Humans Discover & Summon A Supernatural Being Called EmptyMan…


Date: October 18, 2021

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I’m a bit conflicted over sharing this style of media…It’s an unabashed movie summary…scene by scene.

It’s interesting…but it also spoils a movie, for those who’ve not seen it…

I think these type of channels focus on foreign films…thus, sidestepping copyright law…and making it likely most people who visit this blog, wouldn’t likely watch these movies in the first place.

…But is this format interesting to you?


DC Comics Will Ban You FOREVER if You Do THIS!…


Date: October 17, 2021

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“DC Comics will reportedly ban a freelancer FOREVER if they associate with “Comicsgate.” It’s just a rumor, of course, but it’s clear that the mainstream comic book industry is shunning anyone even at arm’s length with it. But if you’re off on your own, why would even even WANT to go back? Also, “Truth, Justice and the American Way” is no longer Superman’s catchphrase, according to an announcement at the DC Fandome.”


The Rapture is Silly and Dangerous…


Date: October 17, 2021

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“What is the rapture? Why do people keep predicting it? Is it harmless fun? Is it causing real world damage?”

“The Rapture” is ridiculous and insane, yes.

Part of the mythology of “The Rapture”, were those insane christian movies from the 70’s or 80’s, where they were telling us all [in dramatized stories] that we were about to be isolated, rounded up, captured, imprisoned, tortured and tormented…and ultimately murdered [via having our heads cut off by guillotine…or shot…or hung]…for the “crime” of being christian, refusing to renounce christianity and refusing to “take the mark of the beast”…Or, if you relented, you’d have committed the one, singular “unforgivable sin”, of “renouncing god/jesus”, which condemned you to hell.

He’s right…This stuff does screw with you, on a deep psychological level.

You’re presented all of this stuff as thought it were real, while you are a child yourself…complete with all the somber, shock and horror that comes with having your life threatened…You were in this large group of people, of all ages…who were simultaneously all experiencing this numb shock…and talking about it, as if it were very soon to come.

It’s honestly quite demented…but it genuinely was taught and believed in the church/schools I grew up in. Supposedly, we were all going to spontaneously start floating up into the sky at some point…if we were in compliance with the churches teachings.

Even just being terrified of heights, there was nothing pleasant about this idea of leaving the ground involuntarily, and floating into outer space…The whole thing seemed like a threat to kill you, in it’s own right.

You look back on this stuff…and contemplate all the people there who should have known better…Yet, they just let it pass without challenge…There was no voice of reason…Nobody to tell you, it’s just a scary story…like a boogie man story, they tell around camp fires at night.

Years later…getting out of all of that…deprogramming…clearing your mind…getting grounded in reality…you realize just what a patsy you were treated as while a child, by the adults around you…You wonder how in the hell this can even happen…You realize there was never any good, valid reason for it to ever happen…

…And yet, it is you who are shunned and treated as if “you are in the wrong”, for walking away from this abuse and denouncing it…

…That seems to have become a defining factor of my entire life…

…Questioning the status quo “to much”…Rejecting the status quo “to much”…Making everybody else who just doesn’t care uncomfortable “to much”…Pursuing a reality based world “to much”…

…and being called “a monster” for it.

It’s the lies and extreme manipulation which are monstrous.

This is the reality of “civilized” culture…They always have to cling to their superstitions…They always have to have their “heretics”, who get denounced for seeing through it all.

…It’s not so civilized.

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Covid SURGES Among Most Vaxxed Communities Says Harvard Study…

Date: October 17, 2021

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I’m also double vaccinated…and I’ve been paying fairly deep attention since early on…

What I have been led to expect is the following:

1) I will likely get infected with some variant of covid 19.

2) This infection will likely be far milder in symptoms, than it would be if I’d not been vaccinated.

3) My statistical likelihood of dying from, being hosptalized over, or ending in a critical condition due to covid 19, is greatly reduced.

4) As the vaccinated population becomes the majority, the vaccinated population will take on a greater percentage of the over all infection cases.

5) The vaccines effectiveness reduces after a time, leaving those of us vaccinated more vulnerable to infection. Yet, the infections are expected to be non life threatening, and mild in symptoms.

6) As someone who has been both vaccinated and ill with this at least once [possibly two or three times], I likely have a hybrid immunity, consisting of both vaccine protection and natural immune system protection.

7) I can carry and spread the virus.

8) Many people will refuse to get vaccinated, embracing whatever fate comes to them. It is from this group that most covid 19 deaths will come. There is not much we can do for, or about them. They’ve chosen their path.

What is happening right now, is something we have been told to expect for a long time now…which is why I don’t understand, why people are in any way shocked by these rising cases…including among the vaccinated.

If you’ve been paying attention and not stuck in a cult like bubble over this…then you know this exact thing has been expected…And here it is!…Why the surprise?…There is absolutely no reason to be surprised.

The point of the vaccines, is to hedge against covid 19 killing you, or permanently disabling you.

People who don’t want to hedge against that, are free to do so…They have their reasons, and should not be demonized for it.

…But that does not make the vaccines worthless or senseless.

People who decide to take the vaccines to hedge against the worst case scenarios, also have their valid reasons…and they should never be demonized for having done so.

I fear the non vaccinated will continue to sustain the worst statistical average brunt, in both deaths and injury…that the vaccinated will suffer a worse statistical average of death and injury, than what has been the case for them previously…but humans will ultimately make it past covid 19…even if a lot of us [who knows…maybe even me] die along the way.

Life is what it is…There is no manual, for every “correct” choice put in front of you…

…We need to start being more humane towards each other, and stop treating each other like shit.

We also need to be practical and honest, about what we are dealing with and what to expect.


Kyle DISTRAUGHT By Pat Robertson Retiring: “We Lost The King Of Stupid”…

Date: October 17, 2021

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“NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — Pat Robertson, who turned a tiny Virginia television station into a global religious broadcasting network, is stepping down after a half-century running the “700 Club” on daily TV, the Christian Broadcasting Network announced on Friday.

Robertson, 91, said in a statement that he hosted the network’s flagship program for the last time on Friday, and that his son Gordon Robertson will take over the weekday show starting Monday.

“I will no longer be the host of the ‘700 Club,’” Robertson said on the show Friday, although he vowed to return from time to time, if he’s had a “revelation” he needs to share. “I thank God for everyone that’s been involved. And I want to thank all of you.”

Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network started airing on Oct. 1, 1961 after he bought a bankrupt UHF television station in Portsmouth, Virginia. The “700 Club” began production in 1966.

Now based in Virginia Beach, CBN says its outreach extends to more than 100 countries and territories in dozens of languages through TV and video evangelism, online ministry and prayer centers. The “700 Club” talk show can be seen in the vast majority of U.S. television markets.