Mellisa Gets Justifiably Threatened With a Lawsuit, Again…


Date: August 15, 2017

01) IDENTITY OF #ELSAGATE COUPLE – Elite Polish and Czech Banks – YouTube video in question

I’ve personally archived this video, as evidence of Mellisa Zaccaria’s online stalking, terrorism and harrassment.

I recommend a lot more people start taking copies of everything she does. It will likely prove useful, if she ever targets you. You’ll have an established pattern of behavior, which other people can observe and judge for themselves…including lawyers and judges…and law enforcement officers.

“Published on Jul 7, 2017

Please visit Voat for fully sourced report and further research

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Investigating YouTube Exclusive – Dr. Judith Reisman…

Response from the Targeted Victim:

Mellisa Responds:

This is a gross misrepresentation of what she, herself, did to these people…

Mellisa is not being threatened with another lawsuit, for having “presented public information exposing their child grooming/abuse videos”…

There is nothing about those videos that even substantiates the claims of “grooming” and “abuse”.

Mellisa and the gaggle of people she associates with, are fanatics simply trying to make the accusations stick, by propagating them.

What Mellisa has done, is snoop around to find open, identity information left by the people who run these channels…Then she used Google to find bits and pieces of other information…including their home address, and photos of the area where they presently live at…

…All while couching it in some completely unsubstantiated [and highly doubtful] story, that this family [or group] is somehow involved in pedophilia, or in the liberation of pedophilia…

This is all based on insane wingnuts, watching corny, gross videos on YouTube, and deciding for themselves that “pedophilia” is the root source of them, based on no objective evidence at all

So, Mellisa has endangered at least one entire family…including two small children…

…But all she has time for, is crying about what is happening to herself, from all the predictable pushback…

When I talk about mouthy, arrogant people like Mellisa being sociopaths…I don’t use the term loosely…Go take a look at her channels [links are in another post of this series], and actually get a solid impression on how she thinks, reasons, speaks, reacts…what her methods are…This is somebody who is both obsessed, and unhinged…She is impatient, and completely unreasonable…She is demanding and subjugating…She is dogmatic, and clearly not well informed or world wise…And she lacks reasonable self restraint…

These things are glaring, in their obviousness.

People like Mellisa [and there are countless of them out there], think they don’t have to treat “you” like a human being…They think they don’t have to respect “you”, and can wipe their behinds with anyone else they please…because “you” don’t think and act, exactly like them

…They think they have some “right”, to wipe “you” and every expression of “your” humanity, clear off the face of human consciousness…as if to construct a psychological world, where “you” don’t exist.

They’re all about censorship, seriously abusing other people, and shaming, hounding and threatening anyone who might associate with [ie: provide service to] “you”…

They’re attempting to commit a form of holocaust.

That Mellisa, seemingly, cannot even comprehend the seriousness in what she has done here, just further attests to how psychologically unfit she is.

Mellisa is engaged in internet terrorism, censorship and bullying…against a young family, with small children…and she’s targeted them, because they make dumb, gross YouTube videos.

That is an objective, reality based assessment, of what is going on here.

…But, of course…Mellisa’s behavior doesn’t start, or end, with just this family…Her list of victims is growing.

These people who cannot control themselves, anytime they’ve seen, read or herd something they don’t like…they honestly need to seek professional help…Go to a doctor, Mellisa…I’m serious.

This is no threat on my part…This is wisdom, from having watched people like Mellisa go down this path…They ultimately end up destroying themselves, in the process of their insatiable obsession to “kill the monster”.

Mellisa Reminds Me of the Zach Sweers Case:

Of course, there are worse cases out there which can be observed…But Zach Sweers is a good example, of a cocky, predatory individual who has found himself in legal trouble…because he decided to entrap hebephiles, video record the “sting” encounters, and upload everything to the internet

Zach Sweers: “How far should a citizen go in trying to bust online predators?”…

Zach Sweers: The most bizarre predator I’ve seen…

This is all subject to local laws, and their nuances…But it should never be ignored, that there are commonly grounds for legal prosecution…which a lot of these smug predators, are oblivious to…They think they can get away with anything, and nobody is going to do anything about it, because they’re targeting “pedophiles”…

…That path of reasoning, is becoming the undoing of more and more people.

