Microsoft Really Screwed Up Windows 10 Bad…

Date: November 14, 2020

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“Windows 10 October 2020 Update biggest problems and complaints

The last major refresh of the year for Windows 10 is out, but it’s causing some issues for some users.”

I don’t know why life is denying me normality these last few weeks…but I keep having all this insanity thrown at me, day after day after day…it’s always something.

The biggest reason I’ve been quiet the last 48 hours, is because I’ve been doing emergency backups of my important files…so I don’t lose lots of work I’ve done, these last several months.

If you’ve not been paying attention, Microsoft released a [Windows Update] monstrosity in October of 2020…causing a lot of people who have a previously smooth operating system, to fall into an abysmal hellish pit of constant glitching and software [even operating system] freezing.

I am one of the saps who has been suffering with the happy horse shit that came with this “update”…

…Then, a few nights back…they released the November 2020 doozy…and Ho Lee Sheet!…Are they trying to destroy the functionality of my PC?…

I thought they might be getting on with fixing the serious problems with the previous update…No…It’s just way worse…and more problems still!

The operating system itself is a glitch fest now…My task bar is next to useless…My links aren’t even showing up anymore, and I’m not sure what will happen if I try to minimize a window…so, everything is open on my desktop…and Ho Lee Hell, what a pain in the arse it is to juggle all of this.

It takes an obscene amount of time for this PC to reboot, and end up at a stable enough place to start opening up programs and doing things…Thankfully, it can still connect to the internet…I’m going to try to do some recording for the MWF, and see if it actually works okay…I’ve been working up to a Friday the 13th show, now past after being sucker punched with this.

Given the instability I was experiencing…I was alarmed enough to back up everything I could remember, as soon as I finally got access to the files and folders…Happily, I managed to grab everything…However, in the context of BS like this…if I have to transfer over to a different computer, reinstalling and setting up a bunch of software and files…this is still a really, really nasty blow…I have functioning PCs I can use…but they’re all older and less powerful than this one…So, I’m just going to wait it out for the time being…They have to be working on fixes.

I was just reading an article a little while ago…Strangely, I cannot recognize where it is in my browser history…But, apparently Microsoft workers were given a strict, rapidly approaching deadline to patch up serious security holes in Windows 10…and they released a patch they knew full and well, was not ready to be released.

So, we got a shitty update dumped on us, without warning…and it’s causing hell for a lot of people.

Seems they’re doing a “close the breach, deal with the breakage later” course of action.

Forgive if my typos increase…The synthesizer can read it all back to me, but I only do this through headphones or ear buds…and my PC no longer recognizes when either are plugged in…

…One of several fallout, from these past few updates.