Saturday Night Fry Talk Show – Moral Panic…


Date: August 08, 2019

01) Saturday Night Fry Talk Show – Moral Panic

“An episode of Saturday Night Fry broadcast on Radio 4, September 12th 1998, with Stephen Fry, Brian Sewell, Robbie Coltrane, Rosie Boycott and Guy Barker.

Fry and especially Sewell express opinions that are distincly sympathetic to paedophilia and child sexuality.

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Montana Man Allegedly Leaves Boy ‘Bleeding Out of His Ears’ and ‘Seizing on the Ground’ for ‘Disrespecting the National Anthem’…

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Date: August 07, 2019

01) Montana Man Allegedly Leaves Boy ‘Bleeding Out of His Ears’ and ‘Seizing on the Ground’ for ‘Disrespecting the National Anthem’

“A Montana man allegedly assaulted a 13-year-old boy who he believed had disrespected the American national anthem at a county fair in the state. Curt James Brockway, 39, of Superior, is accused of assaulting the boy at the Mineral County Fair and Rodeo at around 11 p.m. on Saturday.

“There was a little boy lying on the ground,” Taylor Hennick, who was [at] the rodeo, told Missoulian. “He was bleeding out of his ears, seizing on the ground, just not coherent.”

According to KPAX, witnesses saw a man pick up a boy and throw him to the ground. Brockway reportedly tried to justify his actions to nearby fairgoers. Hennick told Missoulian: “He said [the boy] was disrespecting the national anthem so he had every right to do that.”

The unnamed boy’s parents said his ears bled for six hours after the incident and that his skull was fractured. He was taken by air ambulance to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane.

Brockway, who has a previous assault with a weapon charge from 2011, and who Missoulian reported is a registered violent offender, will be released on his own recognizance Tuesday.”

Jesus…all the things wrong with this…

Who in the hell does this?

It’s people like this, who belong locked up for a very long time. He [allegedly] inflicted grave bodily injury on a thirteen year old…with intentional, brutal violence.

This guy inexplicably will walk free “released on his own recognizance”.

If the crime had been performing highly appreciated oral sex on this same boy…the accused would have likely never been released at all.


Spiked: Paedophile panics: an unhealthy obsession…


Date: August 07, 2019

01) Spiked: Paedophile panics: an unhealthy obsession

“A podcast broadcast 1st August 2014 , with Podcast: Frank Furedi, Barbara Hewson and Luke Gittos.

“The UK government’s announcement of a public inquiry into decades-old allegations of a paedophile ring operating within public institutions has ramped up fears over the prevalence of child abuse and the extent to which parliament, the police and the judiciary have been ‘covering it up’. So while the inquiry has been packaged as a sober reappraisal of neglected evidence, it has whipped up yet another moral panic. In this edition of the spiked podcast, presented by Tom Slater, barrister Barbara Hewson and spiked’s law editor Luke Gittos discuss how abuse scandals are wrecking the rule of law, and author and sociologist Frank Furedi looks at the destructive impact Britain’s obsession with paedophiles is having on young people.” ( )”

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Federal Arbitration Law Poses Barrier to #MeToo Era State Laws…

Date: August 07, 2019

01) Federal Arbitration Law Poses Barrier to #MeToo Era State Laws

“The #MeToo movement inspired a slew of states to propose limits on arbitration—the widespread practice that keeps workplace disputes in a private setting and out of public courts.

The practice became a target in recent years of lawmakers and advocates who said it shielded harassers from being held accountable.

But those efforts may prove futile. A recent ruling by a New York judge telegraphs that attempts by states to limit arbitration run afoul of a powerful federal law that governs such contracts.

Mahmoud Latif, a former Morgan Stanley trade associate, asked a federal appeals court to test this tension between state anti-harassment proposals and the Federal Arbitration Act, which has been bolstered by the U.S. Supreme Court in recent years.

“The New York case is a fantastic illustration of the situation the legal system is in right now,” said David Horton, a law professor at the University of California, Davis. “There is growing consensus that certain types of arbitration are unfair. But as a matter of doctrine, it’s clear under precedent that laws cannot be passed that exempt claims from arbitration. There’s a clash of values.”

Support to remove statue of painter John Glover, although sculptor denies model was convicted paedophile…


Date: August 06, 2019

01) Support to remove statue of painter John Glover, although sculptor denies model was convicted paedophile

Thanks to feinmann0!

“Advocates for sexual assault victims have called for the removal of a bronze statue of a famed landscape artist said to bear a resemblance to a convicted paedophile.

Tasmanian paedophile John Wayne Millwood helped found a society to commemorate 19th-century painter John Glover, and Millwood’s photo was given to the sculptor when he was commissioned to do the bronze.

The sculpture of Glover stands at the entrance to Falls Park Pavilion at Evandale in northern Tasmania.

Abuse survivor Steve Fisher said the statue looked like Millwood and should be taken down.

Millwood served half of a four-year sentence for the prolonged sexual abuse of a young boy, and is now out on parole, but is prevented from returning to Launceston.

There are no photographs of painter John Glover, just paintings. Advocate for sexual assault victims Dayna Dennison said anything representative of Millwood needed to go, including the statue if people objected, and any plaques in Tasmania listing Millwood.”

Scrubbing away everything that even so much as “reminds” you of someone…or something?

This is a large part of what we are fighting…

…this wide spread belief, that people can mistreat us however they like…and then they can turn around, and act as though we never even existed.