Campus Indoctrination: The Parasitization of Myth…

Date: November 23, 2017

01) Campus Indoctrination: The Parasitization of Myth

“[Jordan Peterson] was recently invited to the University of Wisconsin in Madison and gave this talk there. I was invited by the Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy (, and would like to thank them for that. In this talk, I tried to marry my objections to ideology (particularly the radical leftist ideology that is currently dominant in the humanities and, to a lesser degree, the social sciences) and to explain how ideologies parasitize the cognitive structures and symbolic language that characterize truly archetypal and complete world representation.”

The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys…

Date: November 23, 2017

01) The Dark Past of Sea Monkeys

“This is the story of how a tiny, magical creature was transformed into a cultural phenomenon by inventor, marketing genius and complicated eccentric Harold von Braunhut. Full of fun facts (both charming and disturbing), Just Add Water is a colorful short film about a half-century of marketing directly to children, the force of nostalgia in pop culture, and an unlikely meeting of flim-flam and hard science. A film by Penny Lane.”

I had these, when I was about thirteen…

…Sure enough, my cousins and I found the advertisement in one of those mail order, gag gifts catalogues…stuff kids and teens would want to buy.

Something about the guys connection with the KKK sounds vaguely familiar…I may have heard or read this somewhere…And it’s terribly unfortunate, if true.

You have to think, his “Sea Monkeys” were purchased by children of all races.

As to the “Sea Monkeys”, themselves…Each of us purchased one kit…

…None of our results were especially impressive.

I remember reading “the manual”…a tiny, brief something or other…maybe a pamphlet…and reading about such things, as how the males may fight with each other, when it was time for them to mate…

Reality is…they all died…except one…He lived alone, in my jar, for a good while…

I don’t recall naming him…or her…whichever it was…But there was no “Sea Monkey” population, to carry on.

My cousins had worse luck, still.

I think we even combined the survivors…but, they quickly died.

Just the one, really lasted any substantial amount of time.

They were neat…but overrated, and not much of a pet.

Jordan Peterson Was Right…

Date: November 23, 2017

01) Jordan Peterson Was Right

“The leaked audio from Lindsay Shepherd from the faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University confirms our worst fears.

Listen to the full recording here:

“This is a meeting between teaching assistant Lindsay Shepherd and Wilfrid Laurier University representatives. Shepherd was called in for violating the school’s Gendered and Sexual Violence policy by screening a few minutes of a TVOntario program which questioned the use of gender-neutral pronouns.”

If I ran a university, a college or a trade school…these type of “professors” would be de-platformed from all school classrooms, and the cushy salaries that would come with employment.

The Orwellian Nightmare at Laurier University (THE SAAD TRUTH_545):

For these “professors”…

The Truth About Race and IQ…

Date: November 21, 2017

01) The Truth About Race and IQ

“–Our long-form investigation into race and IQ, including its origins in eugenics and more recent attempts to connect racial differences with intelligence

Selected sources:

Note: I think this issue is more of interest to me, because it’s another example of how science and research can be highly controversial…as well as manipulated, or suppressed and tainted.

I could not even begin to determine, whether this specific research is accurate in it’s conclusions…But as a freethinker interested in knowledge…I am open to hearing, and accurately understanding, what is being put forward.

Science and research are often really, really messy…Which, I’m confident, is what keeps drawing me back to this “race IQ” controversy.

I’m not intending to push the idea, that races have different averages in intelligence.

If I’m not mistaken…I believe I did bring up the cultural effect previously, wherein lesser advanced cultures aren’t going to think and act like more advanced cultures…Hence, there may be a perceived disparity in the “intelligence” of the different populations.

You cant accurately judge someone, with a test created and conducted severely outside of their own natural environment.

That being said…I’m still not comfortable with the [unfortunately predictable] retort, “Racist! Racist! Racist!”.

I have neither hidden reason, nor personal desire, to believe that humans have evolved differently in this way…I just really don’t like it, when people start throwing out the ad homonyms, and ascribing to things/others things I don’t recognize being there. There is something fundamentally wrong, with that style of interference.

…Let me play devil’s advocate, here…

Even just within a lifetime…we already know, that if you don’t use your mental faculties, they become dull…you lose them, to one extent or another…

If one culture existed all along, on a more primal basis…would we expect them to develop deep thinkers?

If complex thinking which pushes the mind [brain] to work and enhance is not happening…then how are we to expect, that this will impact that population on an evolutionary level?

Is it not consistent with evolutionary theory, that brains will be altered in a certain way…because certain things were not needed for some populations?

Of course…that this research is seized upon by actual racists, is quite distasteful and troubling to me.

…I’m questioning whether this isn’t such a hot button issue, that it’s not being allowed to just be conducted, for the sake of knowledge.

Science and research, are supposed to be dispassionate.

…Is this honestly racism, disguised as science?…Or is this “forbidden knowledge”, because so many people are uncomfortable with a messy, complex world, that doesn’t cater to what they want?

All the same…I greatly appreciate this effort, from The David Pakman Show.