Breathtakingly Beautiful Japanese Tiny House on Wheels…


Date: August 24, 2019

01) Breathtakingly Beautiful Japanese Tiny House on Wheels

“It’s possible that this is one of the smallest homes that we have visited on the show so far and yet without doubt it is one of the most spectacular in it’s design. Japan is a country already world-famous for it’s small space designs, and so it should come as no surprise that when Japanese master-craftsman Tagami Haruhiko turned his attention towards the tiny house movement, amazing things would happen.”


13 Secret Tricks Every Police Officer Uses…

Date: August 23, 2019

01) 13 Secret Tricks Every Police Officer Uses

“Police officers are the order of any country. In movies, they chase the worst criminals, conduct interrogations, and, of course, they save people. But is this all this true? And how do these things really happen?

Btw, have you ever engaged in a pleasant conversation with a police officer who stopped you on the road? If you have, then you’ve probably given them a lot of useful info without even realizing it. The police have much more up their sleeves than you might think, and a superhero arsenal is just one of many of those things! So here are the most interesting facts about the dangerous work that policemen do. Most people probably have no idea about these crazy facts.

– When you’re stopped by a police officer who’s accusing you of something, you’d better recall your alibi, and fast.
– Police officers touch the trunk or tail light of your car when they pull you over. This way, the officer is leaving their fingerprints on your car. They would serve as evidence if something happened to the officer during your conversation.
– Before an intersection or among tall buildings, the “yelp” mode, which has a faster beat, is used because it bounces off the surrounding walls better. The “hi-lo” mode can be used in different situations, but it’s generally reserved for dense traffic.
– The “cops love donuts” stereotype has become so omnipresent that many police officers even stay away from donut shops at all costs not to feed the myth.
– They have a legal right to do it by lying in your face. The only thing they’re not allowed to do is making your confession involuntary.
– In the US, if 911 receives a call that potentially requires immediate action, they will send out a SWAT team that will first break down the door and put everyone on the floor, and only then ask questions.
– The thin blue line is a sign to all the members of the police out there that here’s a supporter. The police actually have a sort of brotherhood.
– As soon as one of them gets into trouble, others will try to get them out of there.
– They’ll have everything from handcuffs and a radio to a whole arsenal needed to take down criminals on the run.
– In fact, like almost everyone else, they have to do lots of boring things. Filing documents, filling in some blanks, compiling reports, and so on.
– If you have a friend in the police, you’d be surprised at how much they already know about you — even if you didn’t tell them anything.
– It’s a common belief that most police officers are quite cynical. Well, in truth, the same can be said about any professional working with people on a daily basis.”

Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts Believed To Have SPECIAL Powers!…


Date: August 23, 2019

01) Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts Believed To Have SPECIAL Powers!

“Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Artifacts Believed To Have SPECIAL Powers! From magical objects with supernatural powers to mysterious ancient but real magical relics, this top 10 list of mythological artifacts will amaze you!”


Handmade Inner Mongolian Mouse Traps…

Frontier Tool Shed

Date: August 23, 2019

01) Handmade Inner Mongolian Mouse Traps. Mousetrap Monday

“Handmade Inner Mongolian Mouse Traps. Mousetrap Monday
In this video we test out a handmade style of mousetrap from Mongolia. We then feed wild animals at the beaver dam and I answer several questions from youtube viewers.”

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Date: August 23, 2019

01) BREEDING MAGGOTS, the ULTIMATE FISH FOOD (Surprising Results)! – Feeder for TROPHY TROUT

“…how to make maggots at home using only very simple tools like a bucket, drill and some rotting meat.

I wasn’t sure if our trophy hatchery rainbow trout pond fish from Lyndon would love maggots or not, but the results are surprising!

Maggot Life Cycle

The life cycle of a fly begins when a female lays an egg on a food medium like rotting meat. A female fly can lay up to 150 eggs at a time. Over a period of a few days, the female can make 5-6 batches of eggs. Eggs are deposited in compost, manure and other decomposing organic material. Eggs resemble very small grains of rice.

After 23 hours, the eggs hatch into the first larvae stage known as a maggot. These are legless white insects. They are basically worms with a mouth piece. All they do is crawl around eating voraciously. During the maggot stage, they will molt several times, once at 27 hours and 22 hours, and finally into a pupae at 130 hours.

After feeding, the maggot will find a place to pupate or cocoon into a brown hard shell. This protects the inactive fly. Over the course of three to six days (143 hours), the pupae develop legs and wings, ultimately emerging as full-grown house flies. Within two to three days, female house flies are capable of completing the life cycle and depositing eggs or mating with a female.”

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Date: August 23, 2019


“Camping is loved by many, but few love all the inconveniences that are so keenly felt during a hike like insects, wild animals, rain, cold or heat. But what have the developers of modern tents managed to come up with to make life easier for travelers? Watch this to the end and you will learn about 10 COOLEST TENTS IN THE WORLD.”


Business Mogul Steve Madden: Trump Is Clueless On The Economy…

Date: August 22, 2019

01) Business Mogul Steve Madden: Trump Is Clueless On The Economy

“Founder of his eponymous shoe company, Steve Madden, criticizes Trump on his economic policy. Madden says Trump is ‘in over his head with China,’ arguing he is trying to do business with China like ‘he’s negotiating with someone from Brooklyn.’ Ari Melber presses Madden after he says Trump ‘means well,’ arguing the President is just ‘misguided.’”