cannot express in a safe manner, anywhere else.

While “Steve Diamond” is fundamentally the real me…a few traits have been exaggerated and amplified intentionally, as a tactic for dealing with…well…various things ever present in a hostile world.

I’ve never considered myself a natural leader…and yet, what we face demands confident voices with vision…which is what I have tried to be.

…I’ve been accused of narcissism a number of times over, because of the manner in which I discuss pedophilia and living this kind of an existence.

…I’ve been accused of that and all sorts of things, when expressing my dismay, exasperation, frustration and outright anger, at the way society treats these kinds of issues…and people like us…

…When it comes down to “places you are forced to go”…I never wanted “Steve Diamond” to be anything other than a stark, honest representation, of a homosexual pedophile surviving in a world trying to expunge his existence as a human being…

…I wanted it to be clear and undeniable…just how utterly human I am…just like you.

Do I ever come off as narcissistic or some other negative way, to some people?…almost certainly, yes…

…Given what we are up against and what we fight for…I have a clear conscience concerning my decisions…Sometimes, you really don’t have other options.


Equality Act 2021 EXPLAINED…

Date: March 01, 2021

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“What is the Equality Act of 2021? And why is it so important? John Iadarola and David Johns break it down on The Damage Report.

Today, the House of Representatives reintroduced the Equality Act, a bill dedicated to providing explicit federal protections from discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity for matters of employment, housing, education, jury duty, credit, and federally funded programs, among others.

If passed, the Equality Act would extend civil rights protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer+, and same gender loving (LGBTQ+/SGL) people under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other existing civil rights laws.