“The Island” – CreepyPasta Storytime…


Date: October 27, 2017

Graphic Horror Story:

01) “The Island” – CreepyPasta Storytime

“The Island” by Hahnmoose is a classic type of story similar to The “Disappearance of Ashely Kanasas.” A Story of a horrific and traumatic event… one that plays with the imagination.”


Corey Feldman’s Truth Campaign…


Date: October 26, 2017


“Corey Feldman has created a new INDIGOGO campaign, but this time its not to raise $ for an album, or tour, but it is about something much more important. Corey is attempting to make his life story into a Major Motion Picture. His idea was created in response to the tens of thousands of comments he receives urging him to come forward with details about his abusers while growing up as a child in the industry. The plan is simple, donate now, get the answers you seek, while affording him the ability to protect his family, and cover the legal costs while he prepares to take a stand against the sick and twisted power mongers in the world of Entertainment and beyond. Please contribute today.”


“People have long awaited a response from Corey as to what exactly happened in his childhood alongside best friend Corey Haim. In his book, Coreyography, Corey describes what happened but it isn’t clear who exactly the predators are. The best way, he feels, in order to tell the whole story, is for Corey to come forward in the form of a film about his life. We are embarking on a dangerous and exciting journey to get to the bottom of the truth. However in doing so there are great security risks.

We are asking for friends, fans, family, industry peers, and people from all walks of life who may not know who Corey is or what this story is about, to all help pitch in, at fighting back against the Hollywood system, the best way a man created in the system, knows how to defend himself; by telling his truth through his art. This is much bigger than raising finance for a film, this is about the balance of Good and Evil in very real terms. Ever since Corey announced he was working on a plan to come forward with more information, he has been arrested, had a near death event, and his band quit with no explanation other than saying they were afraid to continue. Corey and I fear for our safety, and we need protection to get this truth out. To do this in the way Corey envisions it will take both time and money. Firstly as a security measure Corey has already written down the names and details of the events and given them to a trusted person of power, in case anything should happen to him or any member of his family before the film is finished. In order to make a true Hollywood Blockbuster these days the studios are spending upwards of $150,000,000 on average. We are asking for less that a tenth of that to make a top level quality film that will be guaranteed as a theatrical release. Even if every twitter follower pitches in $100 we are there. We can protect ourselves with security and a legal team as we fight to tell this story, and pay for the films production, editing, marketing, and distribution. This 1 time fee covers the whole process start to finish, and will pay for our families protection and security, while we go through this very difficult, painful, and scary process. It will also cover initial legal fees. Additionally, Corey believes this revolutionary approach to self financing and self distribution can revolutionize the film industry and take away the power from those who now hold the keys to the world of Entertainment, which allows the power monsters to continue doing the things they have for so long. This can truly be a way to regain control over who has access to children in the industry, while weeding out the criminals who have already caused the damage. This is a call for the world to unite for a most important cause, to preserve the innocence of children. Please do your part TODAY.”

It looks like he wants ten million dollars, and he’s over one percent of the way there…He wants to make a movie about his childhood in Hollywood, and rease it into the theaters…

I’ve referenced Cory Feldman a number of times on this blog [ here, here and here ]…and have implored him to stop setting on the fence, and take action if his accusations were true.

I think I made the most direct post of that nature, on BoyChat, sometime in the last five years…or, maybe decade…This has been dragging on for so long, it may have been fifteen years ago…or even longer.

I can only repeat myself…

Unless he’s trying to extort money to stay quiet…I cannot fathom what has made Corey Feldman habitually resurface every few years, in order to make threats and allegations against unspecified people, who he claims are sexually assaulting young actors…as it all never went anywhere, beyond the media spectacle.

Of course, he claims this horrible thing is ongoing…and will continue to be ongoing…and that he has the information to take them down [aka “make it stop”]…But for all these many, many years, he has continued to refuse to take them all down…

So, now he wants to do something concrete?…

Very Good!…It is about time!

Someone with his status and influence, should have been able to do this years ago…He’s already established that he’s not afraid to make waves in public…So, why has this dragged on so long?

It was time for Corey to stop toying with us all, and spit it out, years ago…

The fact that he has behaved like this, and refused to substantiate anything…habitually…over many years…has damaged his credibility, in my mind.

…Largely because he was selling this narrative of “unspeakable evil, devouring the helpless children”, over and over and over and over…leaving us all hanging…waiting, and waiting and waiting…never any answers or substantiation…Nothing any of us could actually take a closer look at…just vague, broad accusations…

…And now…apparently, it requires a multi million dollar movie, with a nation [world?] wide theater release…and the potential purse for all those tickets sold…for Corey to finally tell us what he has to say?…

…I don’t even know what to say to that…

…That’s like…hardcore exploitation, on speed…

I’ve seen his home, in videos he’s put out…It’s extremely nice…It’s not the kind of home “Joe Nobody” lives in…He lives better off than 99% of us…The fact that he has the freedom to pursue his “musical career” [even going on tour?], attests to this fact…Because, I’m sorry if this is coming as a shock to anybody…but his “art” doesn’t justify any sort of career…It’s tragically bad…For his sake, I sincerely wish it were otherwise…and I feel bad for him.

