My Favorite Aunt…


Date: August 29, 2017

…Well…I have a lot of aunts and uncles…and I don’t even know how many cousins…But, this was one of my aunts, I was actually close with.

I have so many memories…This is almost like losing grandma, all over again.

You know that aunt [and/or uncle] who’s always got the home, where everybody else congregates?…If there’s a summer cookout, it’s always at their place…That is what we just lost…

…A self reliant leader, who knew what she wanted to do…and she spent her life doing it.

You were always welcome at their home…and they were always happy to see you.

I learned to swim, and developed a love for water, in their pool…

…During the nineties, I was over weekly…often on Saturdays…watching pro wrestling, on their huge projection television [my uncle was a huge fan, also]…

…It’s a beautiful home, honestly…It will be hard to see it, without her there.

We knew time was short…Cancer…But seeing her only ten weeks ago, you wouldn’t have thought it would take her this quickly…She seemed remarkably good.

I just keep kicking myself…because I promised to stop and visit…and I was going to do just that…But not last time I was in the area, driving past their home, when I could see they were at home…I really wanted to make another quick stop, and get home…I was deceived by how well she’d been doing…I thought there’d be a few more months…maybe a year, or more…

I got the call within days…things took a rapid, grim turn…and she wasn’t receiving visitations…A few weeks later, and I find out she died.

It just seems unreal, how rapid it happened.

I will miss her.

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The Obvious Solution to The Issue of “Offensive” Statues and Monuments…

Date: August 27, 2017

01) The Obvious Solution to The Issue of “Offensive” Statues and Monuments

“Let the group responsible for paying for upkeep decide. Any new monuments or statues should come up for a democratic vote.”

Much the same can be said about people who protest Child Love, Teen Love, BoyLove and GirlLove symbols.

I never understood those people who want to deface and disrespect, the symbols of groups in the intergenerational love community…It’s just so meaningless, asinine and stupid…It’s like…what’s going on with these people, that they’re denigrating another communities mark of identity?

…It does not accomplish anything…The act, itself, is often just a gross smear, and completely misrepresenting the community in question…And this really reflects on the poor integrity and poor character, of the defacers.

Simply removing symbols, monuments and such from public display, does nothing to address whatever social issues people may be having concerns over.

It just hides things, and stops them from being brought to the surface.

…That’s not good.

Establishment Scolds Elizabeth Warren for Repudiating Clintonism in Fiery Speech…

Date: August 27, 2017

01) Establishment Scolds Elizabeth Warren for Repudiating Clintonism in Fiery Speech

“Elizabeth Warren gave a fiery speech at this year’s Netroots Nation and unequivocally came out in favor of progressive policies while simultaneously repudiating Clintonism. As a result, the Democratic Party establishment responded by scolding her, and arguing for more centrism—even though it’s a strategy that has lead to them losing nearly 1000 legislative seats across the country. Don’t listen to ’em, Liz; you’re FINALLY standing up for what’s right!”