How To Make New England Clam Chowder In 1 Minute…

Frontier Kitchen

Date: February 08, 2022

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“I love simple quick recipes and this new England clam chowder fits the bill while also SHELLING out plenty of wonderful flavor! This clam chowder can be ready to eat in just 30 minutes! And it’s super easy to mix and match in whatever flavors you want in your own clam chowder. For the full ingredient list and more check out:

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Critical Role Gets CANCELLED by Kotaku…


Date: February 08, 2022

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“Critical Role is too rich, too white, and too problematic to be the face of modern Dungeons & Dragons, according to a Kotaku writer. Kotaku runs a lengthy hit piece on Critical Role being “insensitive” just as Campaign 3 and Vox Machina are trending. Because of COURSE they do.

Dear Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast: The Tumblr / Twitter crowd you’ve been courting for the last five or six years are NOT your friends. They’ll turn on you on a dime.”


Frontier – Mardi Grapple Festival Day 2 – February 08, 2022…


Date: February 08, 2022

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Match 1: Pan VS ATOM with Max Kenton – 70%

Match 2: Steve & Chad Diamond VS Sinn Thea & Les Human – 82%

Main Event

Match 3: Angry the Giant VS Giant Pete – 81%

To avoid spoilers, you must highlight the text on this table in order to read it.

Win: Pan New NWL Champion! Loss: ATOM
Win: Sinn Thea & Les Human Loss: Steve & Chad Diamond
Main Event Match: Angry the Giant Defeats Giant Pete – New Frontier League Champion!

Show Referee: Cut Throat Billy

Location: Silent Hill


BEST RANKED MATCH: Steve & Chad Diamond VS Sinn Thea & Les Human – 82%

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Jimmy Dore: “They Won’t Let the Great Unwashed Have a Voice”…


Date: February 08, 2022

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00:00 Intro
00:48 COVID Culture Wars
06:04 Russiagate, Voter Fraud, Tech Censorship
08:57 Kyle Rittenhouse
09:48 Boogaloo Boys
11:22 Why the Democratic Party is a Cult
13:23 Why America is NOT a Democracy
17:09 Anybody Who Challenges the Mainstream Narrative is Smeared
22:33 The Democrats have co-opted Identity Politics
25:25 Why Bernie Sanders is a Charlatan
27:27 Why Vax Mandates are “Bullsh*t”
31:50 Noam Chomsky and Barack Obama are enablers for Corporate Destruction
35:10 COVID Authoritarianism
35:10 Neoliberalism from the Left
39:56 Joe Rogan vs. MSM
45:23 Lies: Biden, Fauci, FDA
50:00 Robert Malone, Vaccines, Bill Gates
54:05 Joe Rogan, Spotify and Big Tech Censorship
01:01:50 Firing Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers
01:02:57 What Aren’t We Talking About That We Should Be?”

This is why I love you, despite your faults, Jimmy…even if you don’t love me back…

…You’re speaking about the exact same issues I’ve been talking about for decades…You’re speaking of my issues…and giving the same response to them, that I give.