A square peg isn’t going to fit into a round hole…And if his bandmates abandoned him so quickly, I cannot imagine that things were going so amazingly, or that there was much of a future ahead of them.

…Point is…he clearly lives well, today…far better than most of us…And he talks, and talks and talks, about being utterly destroyed…but he wants us all to pay him money, before he tells us anything…

…First a book…and now a multi million dollar movie…

…Let me restate that…

…He decries “the unspeakable evil”…spends years getting us riled up and keeping us on the edge of our seats…But all he can funnel this major revelation into…is opportunities for himself to make a big [or massive] paycheck?…

…We now have to pay for “the privilege”, of him finally dropping names to go along with his vague accusations?…

This soap opera, is way…way…waaaaaaaaaaay too much…

He should have been naming names, when he first brought this up.

The whole idea that he could not have gone to the D.A., and done this anonymously right from the start, is absurd…If he’s “willing to walk away from everything” over this…he could have done it…maybe even gone into witness protection, and started a new life somewhere.


…After all these years, asking for the names, places and specifics of what happened…we are all still spinning our wheels, having nothing to show for our years of attention spent on this spectacle…And now, we have an opportunity to pay Corey money, to look forward too…

…No, thank you!

…What the flipping hell, Corey?

…I guess “the defenseless, trembling Hollywood children, can go on being ruthlessly devoured”, while Corey takes another long window of time [a year?…more?…], to provide us with the next chapter of this saga…

…The big culmination?

Oh, Jesus wept!…

…Spit it out, already!

Don’t anybody drop the excuse, “But he’s up against elite untouchables!”…

…There are congressmen and District attorneys who would absolutely tare into this.

How on earth, does something this allegedly real world dire get spun into a theatrical movie, in that kind of a nature and setting?

…This a play out of the “InfoWars” playbook…It’s just insane.

I’m sorry…but I am way beyond the point, where I’ve lost patience with these kinds of Corey Feldman spectacles…

…It comes off like a sick joke, that he is actually soliciting money over something like this…and ten million dollars, at that.

…Where does the point come, that refusal to give testimony and evidence all these years becomes obstruction of justice?…

…Are they going to coax a judge and jury into the theater, to accept his evidence?…Will they all have to pay the price of a ticket, also?…



…I mean, really, seriously…Wow!…

…I’m speechless.

Oh look!…Another opportunist!

AMTV is holding the little piece of ink scribbled paper, with all the leaked names!

…And he only wants us to buy a paid subscription to his channel, in order to watch the private live feed!

Yeah…wow…”The great evil is destroying the children”…and this guy has “the hot scoop”!…for a dollar…

…The level of money grubbing opportunism here, is just revolting.

Curious Point:

I just had to share this, because it happens…but not really often…and not usually in such a clear way…

This is the sort of thing only someone who regularly uses a voice synthesizer would be aware of…but when you copy and paste URLs for links and embedding, the synthesizer automatically reads out the URL…The domain is normally pretty straight forward, and represented accurately so long as it isn’t too weird…But with the specification for the video files [that garbled mess of letters and numbers], it often does a combination of reading out individual numbers and letters, while also trying to use phonics rules to read out portions that “it thinks” might make up a word…

This can lead to some interesting, humorous and curiously fitting words being uttered, when I copy the URL of a video…

If I recall correctly…I’ve had words like “lie” and “gross” come up…I think a few swear words, too…

In the AMTV video above…you can distinctly hear the word “sewer” being said…

…I just had to encode, upload and share this…

…”Obviously”…my computer is possessed by the devil!

…Or…make of it what you will!

…Perhaps it’s just a fitting label, for something trying to cash in on the money grubbing, on the backs of allegedly “abused Hollywood children”?


Social Autopsy Developments [2017]…

Date: October 26, 2017

01) Why I Don’t Trust Red Pill Black (Candace Owens)

“Here’s my feelings on Red Pill Black. You don’t have to share them, but I would be remiss if I didn’t take the time to remind people that this person has such a shady past and their website is very much still up.”

My own Social Autopsy post from 2016.

Just a current look at the founder and owner of the “Social Autopsy” website. The website URL [http://socialautopsy.com/] doesn’t appear to work at the moment.

Top search results for “Social Autopsy”:

The Strange Tale of Social Autopsy, the Anti-Harassment Start-up That Descended Into Gamergate Trutherism

An Open Letter to Social Autopsy

The Roast of Social Autopsy: It Gets Worse (Update)

Social Autopsy wants to become a search engine for anything bad you’ve ever said online

Of Note:

There’s an actual therapy program/practice for autistic kids, which uses the term “social autopsy”.

