Kindergarten Students Caught Getting Busy At School…


Date: May 11, 2020

01) Kindergarten Students Caught Getting Busy At School

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“Two five-year-olds were found in a classroom’s bathroom doing inappropriate acts. Kelly Mascio, who is their teacher, reported the unpleasant incident after she found the girl and boy without clothes in the school’s Kindergarten bathroom in Mullica town, south New Jersey. After the students had been confronted, they confessed.”


DOJ asked to probe Ahmaud Arbery shooting, as witness speaks out…

Date: May 11, 2020

01) DOJ asked to probe Ahmaud Arbery shooting, as witness speaks out

“Federal officials are being asked to investigate how authorities in Georgia responded to the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed black man who was shot while running through a neighborhood in February. It took more than two months to arrest the suspects, Travis and Gregory McMichael. Omar Villafranca reports on what a witness to the shooting is saying.”

Reich at Home: Elon Musk Says I’m a Boring Idiot…

Date: May 11, 2020

01) Reich at Home: Elon Musk Says I’m a Boring Idiot

“Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich is discussing how Elon Musk is willing to subject his factory workers to COVID — but won’t subject himself to criticism on Twitter, Trump’s new plan to send ventilators to Vladimir Putin, and the outrage that Michael Flynn is getting zero jail time for lying to the FBI, undermining prosecutors, and betraying the country — while countless Americans are dying of coronavirus in prison because they were jailed on technicalities or parole violations.”

Coronavirus Adds Urgency to Ending Egypt’s Detention and Torture of Children…

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Date: May 10, 2020

01) Coronavirus Adds Urgency to Ending Egypt’s Detention and Torture of Children

“The United States has long justified its support for Egyptian security services as necessary for the security and stability of Egypt and the region. Yet the means by which the Egyptian security services operate include arbitrarily arresting and torturing some of the most vulnerable members of the population – children. Now, with the coronavirus sweeping through the Middle East and conditions for children in detention ripe for a public health crisis, the situation is more dire than ever. The United States must end support to security services that disappear and torture children, and should stand up and press Egypt to end widespread abuses of detainees’ rights and the routine use of detention against children.

The case of a 17-year-old detainee named Wesam illustrates the abuses. For three frantic days in late 2017, Wesam’s family and friends had no idea where he was. Eventually they learned he had been arrested on his way to a protest. In his first days of detention, he was given only the soldiers’ and guards’ leftovers to eat, and he was interrogated for hours on end without being allowed to see a lawyer. He spent the next five months in a crowded cell at a Cairo police station that measured 9 x 9 feet. There were never fewer than 15 detainees, some of them adults, crammed in with him. The cell was so packed that inmates “slept on a shift schedule: a group of us sleeps for six hours, and another group wakes up,” he told us.

As of April 2020, Wesam is still under investigation for alleged membership in the Muslim Brotherhood, a movement the government outlawed as a “terrorist” organization and recently blamed for spreading the coronavirus. He is required to check in at a police station every day.

But he is one of the lucky ones. Egyptian security services have disappeared other children for up to 15 months and tortured them. In our work with Human Rights Watch and the U.S.-based rights organization Belady: An Island for Humanity, we recently reported on children detained for political reasons in Egypt. Like Wesam, most were held with adults in overcrowded, poorly ventilated cells, and denied adequate food and medical care. Many were also tortured.

Consider the case of Abdullah, who was only 12 when he was disappeared on December 31, 2017, a few months after his older brother joined a group that claims affiliation with the Islamic State (ISIS). For the first six months, Abdullah was held in several detention centers, where he was shocked with electricity, waterboarded, suspended by his right hand, and forced to lie on a burning hot metal bed frame. For the next 100 days, he was held in solitary confinement and denied adequate food, family visits, medical care, and the chance to bathe. After a period of slightly improved treatment, a police officer at the station where he was being held promised in January 2019 to return him to his family. However, when his older sister arrived the next day to collect him, officers denied knowledge of his whereabouts. His family has not seen him since.

Or consider what happened to Hamza, who is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence. He was 14 when forces from the Interior Ministry’s National Security Agency disappeared him in 2016 for allegedly taking part in a demonstration. For two days, officers shocked Hamza with electricity on his genitals, head, and tongue. On the third day, they suspended him from behind by his arms, which dislocated both his shoulders. He was left in an unheated corridor for three more days, in winter, then taken to an underground cell. On Hamza’s 15th birthday, a guard overheard him speaking to another prisoner, which was prohibited, and forced the boy to stand on tiptoe after placing sharp nails under his heels. “He hates his birthday now, he does not want to celebrate it again,” a relative told us.

It shouldn’t take a pandemic to get the United States to press Egypt to stop detaining and torturing children.”

Ugly reality…

…The United States government/elite only care about children and young people, when they personally have something to gain from it…

…And, yes…it can be egotistical gains…and financial gains…but it’s typically power greed gains…and gains in satisfaction, by way of violating people they claim to be “morally offensive”…or “socially corrupting”.

They don’t care about propping up, and supporting these types of ruthless abuses against children and youth, when it suits their own goals…and nobody else is seeing it happen, or connecting them to it.

So many U.S. politicians, and other powerful profiteers, are flat out bastards.


Sexual Repression: Western Sexual Ethics…


Date: May 10, 2020

01) Accepting the Sexual Self

Personally…having seen and experienced first hand, what sexual repression does to an individual [including children]…I’ve genuinely come to see the culture of voluntary child loving, as a desperately needed, social good…one that has been missing in the human species, for far too long.

What has cropped up in it’s natural place, and absence, is among the deepest of human tragedies.

So much anger and violence comes directly from sexual repression…and this kills people, in numerous ways.

Too many people are blaming the wrong things, for all the ills in this world.

Why cant people just be happy for each other, and leave each other alone, when people are happy among themselves?

It’s always got to be about control…never about trust, acceptance or letting people be free to experience life.

It’s painting people in the worst light possible, instead of allowing them to be the positive beauty they naturally have inside of themselves…That is what “western” sexual ethics are, from my experience…and I see them as primarily wicked…It’s as if they want human consciousness to be hell.

I think that’s why I am so aggressively open minded and liberal about freedom…I cannot take the soul destroying control and intolerance, nor the injuries and suffering they cause, anymore.