Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Exposes Faults in Democratic Party…

Date: March 28, 2016

01) Bernie Sanders’ Campaign Exposes Faults in Democratic Party

“Thom Hartmann is joined in studio by Richard Eskow, Writer & Editor-Bernie Sanders Campaign / Host-The Zero Hour ( Website:, who says candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump on the right have exposed fault lines between the establishment and base in both parties.”

Batman Vs. Superman: A Review…


The Ratings System Explained

Date: March 28, 2016

“Everyone HATES Batman v Superman? – The Know”

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Reviews – #CUPodcast”

It’s not as bad as some people are making it out to be…but I agree with many people, that they seriously need to change the direction of this series…Otherwise, it’s going into the toilet.

They’ve already blown through the “one, two” punch, of reboot Superman, and then reboot Batman [fighting Superman]…And they’ve never managed anything more than a lukewarm movie, each time.

Having seen Man of Steel…my expectations were not high…and I left, thinking I’d seen an okay movie…But that’s the problem…This movie should not have been just “okay”…It should have been phenomenal.

I think the best element was Batman…a character I really liked, in this version. It was nice to see Wonder Woman, also.

Beyond that…the storyline isn’t terribly coherent…And there are things going on, that just should not have been. I think there were too many dream sequences…and not any real exploration of them…They are just there, as something that gets salted into the main movie…They largely feel disconnected from the rest of the movie…which is my major gripe with Man of Steel, also…Where it was as if they put two or three separate movies into a blender, and came up with one…And it just did not work, as an over all movie. Batman V Superman suffers from the same syndrome.

Their fight is not terribly epic, either…And it’s over with way to fast, and way to simplistically…It’s just not believable…For a warped vigilante who hates Superman…Batman should not be acting like he and Superman were friends, by the end of this movie…That is some type of spite, which should linger, flair up and mellow…over two or three movies…not be quickly done and forgotten…On the contrary…If this series manages to go ten movies, they should still b a bit snotty with each other at least going into the fifth movie.

Doomsday was just…senseless…I don’t see why they felt like this was needed…because it made the movie jumbled…and I think they could have made a great movie, solely with Batman and Superman at each others throats…Wonder Woman could have been the peace maker…And the vicious rivalry could have spilled into a second movie…which then could introduced more characters [Luther…Doomsday, etc.]…

No spoilers here…but, I’m glad they made Batman come off as strong as he did…And I’m glad they let the movie end where it did [if they was going to pursue the storyline they did]…and that they didn’t do any last minute swerves, to set everything right again before the movie ends.

I would still recommend going to see it…because it wasn’t a bad movie…It just wasn’t as good as it needed to be.

They’re going to have to step up their game…because if they do a three-peat with this formula on Suicide Squad…they might not have enough momentum and political capital left, to justify a fourth movie.



The Theater of Anonymous…


Date: March 27, 2016

The self aggrandizing chest beating of Anonymous members continues…

…Oh, they’re all about “gung ho!” protection of children, and eradication of “child porn”…except for those times, when they’re not thinking too deeply about it…or how they’re going about things…

Twitter has a private, custom form, explicitly for the purpose of reporting child pornography…This is an important piece of information…Keep it in mind, because I’ll quickly come back to it.

“NOTE: Please do NOT tweet, retweet or repost child sexual exploitation for any reason. Click here to report it to us immediately and we will take steps to remove it.” – Twitter

What I’m about to show here, I’ve seen happen a number of times on Twitter accounts owned by Anonymous members…So, I am not cherry picking anything here…This is just common behavior…Not just the tweets, but the massive retweeting amongst Anonymous members on Twitter.

[Note: The targeted account (with naked children) is gone, so I’m not going to conceal it’s name.]

AHW005_The Theater of Anonymous_1

AHW005_The Theater of Anonymous_2

Link to tweet [Note: This Anonymous idiot already got themselves banned, before I could even get this posted…(Darwin Award for you, Zippy!)]

The many times banned Anonymous member Lúcian discovered a Twitter account posting pictures of naked children [I’m not sure if there was actual pornography there, or not]…What is his answer to all this outrage?…swearing…berating of the person behind the account…calling on his companions to attack…Oh!…and publicizing the very exact same account they’re so outraged over, so that anybody at all can visit and enjoy it…


…I think this is another one of those “stick your head in the microwave” moments…or would “shoot yourself in the foot” be more appropriate?

