Hanson and Co. are at it again, incase anyone didn’t know…


Date: January 31, 2017

01) Hansen vs Predator Playlist [8 episodes…some missing]

I’m wondering about this “Tetrin Core”, and have no idea if that’s even the correct spelling of their name, as I’ve not tracked anything down about them, yet…I think a lot more attention needs to be paid to them, and a lot of looking into them needs to happen.

Given Perverted Justice’s quiet and deliberate slow shutdown…I’m wondering if they didn’t just re-brand themselves, because their reputation was so abysmal [they were a self avowed hate group], lay low and then resurface with their buddy Chris, for another payday.

Who in the heck is going to sign up for this again, given as much trouble as it caused the first time around?…Very stupid, arrogant, malicious idiots, that’s who…Hence, my suspicion.

A man committed suicide, for crying out loud.

I have no respect at all left for Chris Hansen, or anybody who works with that blood sucking parasite.


LGR – Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall – DOS PC Game Review…


Date: January 29, 2017

01) LGR – Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall – DOS PC Game Review

02) Bethesda’s Daggerfall Free Download

“While Arena may have set the stage, Daggerfall took it to another level entirely. Explore one of the largest game worlds ever in Chapter II of The Elder Scrolls series!”

I lost many a day of my life, to this very exact game.

Though it is dated in more ways than one, and the battle system is quite clunky…the vast world in this game, is just amazing to me.

I played this game during the early two thousands…and it was like a living world, inside my old Compaq Presario PC…I adored this game, despite that it was most of a decade old, by that point in time…The graphics were already quite dated [IE: the trees are paper thin flat]…But it was still so good.

This is classic RPG…The world is savage and unforgiving…You take a real risk, when you set out for parts unknown [of which, there are an insane number of destination points]…You really do start out weak, and build yourself up in a myriad of ways…The different styles of playing, make each game feel unique…There is a deep time and currency system…Just about the entirety of Tamriel is represented in this game [including Morrowind, Cyrodiil and Skyrim, amongst all the other major TES lands mentioned in lore]. Actually traveling to different places you’ve yet to go in the game, takes real time…and there are no clear roads…You get your compos, and you head out into the wilderness…not knowing what you’ll encounter. When you start every single game anew…the “physical” world rebuilds itself…in that nearly all the dungeons are rebuilt [not sure about the villages and towns]…So, you never play in exactly the same game world, twice…Every game is unique. There are vampires, werewolves and wereboars…each of which you can get infected by, and become…

…There is so much more…

The tragic thing this game is missing…is the tool to create mods with, which every main TES game [3, 4 and 5] came with…

…And I doubt that the fourteen or so CompUSA expansion stories are included with the free copy of this game, which you can download at the second link I provided above…Don’t worry…Bethesda gives the game away, free…Though, I’m not sure if it’s bundled with DOS Box, or if you’ll have to figure out how to get it to run on your own.

Incidentally…it’s also included in The Elder Scrolls Anthology.


OLF – EQF Four Year Anniversary on Wordpress…


Date: January 28, 2017


This always sneaks up on me…and I strangely happen to log in, on the same day this occurs, most of the time…leaving me with the sense that I must post something, to mark the occasion.

Well…It’s already been four years?…It seems like I was just breaking ground here, a few years ago…It’s hard to believe this incarnation of Our Love Frontier is four years old…Making it the oldest incarnation, yet…Which I’m pretty sure was true last year [age three], as well.

Let’s reflect, and take stock…

What has happened these last four years?

Well…I’ve released a ton of music, over about fifteen musical albums…of varying length and quality.

I’ve refurbished and created something like 40 sub-blogs…or is it closer to fifty?

M.A. Voice was introduced, and had it’s one year birthday about a month back…

M.A. TV was introduced…

I’ve really brought EQ Community links to the point of being something substantial…And Atheist Media Links is also shaping up into something…though still mostly the podcast section.

There are well over 1600 posts on this blog…a mixture of old and new content.

I moved the EQF homepage onto this blog…and have several functioning websites, within the page sections of this blog.

I’ve continued to write for “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of an Atheist BoyLover”, and even had a bit of a resurgence in 2016…Though I need to publish most of them…and I want most narrated.

I finally got an audio message forum up and running…Which kind of reminds me of the early days, on the EQF website…back when I made audio recording available, there…It’s up near the top of this blog…Granted, I was ill while recording a few of these…But it’s nice to have there.

I celebrated my ten year anniversary in the blogosphere, here on this WordPress blog.

…I’m sure I could go on.

This last year has been ablaze with activity…I’ve honestly never been more active, blogging…and I’m happy to say, that I’m finally getting some commenters.

Well…Here is to the next four years of blogging…or ten…or twenty?…more?


Very Bad Wizards: Winking Under Oppression (with Manuel Vargas)…

Date: January 28, 2017

01) Episode 107: Winking Under Oppression (with Manuel Vargas)

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“The philosopher and pride of Bakersfield, CA Manuel Vargas joins us to talk about culpability under conditions of oppression. How should we treat wrongdoers when their actions and character are shaped in part by their oppressive circumstances? Is it disrespectful not to blame oppressed people for their bad behavior? Can being oppressed make you more culpable in some circumstances? And what’s the point of holding people culpable anyway? Plus, the differences between “Hispanic” and “Latino/Latina/Latinx” and an exciting announcement: VBW merch!”