Why Child Pornography Concealment is Immoral…


Date: February 18, 2017

It’s all a grotesque sham, where they remove everything from public view, and thus remove it from public scrutiny [which is critical to any functional civilization]…put in place life destroying consequences, for those who investigate for themselves…and dictate down from on high, how everybody else is to behave…

…”Only they, can tell us all how to think and behave.”…”Only they can define, and talk about with authority, what the issue and content in question is.”…

As things are…nobody can even call these liars “liars”, or show why they are malicious liars…without being hurt [potentially destroyed] by doing such.

It’s immoral…because it’s dishonest…and it prevents us from seeing the thing in question, for what it honestly is.

It’s immoral…because a profitable industry has been built upon these malicious practices…an industry which can only be reasonably recognized, as a modern day form of human slavery…and exploitation of humans, as if they are chattel.

It’s immoral…because it’s designed, to prevent any sort of change to the dogmatic ideology it represents.

It’s immoral…because it creates fractured groups of outcasts within society…and prevents them from being able to live in society, or take any meaningful part in society.

It’s immoral…because it is self defeating…and is creating the social ill will, which can only come back around to haunt it’s own people.

It’s immoral…because these practices are not how a healthy, transparent, respectful and just society functions.

Indeed…these practices are preventing us from living in a healthy, transparent, respectful and just society…which is why they are so utterly offensive, and indefensible.


Peel cop billed for overtime while watching child porn videos…


Date: February 17, 2017

Thanks to feinmann0 for this link.

01) Peel cop billed for overtime while watching child porn videos

“A veteran Peel Regional Police officer who investigated sex crimes against children and most recently headed up the technological crimes unit has admitted to watching 241 child pornography videos stored as evidence from police investigations.

Former detective Craig Wattier, 52, who had been on the force for 30 years, was charged in May 2015 with five counts relating to fraud, possession of child pornography and accessing child pornography.

He pleaded guilty Tuesday to two of those charges — breach of trust for using his position as the tech crimes unit supervisor to access a special electronic evidence vault containing seized child pornography, and fraud for falsely claiming $28,000 in overtime, paid duty and concurrent payments from the police and the Criminal Intelligence Service of Ontario.

The remaining charges were withdrawn.

According to the agreed statement of facts filed with the court, Wattier accessed 750 files related to child sexual abuse material. Of those, 241 meet the criminal standard for child pornography according to the police, though other videos would be classified by investigators as “age difficult” or “child nudity.”

He sometimes claimed overtime for hours it was later discovered he spent watching these videos.”

He knows…Oh yeah…Craig Wattier knows…

…Craig Wattier knows, what so many people who’ve viewed child pornography know…That it’s very attractive and naturally desirable to look at and watch…even if few people will ever state the obvious.

Mind you…I’m not talking about material showing violence towards children…I’m talking about children naturally enjoying themselves sexually, while amongst other children…as is the true definition of child pornography.

I’d certainly never argue that a child being raped by an adult in front of a camera, is anything other than a child being raped by an adult in front of a camera…and I don’t consider content of that nature, to be child pornography.

…Or, maybe I’m giving Craig too much credit?…Maybe he did get a few kicks off of watching children being violently raped, and not watching children beautifully engaged in their sexuality?

Don’t you just love it when their “dog eat dog” world order turns on itself, and karma comes back around to their own?…Sounds like he may get off a lot easier than he deserves, however.

This sort of thing is likely a lot more common than most people believe…the cops who get paid to watch [and look at] it, finding themselves attracted to it.

In reality…as a natural phenomena…there is no biological or psychological reason, as to why the bodies of children doing these sexual things, should not cause arousal and attraction within adults…just as it commonly does amongst the children, themselves.

…It’s still basically the same kinds of sex acts as adults do…but there is a lot less hair in the way, to conceal what is going on…or to bring with it the kinds of adult elements [like, it’s stinky, nasty and looks dirty] which so many people are turned off by…Plus, children’s skin is so soft, smooth and naturally appealing…and their body parts so cute…There is no mystery, as to why a horny child is so attractive…or why being sexually kind to them, is so appealing.

Craig Wattier’s life and fate are such a senseless waste…Years spent destroying other people’s lives…while in his own gut, he knows he’s been living a horrible, malicious lie.

I cant say as I feel sorry for him…But I do wish he’d have at least fought and gone down on behalf of the morally defensible side, in this war.

As is…he’s nothing more than a merciless tyrant, being forced to fall on his own sword.

…Nothing respect worthy, in any of this case.


Child sex doll trial opens Pandora’s box of questions about child porn…


Date: February 15, 2017

01) Child sex doll trial opens Pandora’s box of questions about child porn

“There’s a trial going on in Newfoundland that centres on the contents of a long, rectangular box.

What’s in it would most likely disgust and infuriate many, but others think it could actually be beneficial to society.

Inside the box is an unassembled child sex doll, shipped from Japan. The doll has not been entered into evidence yet. So far, the only ones to see it are the police, officials with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and an expert who has only seen pictures of it.

The package is addressed to St. John’s resident Kenneth Harrisson, a 51-year-old electrician now on trial for possessing child pornography. He has pleaded not guilty.

Child porn cases usually include images of kids being sexually exploited. You have actual victims.

But the Harrisson case, which began in St. John’s last January and resumes Feb. 14, raises the question of whether an inanimate object constitutes child porn.

Retired RCMP Supt. Bill Malone has not seen the doll but has screened thousands of images of child porn over his 26-year career and believes this object falls into that category.

“When I look at the descriptions of the doll in the paper, in the newspapers, and how it is described and what it’s for, and those sorts of things, I am of the opinion, and I’m sure I always will be, that it is child pornography,” said Malone.

Toronto-based clinical psychologist Dr. James Cantor disagrees, and, in his opinion, what Harrisson is on trial for does not constitute child porn.

“Actual child pornography is evidence itself of a crime being committed. But that’s not the case with a child sex doll,” said Cantor. “There is no actual person. It is a piece of latex. So, if there is no victim where is there, exactly, a harm being committed?”


Collins, who was qualified by the judge in the case to give his expert opinion at Harrisson’s trial, wrote, “In my professional opinion, the possession of a sex doll is just another form of depicting a child for a sexual purpose and therefore would meet the criteria for child pornography.”

Well…Canada is trying to broaden the legal definition of “child pornography”, to include even more things that have no connection to actual children.

Canada has a thing, about blatant prosecution of thought crime…especially when you are a MAP.

Of course…these people pushing this case are, themselves, predators…Predators who are trying to ensnare Canadian MAPs.

The day has come…when these people and agencies, and perhaps even the governments and court systems need to be arrested, and placed on trial for high crimes against humanity.

The malicious and incompetent inmates are running the asylum.

…When is our day of justice in this world, going to come?

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Is sex a social construct like gender? Nope…

Date: February 13, 2017

01) Is sex a social construct like gender? Nope.

“Here, then, we have someone trying to distort the biological evidence in service of an ideological agenda. While I’m in sympathy with that agenda, I’m not sympathetic to the claim that sex itself is a social construct. Were that true, we’d have to revise hundreds of years of biology, and not just in humans. What we should do is accept the facts of biology, as well as the fact that some people feel that they’re not members of their biological sex, and then construct our social mores based on these facts—without distorting the biology.”

Very informative article.