Some people are going to criticize me for giving you sound advice, because they think you need to crash and burn…

…But, Mellisa…you should always reach out with dialogue to everyone you disagree with, or don’t understand, as opposed to bursting on the scene with libelous accusations, threats and aggression.

You cant just make up and spread stories about other people, target their life’s work, their homes, their family, etc…and expect that nobody is going to do anything about it, because you’ve wrapped yourself in the banner of “saving children”…

…This does not shield you from jack squat…It also does not conceal who, or what, you are.

What you are engaged in, is identity politics…It’s your team, the religious wingnuts, crusading over everybody else, who you’ve decided “don’t need or deserve human rights”.

You need to back off of this poisonous path you are on…You are headed for some very sobering encounters with reality, if you think you can just keep threatening, terrorizing and abusing people like this.

…Getting sued multiple times over, is absolutely foreseeable in your future…

…Just food for thought…Some people like you have even ended up in jail, or prison, for taking things way to far.

If you incite violence towards anyone…You better hope nobody dies in that violent attack…Because it is your ass, Mellisa, which is hanging out there, culpable in what occurred.

Contrary to popular belief…you can be taken down by the law, even when your victim was a known “pedophile”.

discoplumber gets it:

Of course…I am not the only one, who recognizes what is going on here.

Things like “ElsaGate”, are nothing but another rabid feeding frenzy, for these “pizzagate” and “pedogate” idiots.


How Mellisa Deals with People…


Date: August 15, 2017

01) Vidme Investigation

“My month long battle of trying to take CP off of Vidme. I include footage of conversations I had with Law Enforcement and FBI as well as details about my phone conversations with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Vidme.”

So let’s get this straight…

…She finds what she claims to be “child pornography” [though given her historic established standards, and outrage at “child abuse content”…it’s impossible to say, what she is really talking about]…She gets all hyper and pouty, and contacts all the reporting channels, like a true programmed zealot…When she dumps a bunch of stuff onto a small staff, at a young internet service, she can’t figure out why everything wasn’t gone “yesterday”…proceeding to hound and interrogate said staff…because it allegedly stayed up for a few more weeks…She calls the cops on them…She gets pushback from the VidMe community, for being an ass hole…So, she makes videos “exposing” people who run VidMe…bullying them, via her bully platform.

…And she wonders why nobody wants to deal with her.

This personal accounting of her’s is just sad.

…And “she” is the “victim” in all of this?…

…She’s mentally ill…that’s what she is…Completely unreasonable.


Mouse Utopia Experiment…

Date: August 15, 2017

01) Mouse Utopia Experiment

“John Calhoun’s Mouse Utopia, 195?”

The Rise of the Beautiful Ones – Science on the Web #114:

TL;DR – What Was the Mouse Utopia?:

What do you suppose this tells us about animals, including human beings?…

…They’re not allowed to develop what they need to survive, when they’re over protected and every need is provided for by something else?

…That they go crazy, when they’re not allowed to be what they truly are?…

…That they give up, when there is no seemingly clear reason?…

…When they have too much free time on their hands, they come to create other problems?…

Progressives’ New Ranked Choice Voting Bill Could Kill the Two-Party Duopoly…

Date: August 14, 2017

01) Progressives’ New Ranked Choice Voting Bill Could Kill the Two-Party Duopoly

“A new bill was recently introduced by Rep. Don Beyer that—if passed—would be a game changer in American politics. The bill aims to put an end to gerrymandering, institute a national ranked choice voting (RCV) system, and making representation more proportional by switching to multi-member districts (currently 100% of district in America are single-member districts, which are won with a plurality of votes). The bill—H.R. 3057—already has two cosponsors (Reps. Ro Khanna and Jamie Raskin), and should quickly galvanize grassroots support given that it could end the two-party duopoly once and for all.