Somehow it got lost on these Anonymous members…that Twitter takes these kinds of accounts down, without even debating the matter…Someone reports…Gone!…

If Lúcian had taken any time at all to explore Twitter, then the report form I’ve linked here would have been discovered…You can even use a search form, for crying out loud…”report child porn”…Try it!…

…But, no…the chest beating and self aggrandizing is just too delicious, isn’t it Anonymous?…And you’re just starving for self validation in life, aren’t you?…So much so, you desperately need the whole world to look on, and see you…and all your “great deeds”…and heap praise upon you…

Why…being so busy with all this theater, I can see why you’d have no time for a five second search on Twitter…

…And why you’d have no use for a private venue to get an account closed down…Despite that using said venue, would…oh, I don’t know…avoid publicizing and spreading an account publishing child nude pictures?…

…But, hey…you Anonymous people have your priorities…Why would anyone expect you to let practical common sense [or the spreading of potentially illegal child porn] get in your way?

…Laws don’t apply to super anti-heroes…do they?

…You can just cloak your blind fanaticism, in “greater good” rhetoric…like you so typically do.

…All the while, conveniently immersing yourselves right in the center of exactly what you claim to hate…and passing it all around.

Plenty enough about you, just does not add up…

…But then, I was presuming you had at least an average IQ…

…Maybe, you honestly cannot think this deep?

For on looking readers…understand that no Anonymous member is an official authority, or has any valid position in the chain of communication on Twitter…They are neither vital, nor necessary, for reporting “child porn” on Twitter [or Vine]…

…They’re just inexplicably putting themselves out there, in a very public way, to receive and spread these links…when there isn’t even the first justification for it…and the effect of this behavior, is contrary to their own stated intent.

This is a common behavior I’ve witnessed amongst Anonymous members on Twitter…and it’s something I’m surprised Twitter has not cracked down on…Especially given the history of some of the individuals behind this behavior [their TOS violations are varied, and wide in scope].

Being in the Twitter MAP community for so many years…I’ve crossed paths with these scheming twerps, a number of times…They won’t leave the legal MAP accounts alone. Heck, one of the bozos even has me on an “Anonymous Watch” list, right now…And hey, maybe they’ll wise up from the exposure?…I don’t really care about that list…But the point is, they keep meddling in the affairs of MAPs who are doing nothing illegal [or even unethical]…So, they’ve remained on my own sort of watch list.

These are incredibly creepy people…sociopaths, honestly…They claim one thing about their motives and actions…and then set about doing whatever they please.

There is an earth shattering irony in the fact…that they preach a popular sermon, while taking part in the exact [potentially illegal] act they condemn.

I support the decriminalization of “child pornography”…So, no…I don’t like promoting the censorship of accounts posting child nudes [or even “child porn”]…On principle, it is extremely offensive to me to censor and criminalize such material…

…But I’m a realist, and I am resolved to the fact that things are the way they are…and no rash action is going to change things, quickly. We have to function in this world, as it exists.

For those of you out there, who just cant seem to live with “child porn”…Please, I implore you…don’t even speak with the Anonymous creeps…You need them for absolutely nothing…Just go directly to the form I’ve linked above, and file a report…The process will be private…There is no reason for anonymity, in doing this.

I have nothing to gain in sharing this link with you…except that, maybe, it can help reduce the occurrences of these idiotic spectacles from Anonymous. I don’t patron those types of accounts, and I wouldn’t even know anything about their existence, if it weren’t for Anonymous announcing them…or putting them on “watch lists” along with me…

On a personal note…these Anonymous jackasses have gotten my ire up on more than one occasion, because in real world practice…I avoid “child porn” like the plague…Yet it’s been directly because of these idiots [and investigating what they are on about, when they’ve approached me], that I’ve found myself unwittingly in the midst of potentially compromising material on Twitter.

Having sworn off this material, and having forgone this sexual part of my life [which is no small, inconsequential matter]…I get more than just a little bit angry, when the psychotic assholes dragging the names of people like me through the mud, are the exact same people delivering unwanted “child nudes” to my doorstep.

Anonymous has no right to compromise my legal status.

MAPs like me are 1,000,000 times more heroic men, than the sum total of Anonymous…

…That’s why we MAPs don’t hide behind a mask.


Evolution of Feminist Theory, Moral Panic & the Law – Part 1…

Date: March 26, 2016

01) Evolution of Feminist Theory, Moral Panic & the Law – Part 1

“Part 1 of a series discussing the root cause of many false accusation and wrongful convictions in historical sexual abuse & childhood sexual abuse cases. Topics include feminist theory, misandry, misogyny, structure of moral panics, social changes, trauma theory, multiple personality disorder, dissociative identity disorder, Sybil, psychotherapy & psychiatric influence, mental illness, self-serving greed, legal changes and how all of the above combined causes problems within the criminal justice system and for innocent people accused of horrific crimes as well as the mentally ill and vulnerable who are tricked into victimhood. Source links:

[Raw links below]

• “The true story behind Sybil and her multiple personalities”:

• Debbie Nathan Speaks about False Accusations & Multiple Personality Disorder (and Dissociative Identity Disorder):

• Undated 20/20 episode, “Can You Always Believe The Children?”:

Thanks to GhandiOBlocked for finding and sharing this.

A tremendous societal mess has been made, by the things featured in this video.