Twitter blocks 70,000 QAnon accounts after US Capitol riot…


Date: January 13, 2021

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“LONDON — Twitter says it has suspended more than 70,000 accounts associated with the far right QAnon conspiracy theory following last week’s U.S. Capitol riot.

The social media company said Tuesday that given the events last week in Washington, D.C., where a mob of pro-Trump loyalists tried to violently storm the Capitol building, it was taking action against online behavior “that has the potential to lead to offline harm.”

Twitter said it’s also stepping up enforcement measures and starting Tuesday it will limit the spread of posts that violate its civic integrity policy by preventing anyone from replying to, liking or retweeting them. The policy prohibits attempts to manipulate elections and spread misleading info about their results, with repeated violations resulting in permanent suspension.”

…”civic integrity policy”…

I ran across this term a little while back, and was wondering what on earth this clearly sanitized name even meant.

They often commit their worst behaviors, behind these “positive” sounding names.

The QAnon people have a right to parade their insanity online, just as much as anybody else…and twitter is once again grossly abusing it’s power.

There is no legitimate reason for twitter to be indiscriminately purging lunatics from it’s platform.

They should be guilty of far more than just babbling on about absurd conspiracy theories, before anyone even thinks about taking action against them.

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