George A. Romero…


Date: August 14, 2017

01) George Romero, ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ Director, Dies At 77

He died almost a month ago…

“…Romero passed away peacefully in his sleep Sunday while listening to the score of one of his all-time favorite films, The Quiet Man. His wife, Suzanne Desrocher Romero and daughter, Tina Romero were at his side. Romero had been battling lung cancer.


Born George Andrew Romero in the Bronx, New York City on Feb. 4, 1940 to a Cuban father and a Lithuania American mother, Romero launched his filmmaking career in the early 1960s, shortly after graduation from the College of Fine Arts at Carnegie Mellon University.

Romero was a pioneer in the zombie-horror movie genre and early established a name for himself with such films as the satirical Night of the Living Dead, which spawned Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, The Crazies and Martin. He defined the modern template for bringing the scary, gruesome and dead to life on screen, inspiring a myriad of zombies in Hollywood and the more recent high-rated AMC series, The Walking Dead.

– July 16, 2017”

How did this happen, without my learning of it?

The last Romero “Dead” movie I saw that I actually liked, was “Diary of the Dead”…

…”Night of the Living Dead” was fun…”Dawn of the Dead” is great…”Day of the Dead” is great…”Land of the Dead” is terrible…”Diary of the Dead” is good…”Survival of the Dead” is highly disappointing…even more so, since it’s the final movie, and it’s so bad.

I loved “Tales from the Darkside”.

I’m sorry to see George go.

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The McMartin Preschool…


Date: August 14, 2017

01) The McMartin Preschool

This is a few years old [October 2015].

“Richard Beck is author of “WE BELIEVE THE CHILDREN: Moral Panic In The 1980s” published by Public Affairs. WE BELIEVE THE CHILDREN IS A brilliant, disturbing portrait of the dawn of the culture wars, when America started to tear itself apart with doubts, wild allegations, and an unfounded fear for the safety of children.”

Very late in [the last ten minutes], there is verbal confirmation of the open, legal availability of child pornography [or child erotica, if you prefer], even in Time Square.

Like most media of this type…what is presented here is a mixed bag…It centers around the McMartin Preschool case, but also touches on the Friedmans…of “Capturing the Friedmans”.

The host has some serious misconceptions…but, I think the guest does a pretty reasonable job, of steering him back around to something more truthful…Given the people, audience and setting…you really cannot expect much better.

For what it is…I’m giving this a thumbs up, for being important listening…Even though I was gritting my teeth, at a point or two.


ISIS recruiter given consular assistance…


Date: August 14, 2017

01) ISIS recruiter given consular assistance

“The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade says Neil Prakash is receiving ‘standard’ Australian consular assistance while in maximum-security prison in Turkey.

It is understood this could include helping Prakash contact family members, liaising with Turkish authorities about the 26-year-old’s well-being while in custody and assisting him to find legal representation.


Also known as Abu Khaled al-Cambodi, Prakash left Australia for Syria via Malaysia in 2013. He has featured in a number of IS propaganda videos in which he calls for attacks on Australia and the United States.


Prakash has been described by the government as the most senior Australian operator in IS.”


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Richard Dawkins – This is my vision of life…

Date: August 14, 2017

01) Richard Dawkins – This is my vision of life

“My vision of life is that everything extends from replicators, which are in practice DNA molecules on this planet. The replicators reach out into the world to influence their own probability of being passed on. Mostly they don’t reach further than the individual body in which they sit, but that’s a matter of practice, not a matter of principle. The individual organism can be defined as that set of phenotypic products which have a single route of exit of the genes into the future. That’s not true of the cuckoo/reed warbler case, but it is true of ordinary animal bodies. So the organism, the individual organism, is a deeply salient unit. It’s a unit of selection in the sense that I call a “vehicle”.

There are two kinds of unit of selection. The difference is a semantic one. They’re both units of selection, but one is the replicator, and what it does is get itself copied. So more and more copies of itself go into the world. The other kind of unit is the vehicle. It doesn’t get itself copied. What it does is work to copy the replicators which have come down to it through the generations, and which it’s going to pass on to future generations. So we have this individual replicator dichotomy. They’re both units of selection, but in different senses. It’s important to understand that they are different senses.”