If the uproar over the ill conceived, potentially malicious “Social Autopsy” website had really taken off…this could have drowned out a legitimate autism program, making it hard to find on any internet search engine…and making said program very hard for people to find, even if they know the correct search term to use.

Social Autopsies: What Are They And Why You Need Them

Thankfully, these types of links only got pushed down about half a dozen spots.

Few things annoy me more about the internet, than the search ability of something being destroyed, because of the wall of useless information and endless squabbling that comes up, when you’re actually trying to find sound information about something entirely different [and legitimate].

Hopefully…this “Social Autopsy” doxing project is dead, and is not coming back…It’s parent organization http://degree180.com/ seems really lifeless, at present.

It should be acknowledged:

…There are people out there, who chronically behave in such malicious ways towards others…that they do rightly deserve an expose, the likes of which “Social Autopsy” suggests giving.

Some people are just straight out sociopaths, and a danger to others…And not only does the public have a right to know…but their targets have a right to identify them, and address what is happening to them at the hands of said sociopath.

As I’ve set the foundation, for an expose on roughly the last ten years of crap I’ve been subjected to, at the hands of very specific, malicious sociopaths…I’ve reposted [and written] a few pieces, about specific individuals, who’ve maliciously threatened and harassed me over the span of years.

These sorts of cases fall into a unique category…and they’ve lost all right to remain anonymous, or unspecified…They lost that consideration, years ago…Especially after they started taking things offline, and started threatening me in ways/places that aren’t even related to anything I do online.

In addition…I need something concrete to be here, to reveal the true facts, and the path that led to it…in the event that anything happens to me, because of the actions of these malicious sociopaths.

If nothing else…I deserve that much…Nobody else is likely to do this on my behalf…So, it falls upon me, to set the record straight.

So…believe me…I understand extreme cases, where you’ve been subjected to something for such an insane amount of time…that your own hand is literally forced…and you end up exposing your tormentors…when by nature, you would avoid doing that, except as a last resort…

…Being a MAP who’s been targeted, smeared and threatened by many individuals and high profile groups…spending a very large chunk of my life under this constant threat and menace…I come at this issue from a very literal understanding, on just how bad it gets…and how serious it is…and how it affects you, long term…

…I know that this specific style and degree of behavior, needs to be brought to an end…and the perpetrators of it need to face consequential reckoning, for the injurious, serious abuses they’ve committed.

Red Pill Black’s Innocent Anti-Bullying Project [Sep 29, 2017]:

[Internet] WTF is Social Autopsy & why it stinks:

Fears and Phobias: What Scares You?…


Date: October 25, 2017

01) Fears and Phobias: What Scares You?

“As we approach Halloween, we again explore our (often irrational) fears, why they happen, and what we can do to overcome them. Your calls and emails, and we conclude the show with Dr. Caleb Lack, a clinical psychologist and expert on anxiety disorders.”

Ghost Stories 2017 (TTA Podcast 350):

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Collected Public Domain Works of H. P. Lovecraft…


Date: October 25, 2017

01) Librivox: Collected Public Domain Works of H. P. Lovecraft

“LibriVox recording of Public Domain Works of H. P. Lovecraft.

H. P. Lovecraft’s name is synonymous with horror fiction. His major inspiration and invention was cosmic horror: the idea that life is incomprehensible to human minds and that the universe is fundamentally alien. This collection contains 24 Lovecraft works that are in the public domain. You’ll find more versions of these stories throughout LibriVox’s short story collections and short horror story collections. (Summary adapted from Wikipedia.)”


Creepypasta: “I’ve Uncovered Video Tapes Revealing A Malicious Reality Show”…


Date: October 24, 2017

Graphic Horror Story:

01) “I’ve Uncovered Video Tapes Revealing A Malicious Reality Show” Creepypasta

“Be careful where you go digging around. You don’t want to unearth something you shouldn’t find.


How to Survive Extreme Cold Away from Home…


Date: October 24, 2017

01) How to Survive Extreme Cold Away from Home

“The best thing you can do to help increase your chances of survival in colder weather is to realize that no matter where you are, you’re still susceptible to all types of weather.

Mother Nature is an unforgiving, humbling force to be reckoned with. This applies especially to extremely cold weather. Don’t test your luck with Mother Nature in the cold, she will win every time. The best thing you can do is prepare, and learn as much as possible should you find yourself exposed to the cold for long periods of time.”

This presents valuable information. It’s worth reading.

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Acne Home Remedies…


Date: October 24, 2017

01) Acne Home Remedies

Another tip, for the teen or oily skinned adult in your life…

Buy a bag of cotton balls, and a bottle of generic, knock off “Listerine” mouthwash [because there’s no sense in paying more for a name, when active ingredients are the same]…

Wash the effected area daily.

The antiseptic will cut the skin oil, kill the bacteria and leave the skin area clean.

This is a fairly cheap way of dealing with acne.

…It is likely to solve the problem, in most cases.